Enough to save Connor!

Savior did not come.

Unfortunately, experience has taught us to be afraid of such news. «Terminator» — the suffering in the motion picture fantasy: some parts of it contradict the other, and together they are not joined with the series’ Battle for the future. » The trouble is that no leader kinoserii-like creator George Lucas and Peter Jackson, who represented himself to the big picture and led her incarnation. Demiurge «Terminator» James Cameron has long their child is not engaged, the universe passes from hand to hand, and each new owner turns it on its own. Of course, films about killer robots will shoot until they are able to make money. But, let’s take a look at the series is not as profitable project as well as the fantastic saga — if necessary «Terminator» sequel? And if so, what?

The most logical would be completed on the second story of the film — both in principle. James Cameron did. «Judgement Day» ends with the heroes destroyed lab created Skynet, and thus prevent the apocalypse. The future is not predetermined, Cameron taught us, so John Connor Skynet can win here and now, rather than lead the rebels after a nuclear war. The director even took off his final scene with Sarah and John — US Senator who live in a peaceful future, where the uprising machines were not.

This scene was not included in the rolling version of «Terminator 2»: studio decided yet leave a loophole to continue. And after endless resale rights it was removed — without the Cameron. «Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines» story pushed to their original positions: despite the efforts of heroes, Judgment day has come, and John Connor, sitting in the presidential bunker has declared himself the leader of the Resistance. The film took away the hope that gave «Terminator 2», contrary to morality kemeronovskoy that our future depends on us. But even more controversial proved different. Terminator is not going to prevent the Day of Atonement — he was saved only by John and his wife, even at the cost of the apocalypse. Kinoseriya was once again faced with the question on which Cameron did not focus on.

Why is it so important is John Connor?

Oh, obviously not because I mumbled into the radio:

«I am in charge». From the first two films in general, we know that he is a leader of the Resistance, successfully fought against Skynet. But is one more deserving leader of the rebel life than three billion people? To justify such sacrifices, John was not just to lead the resistance, but is truly a miracle. No description of the history of heroism seemed incomplete, and needs to continue.

When the studio Halcyon and director Joseph McGee took up the fourth «Terminator», they originally were on the right track. «Terminator:

Salvation «could do for kinoserii the same as for the trilogy of» Star Wars «: show in detail the events that previously only mentioned. In the first film we saw excerpts from the great battle of people with machines in which Connor led humanity to victory. Now it can be shown in its entirety. The creators had a chance to talk about how John reworks terminators in faithful servants, and about how he had a time machine. It seemed to Connor grew up it’s time to prove that the victim brought by his salvation, were not in vain. It was time to turn from the object of hunting in general-winner. And with this, John clearly tightened. His colleague Neo from «The Matrix» in just one film to prove their abilities, and three — in order to save mankind. For three paintings Neo acquitted the victim and brought his comrades, and John did not prove that he is better than the average man in the street.

Need I remind you that in the film, Connor McGee again did not do anything great? Instead, the salvation of mankind, he defended his future dad Kyle Rice that is, in principle, his precious chosen person Even a great game Christian Bale does not help to hide the fact that Connor is the scenario turned hypocritical selfish. At the end of John saved the new hero, the cyborg Marcus, the name «Salvation» sounded like sarcasm: Connor not only became the savior of the world, but he could not do without defender. And that’s not the worst thing that could happen: in the original version of the script, Connor had to die, and Marcus — to take his place. This ending would turn the three previous films into a farce: the terminators years and people died, saving or attempting to kill a man who has not achieved anything. Thanks to those anonymous heroes who have leaked this information to the network and caused McGee to reconsider.

It is not that spoiled McGee series — it turned out good thriller, and the greatness of Connor could uncover and sequels. For comparison, Anakin, too, not in the first episode turned into Darth Vader. But box office failure of «Savior» and bankruptcy Halcyon Studios put an end to the planned trilogy on the opportunity to correct errors and develop those good ideas that «Saviour» still have. I hope that the creators of any future «Terminator» will make of these errors right conclusions.

Namely — you need to learn to see kinoseriyu as a whole, as one big story with a beginning and end. And enough to save John Connor!

EFFECT grandmother.

However, not the fact that it is now were made such findings. Bosses movie studios could solve the problem in the absence of Arnold or a post-apocalyptic setting of («Savior», with all its shortcomings, it has become one of the most exciting films about post-nuclear world). If you look at the saga through the eyes of a marketer, it turns out that the cash collected the parts where the robot from the future arrives, and a film about the failed war of men and machines.

And it seems that these are the sentiments prevail in the camp of the creators of «5 The Terminator.» Already announced that the movie will be the beginning of a new trilogy, rather than a continuation of the film McGee. This means that a titanic battle in the future and the disclosure of the nature of Connor, you can forget.

Value to McGee and his team to a second chance? I’m sure yes. «Savior» is not perfect, but at its core lay the right idea, but the creators had plenty of interesting ideas for fifth. For example, in 2009, McGee said that kinoserii poorly disclosed theme of time travel. And he is absolutely right — we do not even know the name of the engineer who created a time machine, and the device does not appear on the screen in any of the four films. Until now, Skynet and Resistance used this incredibly important technology just for the sake of participation in the safari Connor, although the potential time machine in a war to be just enormous. William Uisher, screenwriter of «Terminator 2», published in 2010, a synopsis of the fifth and sixth films, for which in the past would have moved not only termination, but also large war machines. Connor had to lead a grand war time, which would take part and Sarah and Kyle Rice. That sounds a little confusing, but with a successful embodiment of this could turn out grand finale of the saga, which would be dotted all the «i» and Connor made one of the greatest heroes in fiction.

And if you believe the information leaked from the headquarters of the current owners of «Terminator» lacks the third and fourth parts will soon seem to us suschimi trifles. In the air hovers a terrible word «restart», which means that the new film will probably not be associated with any «savior», nor with the previous parts.

And what do we offer a complete return of the saga? According to latest information, the writers Patrick Lussier and Laeta Kalogridis intend to put the action painting in the 1950s. Skynet sends in this era another robot to kill is not the grandmother, not the grandfather of John Connor.

And it sounds already as a funeral march for the franchise. Did Lussier Kalogridis and so devoid of imagination that actually offer a remake of the first part in the new scenery? Where this limit is uniform in flights robots in the past? By the seventh film Terminator probably will fight for the butterfly in the Jurassic period.

Home «bait» of the picture — the return of Schwarzenegger — is open to question. Arnold himself has given consent to the shooting, but the studio did not mention it in any press release. It seems that the creators simply do not know what to do with a sixty-year actor: stunts beyond him, Give huge fees, no makeup does not make him a former T-800, and if you resort to the chart, and live Arnold is not needed. According to rumors, he is now offering the role of a person, family helps to protect Connor. And as the new terminator journalists tipped to star «The Scorpion King» and «Fast and Furious» Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. Dwayne has not confirmed the rumor, but canceled their performances in the World wrestling just for the filming.

So, we are waiting for a movie about saving konnorovskoy grandmother, without John, Sarah, and other familiar characters, from a cliff into the role of the T-800 and the elderly do not understand the role of Arnold in anyone. It inspires you? I’m gone. It remains only a faint hope that these rumors — distraction, and in the bowels of the studio developed something interesting. Otherwise, «Terminator 5» would be like a John Connor: he was not yet prove that he is worth something, sacrifice the whole world and heroes that we loved from childhood.

In 2019 the rights to the universe of «Terminator» back into the hands of James Cameron. And this is likely saga end forever. Firstly, from the master, and without it the prodigal offspring, there are many creative plans — adaptation of the manga «Battle Angel Alita», for example. And secondly, to disclose the history of the Terminator he had the two films. Skynet destroyed in 1995. apocalypse did not take place, and we all live in a world that saved John Connor. Best final and can not come up with.

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