Exposure Scherbinsky Elevator Plant at the IV International Exhibition of elevators and hoists «Lift Expo Russia 2009»

Exhibit participants of the international exhibition «Lift Expo Russia 2009» because of the financial turmoil appeared more modest than the previous 2007 years.

Scherbinsky Elevator Plant presented a number of exhibits — as has already been developed in the workplace, and at the stage of pre-production.

New lifts «business class» series «wellmaks» SCHLZ production represented cabin, made by the technical documentation of the company «Wittur», with the following components produced by foreign companies: catcher double-acting, the weighing device on the basis of strain gauges, photocell, frequency- adjustable drive doors with mobile layering, landing door.

Passengerlifts series «wellmaks capacity of up to 1000 kg at a speed of the car up to 1.6 m / s — is a joint product Scherbinsky Elevator Plant and leading foreign companies« Wittur », intended for a niche market of elevators for luxury housing and office buildings, where in Currently supplying elevators leading foreign firms.

Over the past 10 years, this is the fourth project for the production plant Scherbinsk lift elevators in collaboration with leading foreign companies. Previously unreleased by the elevators with firms «Kone», «Otis», as well as with the leading companies in Italy («Elex» «Prizma», «Montanari») showed their competitive enough in the domestic market in the niche of lifts «business class».

Undoubtedly, together with the company «Wittur» project «wellmaks» more perspective on techno-economic indicators and will allow JSC «SCHLZ» to compete in this segment in the Russian market.

Parallel to the exhibition were presented samples of the cabin and shaft door «economy class», developed by the specialists of new equipment and made production units of the plant.

In the present structure is reduced to a minimum the use of hot-rolled profiles, applied technical solutions that provide high sound absorption elements coupe cab.

The design of the variable frequency drive of doors eliminates the possibility of dispersal of the car and hoistway door during a power outage. The basis of the drive control provides frequency control domestic production, smaller dimensions used motor with built-in sensor feedback.

The use of mobile slips provides synchronous movement of the car and hoistway doors.

Control cabin carries strain-gauge load weighing device domestic production, developed with the direct participation of specialists of the plant.

Features of representations shaft door — use design with one lock, the cable synchronizer door wings, the original wings of the door closing spring.

It should be noted the technical capabilities of standard series gearless winches on the basis of the synchronous motor WSG-08 company «Wittur». On the basis of the motor specialists of the plant developed technical documentation on which the LLC «European lifting machines» (city Tutaev Yaroslavl region) started the production of gearless winches of this type.

Gearless winches are designed for use in elevators carrying up to 1000 kg with a speed of up to 1.6 m / s, with the machine room and machine room. They provide the elevator with the following kinematic scheme:

— 1.0 x 400 kg m / sec; 400 kg x 1.6 m / s; 630 kg x 1.0 m / s — multiplicity car and counterweight suspension 1: 1;

— 1 to 000 kg x 1.6 m / s — multiplicity car and counterweight suspension 1: 2.

Unlike conventional gear winches, gearless winches provide significant energy savings and improved ergonomics. Depending on the load and speed elevators are within:

♦ reduction in the required power of the electric motor in the 1.4-1.6 times

♦ reduction of the current values: rated 1.4-1.6 times starting in 1.7-2.5 times

♦ lift electricity consumption reduction by 1.5-2.0 times

♦ noise reduction 1.2-1.5 times

The exhibition «Lift Expo Russia 2009» Scherbinsky Elevator Plant presented a sample of gearless winches for lifts with a machine room.

Gearless winch passed acceptance tests as part of the lifts in the stand-tower of «SCHLZ» have the appropriate certificates and approvals.

Cheboksary Company «Electro-Impulse» — the main supplier of control stations for our factory — on display at a sample of a new control station, which is a base representative of the standard series of stations, designed for use in electric and hydraulic elevators — passenger, hospitals and trucks with automatic and swinging doors the whole range of elevators which produces SCHLZ.

The control system with a station series SK 6000 is a complex device, which is based on programmable controllers, located in the machine room, in the mine, on the landing grounds, cabin and connected via serial communication CAN-BUS. In view of this placement of components, it was called «distributed control system». Due to the design features of the control system dramatically reduces the number of cables for the elevator shaft, the number of overhead cables.

Comfort elevator with GCC HQ 6000 is enhanced by the drive frequency speed control devices and the emergency evacuation of passengers during a power failure the lift (elevator during a power outage reaches the nearest floor and open the door).

The structure of the GCC HQ 6000 includes handheld programmer that allows the system from any location (machine room, cabin, cabin roof, landing pad) to gain access to system resources: view the system status, availability, and error codes, the current settings, to reprogram the system. To enhance the security system is password protected against unauthorized access.

The basis for the creation of a new control station was the station management company «Mik-el», which has been successfully applied in the construction of elevators a number of foreign firms.

Project management station and the project of electric and automation developed jointly by experts of the company «Mik-el», JSC «Scherbinsky lift building plant» and LLC «Electro-Impulse».

The station has passed functional testing as part of the lifts in the stand-tower SCHLZ, certified in the prescribed manner.

In September 2008, Russia joined the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Convention provides for the establishment of a barrier-free environment for the disabled. Enabling wheelchair users to overcome part of the way on their own «apartment — elevator — street» and vice versa — is the realization of one of the many challenges to overcome which will solve the noble task — to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities.

JSC «SCHLZ» is one of the few companies (among CIS Elevator Plant — the only one) that are engaged in development and production of assistive technology. The exhibition presented a sample of the plant gondola lift for the transport of disabled persons in a wheelchair (unaccompanied) from the floor in the entrance to the floor area serviced by a lift.

Produced by our factory lifts competitive in the domestic market and steady demand.

The problem of shortage of parking spaces for cars in recent years increases dramatically worldwide, including in Russia. We see it every day, including in the city Shcherbinka. Abroad for many years conducted practical work for the creation and construction of mechanized parking, so-called «parking» in which the transport of cars in the space (cell) storage is carried out by special mechanized means without drivers. Virtually the only domestic producer of «parking» in Russia today is the Tushino Machine-Building Plant.

On the creation of a «special mechanized means» more than two years, a team of experts Scherbinsky Elevator Plant. As a result, it developed a «lift-arm ASKSCH01 and microprocessor control system for the mechanized high-rise» parking «.

The prototype is installed at the site SCHLZ in the suburban town Vidnoye, it has been tested.

Design features «lift-arm» developed SCHLZ protected by RF patent. It is currently being working out technical documentation of test results and work of equipment anchoring objects group of companies «SU-155».

One of the important features of the high-rise «parking» — a considerable space saving for parking. For example, in the case of construction of the «parking» in the 13 floors space saving 8-fold compared to the uncovered, and for the 20-storey building, the savings amount to more than 12 times.

«Lifts-manipulators» type AKSSCH01 for tall vertical «parking» can be widely used in mechanized multi-level car parks, is attached to the housing, office buildings, shopping malls, as well as to move multi-ton cargo in the mechanized warehouses.

Visitors to the stand Scherbinsky Elevator Plant at «Lift Expo Russia 2009» to familiarize themselves with the technical information on «Handling AKSSCH01 lifts for the mechanized high-rise parking lots.»

To the category of development towards improving the resource-saving and reliable elements of elevators and lifts, in addition to gearless winches, «distributed» control and «lifts-manipulators» for «parking» should include the use of cockpit lighting LED light bulbs instead of incandescent lamps and button elements stations «call» and «orders» with the use of piezoelectric elements.

In LED (semiconductor) lighting lamp power consumption is 10 times lower than incandescent lamps, they are not afraid of vibration, the number of inclusions, but actually confirmed by domestic manufacturers of LED lamps life is more than 30 thousand hours.

Together with «VNIIR Progress» at our booth were shown button cells posts «call» and «orders» with the use of piezoelectric elements.

Button contactless does not require any adjustment since it has no moving mechanical parts. The principle of operation buttons based on direct physical piezoelectric effect. When you click on the deformation of the piezoelectric element, measured in microns. Due to the microstrain on the piezoelectric element electrodes a voltage sufficient to control non-contact transistor switches.

To lift business is a novelty. Piezoelectric effect has long been used in military affairs. Widespread use of switching devices based on piezoelectric elements found in control systems with extreme operating conditions in the presence of high humidity, water, dust, in chemically aggressive environments with large temperature fluctuations in potentially explosive atmospheres. Operating experience of these buttons shows that their share reaches 50 million cycles — for elevators is «eternal» button.

The exhibition, presented at the International Exhibition «Lift Expo Russia 2009» Scherbinsk lift plant, award-winning contest, which took place in the framework of the exhibition:

— Grand Prix «For contribution to the development of the lift business in Russia»;

— Special prize «For the creation of rehabilitation engineering samples» and «For the establishment of control cabinets.»

Medals «Laureate VVC» All-Russia Exhibition Centre awarded CTO EY Gankevich and the head of the new technology plant DY Gankevich

The exposition of the exhibition prepared for the entire staff of the plant: experts of the technical service, production units of the plant, the quality of service, commercial service — under the direct supervision of the General Director of the plant, MA Waxman, who is in his busy schedule during the most active way to delve into course development, prototyping and design exposition.

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