Chemicals — the most common and effective means of dealing with pests. But it does not preclude the use of other methods, in particular elektrosvetolovushek which are particularly effective when combined with a chemical treatment. In this case, elektrosvetolovushki serve as the primary means of forecasting the beginning of the flight of harmful insects. Then on the basis of the analysis of infected insects determine what preparations need to handle infected plantations. Timely chemical treatment gives a great economic benefit.

Elektrosvetolovushka consists of enamelled metal housing with a reflector. By the reflector on special brackets attached insulation frame made of reinforced amino. On his wound sections of steel wire with a diameter of 0.6 millimeters. In the upper part of the frame ends of the wire are connected to the high voltage winding of the step-up transformer, and the bottom — they are open. The transformer housing is elektrosvetolovushki. Ibid and a capacitor, limiting the short-circuit current in the grid circuit.

Operating voltage between adjacent turns of the wire 1600 volts. The body traps installed cartridge and an electric lamp of 100-200 watts, designed to attract insects. It is attached to the cylinder metal shelf for smelly bait.

The basis of elektrosvetolovushki put hereditary biological properties of insects — to fly to the smell, light and heat. Insects, flying around the trap, touch a metal grid and cover his body adjacent coils. This causes the electric arc, flame in which they burn. Those who have busy chitin cover, paralyzed by an electric current, and soon also die. They fall into a special plastic bag, which is suspended under the trap.

Tests have shown that using one elektrosvetolovushki per day up to 4 destroyed thousands of insects, of which 46% of garden pests (codling moth, ringed silkworm, various kinds of moths, codling moth), 39% — pests of field crops (turnip moth, sovka- gamma grain beetle, click beetles, alfalfa bug), 5% — other (cicadas, gnats, mosquitoes), 8% — neutral and 2% — useful (bees, bumblebees, riders zelenoglazki).

Elektrosvetolovushku usually hung on top of the crown of fruit tree, but not less than 3 meters from the surface of the soil. Installation and maintenance should be carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

To install Service forecast

I-Trap 2 per hectare. To combat one elektrolovushku per tree 24-36 (depending on their height, crown magnitude and the distance between them). In each case, we must be guided by the advice of agronomists and entomologists. Electric lamps include after sunset and leave before 12 o’clock at night, and during the mass flight — until the morning.

The approximate cost of one set elektrosvetolovushki 12 rubles.

In 1964, Rostov-on-Don elektroarmaturny Plant North Caucasian Economic Council will produce a series of elektrosvetolovushek type ES-1600-B to be modified for orchards and vegetable plantations. Orders for their purchase should be directed to district offices "Agricultural machinery".

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