Summer — it’s time to take a break from the usual work or school and take a ride on the world: take a look at the beauty created by nature, admire the works of human hands, to join the other cultures, to make friends with people who otherwise would not have met if … It is to leave for some reason does not work, you can go home town — it may very well be that there awaits a lot of fantastic!

This time we will talk about some of the monuments dedicated to the heroes of fantasy and fairy tales — in our country and abroad.

LOCATION: Lukhovitsy (Moscow region)

HERO CREATOR: Eduard Uspensky

WORK: The cycle of Buttermilk.

Opposite the post office Lukhovitsy in November 2008 (in the half-century anniversary of the city) was a monument to the most famous postman now — Igor Ivanovich Pechkin. The character not only of cartoons about Buttermilk, and numerous jokes. Next to it — the cat Matroskin ball and Galchonok Hvatayka, but Uncle Fyodor something to be seen. Maybe the school was gone. The authors of the monument, Pechkin «symbolizes the special role of the postman in the Russian hinterland.» Well, Igor is now with the bike — and maybe work a little Russian Post improves …

LOCATION: Yekaterinburg


WORK: «The Invisible Man»

Near the Regional Scientific Library named after Belinsky is a monument to the man to see that during the life of virtually failed, — physics albino Griffin, who made himself invisible man (and then took away the secrets of this new technology to the grave). The idea to perpetuate the talented and unlucky inventor came up with the writer Evgeny Kasimov, he realizes it sculptor Alexander Shaburov — aligning the footprints of both authors.

LOCATION: Saint-Petersburg

HERO CREATOR: Nikolai Gogol

WORK: «The Nose.

The individual parts of the body rarely honored monuments. However, the nose of Collegiate Assessor Kovalev lucky. However, he put a lot of effort for this: first, escaped from the host, then somewhere got hold of a gold embroidered coat, hat and sword of state councilor, and then and in general tried to escape on a false passport from Russia via Riga! Curiously, the unfortunate immigrant eventually received already three monuments in St. Petersburg. November 27, 1995 during the International Festival of satire and humor «Golden Ostap» was installed the first of them (at Voznesensky Prospect, 11). In 2002, he was kidnapped, and the following year was made a copy. But by that time I found a original — perhaps the nose of his usual left to walk — so that the second option was hanged on the City Sculpture Museum. The third nose — in uniform and hat, not indecent nude! — Set in the courtyard of the Faculty of Philology SP6GU.


LOCATION: Copenhagen

HERO CREATOR: Hans Christian Andersen

WORK «The Little Mermaid»

Little Mermaid monument — one of the most famous statues of literary characters. Touching and tender character cold city of Copenhagen. It was created by Danish sculptor Edvard Eriksen commissioned by Carl Jacobsen, whose father founded the brewery Carlsberg. Carl was fascinated by the ballet «The Little Mermaid» and requested a prima ballerina Ellen Price stay artist’s model, but she refused to pose nude. As a result, the head of «The Little Mermaid» belongs to Ellen, «and the figure — the sculptor’s wife Eline Eriksen.


LOCATION: San Francisco

HERO CREATOR: George Lucas and makeup artist Nick Dadmen and Stuart Freeborn

WORK «Star Wars»

This attraction can not ignore if you’re a fan of «Star Wars.» Erected in 2005 in the Presidio Park near the entrance to the studio Lucasfilm monument to Master Yoda — the wisest and most powerful Jedi of his time, mentor Jedi Knights — enjoys exceptional popularity. The true merits of its estimated true master Yoda!




WORK: fiction story, «A man passing through the wall»

In Montmartre, near the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. It has a square named after the French writer and playwright Marcel Aime. And on it a monument to one of his most famous characters: the humble accountant who suddenly got a gift pass through walls. He first started experimenting, getting in a variety of places — from the restaurant to the office of the chief. Not without the prison where the miracle accountant managed to get out without difficulty. And then, of course, he fell in love — and in a jealous husband who locked his flirtatious young wife all the locks, leaving for work. Alas, the magic gift can disappear just as suddenly as it had appeared — and poor old accountant forever stuck in the wall.

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