Escalators tower Water Tower

Vertical symbol of the International Exhibition of Saragossa Expo 2008 was a tower Water Tower, which houses the exhibition «Water for Life». From the beginning, she had to look not only to attract visitors, but also be a place where they go up and down, watching the exhibits, a water park and the eastern side of the Spanish city of Zaragoza. The upper part of the building is a glass structure 73 meters in height.

The building plan in the shape of a falling drop, and its diagonal profile takes different forms depending on where you look at the building. Two of the building are clearly separated by size, appearance, interior and functional configurations:

♦ basement three floors, two of which are under the earth;

♦ In the basement is the main base of the tower, which rises 70 meters above the ground. This design represents the core of the building consists of reinforced concrete slabs, which are supported on the concrete columns and walls that define the passages. The facade is a glazed wall.

The total area available to visitors is 10 400 sq.m. The first floor — 3 300 sq m, the rest of the building is divided into different sloping or horizontal platforms that make the tower Water Tower. On the top floor there is a viewing area of ​​720 square meters. m.

The project built escalators

The company ThyssenKrupp Elevadores has put all the mechanical ramps and escalators for the exhibition of Saragossa Expo 2008. The tower Water Tower escalators needed to build the design in such a way as to create the impression of lightness and that the impact was minimal designs.

Escalators are mounted on a zigzag design of the five sections, completely suspended on two support points — in the beginning of the first end of the escalator and in the latter. The rest of the design is free. Based on the expected number of users, escalators are equipped with a locking safety system, which is connected to the fire alarm system.

At the stage of assembly is as follows:

Escalators had to collect on a light frame. It had to be strengthened and special support for the farms of the welded frame. This process is greatly hampered the already established structure.

Specifications escalators

♦ Especially difficult was the highest point of the escalator. When vertical drop of just 2.6 m, the escalator had to be cut into two sections, so that he went into a narrow space.

♦ The process involved the need to lift the sections weighing as much as 6 tons to a height of 25 m in the limited space inside the tower. To raise the escalators to the height required complex maneuvers and precise adjustment.

♦ All work had to be done in three weeks, without interfering with other contractors.

Participants of the project

♦ Architect: Company Enrique de Teresa Arquitectos Asociados

♦ Management: company UTE Gerens Hill International INOCSA

♦ Builders: The company UTE Obrascon Huarte Lain -Celsa

♦ Construction: The company MC2 Estudio de Ingenieria

♦ Escalators: company ThyssenKrupp Elevadores Spain

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