Disappointment … That is the bitter feeling when you realize that the old idols do not correspond to your idea of ​​them (and perhaps never matched), when you suddenly hear music in their performance, which is completely contrary to what they were doing before, or simply do not express themselves without touching your soul absolutely no strings. In the life of music lovers to experience such frustration can occur quite frequently. But what is the background of profound changes taking place with musical groups? Why people are executed once profound, complex, interesting music, suddenly begin to play once outspoken pop music, or else something completely unintelligible, not bad in that it is kitsch, but just the fact that it is. bad?

Universum ‘. I can not say with certainty whether the work Koskinen and Co attempt to expand their fan base, and thus earn more money, but one thing I can say for sure — it was a bad, boring, mild and fresh music, which is against the background of the ‘Tuonela’ sounded just like «Dances Minus». It is possible, as is often the case (which I also found out later), the band released on ‘Am Universum’ songs that were created for the previous studio album, but then rejected. That is to say, «failed doubles.» What may be the reasons for this «pancake» they turned out lumpy.

As my favorites Tiamat, just then it was obvious. The music on ‘Skeleton Skeletron’ was perfectly composed and played, but became priglyantsovannoy and «candied», glamorous or something, or something. The moral and philosophical terms it was a huge step backwards in comparison with the previous album of 1999 ‘Wildhoney’ and ‘A Deeper Kind of Slumber’, but — at least it was possible to listen. However, having heard all the talk about «opopsenii» I became more attentive listening to the new album of his idols — Does not appear in their work hints at global change for the worse, it is no longer whether it be what it was for me?

The first, oddly enough, were blown away by U2. Published in 2000, ‘All That You Can not Live Behind’, was even worse than expected, as it is, at first, it was totally commercial music, and secondly -perfect toothless commercial music. Plus, the Irish supergroup for some time ceased to be himself, lost a rod and strength that made her «super». And without being on top of the popularity of reach, U2 want to become even more popular, even richer — and for this purpose began to write songs that are, roughly speaking, would have been clear even Gopnik chewing sunflower seeds at a stall. Gone are all attempts to experiment with sound (those attempts, which made brilliant and cosmic sound of the album ‘Achtung Baby’, ‘Zooropa’ and ‘Pop’). If ‘Pop’ in 1997, Bono ridiculed commercial pop music and only dressed up in a suit pop artist, then ‘All That You Can not Live Behind’ It has become so real. The subsequent ‘How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb’ situation is not corrected. In earlier times, a distinctive feature of the Irish quartet was unique, and the songs were charged inimitable soulful fire, but that they are recorded in the early 2000s, did not bear the stamp of originality and could be done without anyone, then at least , very much. However, in 2009, the band seemed to have come round again and became itself, writing ‘No Line on the Horizon’, which, albeit with some reservations, but still deserves to stand on par with their great works of 80th and 90th. In this case, we are dealing precisely with the example of total commercialization. The one case where a philosophy, and spiritual kontseptuapnost sacrificed His Majesty dollars. A similar episode and appeared in a career Megadeth — language album in 1999 ‘Risk’, which from the outset it was positioned as a commercial project, designed to bring a new round of Megadeth popularity. Dave Mustaine then managed to significantly expand the scope of its famous band, but the album was still quite controversial work.

R.E.M. lasted much longer. Until 2001, they created a great album, in which one could always hear a human soul. Perhaps it would have lasted longer, but at some point the group it was not enough musical ideas. As a result of their 2005 album ‘Around the Sun’ has turned out so frankly weak, guitarist Peter Buck, contrary to the widespread tendency to praise «the bog», broke down and told the world the truth: «I hate this album. I hate him because he turned out not so good, what was supposed to be. » Frontman Michael Stipe went even further, saying: «If we release another bad album, the group will be finished. I am not kidding».

Gathering his strength, they have managed to squeeze out of himself two more albums, quite consistent with the spirit of the old REM, but not a revelation. However, apparently we realized that a long time can not continue, and in September 2011 the band stopped their joint activities.

Yes, ordinary human fatigue could cause a decline of religious groups. If we remember that this is the fatigue was the recurring theme of the album is already REM 2001 ‘Reveal’, we can see that Michael Stipe was not afraid to say what is happening to him first in their songs before you do have a formal public statement. However, while some musicians have the courage to recognize that they can make mistakes and stumble under the influence of the moment, most of the luxury can not afford (or simply does not want to). «We love the ‘Death Magnetic’, — will not fail to declare at the case of Lars Ulrich Metallica. We would like all our albums sounded like ‘Death Magnetic’". That’s really who never think to say something in the spirit of «We disband if the fans do not like our next album.» Here we come to the second common type of such situations. There is no longer a group makes money. Money has long done everything for her.

Yes, at the dawn of a career 99% bands all begins not with greed and with a sincere desire for self-expression. It is only then you are overgrown with team managers, producers, promoters, agents, lawyers, personal chefs, masseurs and chesateley heels. And it all begins, as they say, «wholeheartedly» with the desire to change the world, as loudly as possible to say stupid townsfolk: «So you can not live!». Someone luckier, someone less. Those lucky enough to become «stars», is gaining fees for their albums and concerts. Some people need money in order to create a more interesting albums and shows, and he did not immediately plunges itself into the world of the benefits and privileges that are able to provide the money. Well, the other quickly permeated the atmosphere and mood of commerce itself, and transforms the creative act in the business, where the cornerstone is not something which will be music, and how much money it will receive for the artist. No desire for recognition implies its listeners not to realize that it was his song helped someone to abandon thoughts of suicide, or find love — and the desire to have more villas in the Maldives, gold toilets, barrels with black caviar and docile concubines. To achieve all this, it is necessary to release albums at regular intervals, and do not always have enough time to pay attention to issues of quality. We invite «tough producer,» the famous, thanks to his work with Project X, Y, Z — and he does everything for us. Oh, yes, you need to write the lyrics! Hell, it had to consider before. Do not worry, our guitarist kept a notebook with poems of his son, which he wrote at the age of five. Perhaps, based on them can be anything namutit …

Do you think this is not possible? Meanwhile, something similar happened to one of the albums of The Prodigy. The group was silent for several years, and the public believed that the guys are tirelessly working in the studio, in order to make the music as possible, and heaped interesting. Team leader Liam Howlett initially assented to those who built these assumptions, but eventually told the truth about how to actually create the album ‘Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned’: «Yes, I wrote it in six months on my laptop!». But the album, even though it was not as crazy and innovative as the ‘Fat of the Land’, has turned out, after all, pretty good. Oh, what would happen if they do all the time spent in the studio!

By the way, in the camp of Prodigy I had the place to be another episode that sheds light on why the recognized talented team can suddenly pick up and release some obscure crap. Remember "Baby’s Got a Temper"? It is not catchy thing that from the rest of creation Prodigy looked utterly ridiculous, but which, nevertheless, was even filmed a video clip. Since it was a trick that wrote this song the composer not the main group, a musical genius Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and vocalist, gravitating to a completely different creative manner, and, frankly, the task can not cope. But it is worth noting that the video for this song just shows us the very tired of musicians from their stage roles and inherent quite a few of them are negligent with respect to their own creativity. Just review the video — and you’ll see what I mean. Another reason for the appearance of strange disks, not astringent familiar with the concept of a group, may be a factor, «a crumb off the table» when the songs discarded in the process of creating an album, suddenly come under the guise of the next album. The most famous example of this kind — ‘Rosenrot’ on ‘Rammstein’, which appeared suspiciously quickly after a triumphant ‘Reise, Reise’ a candle onomu not godivshiysya. Teutons did not hide the fact that the release of 2005, they involved a secondary material, but, by doing so, they acted imprudently. While previous Rammstein album consisted of hit songs by 99 percent, ‘Rosenrot’ unconditionally powerful song was present only one — "Spring". I think it would still be more honest to publish this collection not as a full-length album, and as bonus material, with a subtitle explaining what it is (after all, in spite of the frankness of the group that is «not real» album, most fans know not right away). And what Tiamat? Yes, old Johan lasted longer than the others. Only at the end of last year, he released the album that made me experience real disappointment. However, by this time I did not attach much importance to such things as relief or worsening quality sound music. Eight years ago, or ten it might cause resentment or regret, but today. in the end, and that my life has become worse by the fact that the person that I once regarded as one of his spiritual mentors, chose a different path, and he ceased to correspond with him to our «common» ideals? I can understand the feelings of Johan Edlund (which, to honor it will be told to avoid talking about «the best of recorded albums» and generally trying to talk less about ‘The Scarred People’, though well aware of what happened, «not»). Ideas, once implemented them on the greatest albums, did not receive its continuation — a man carried away by something else, and in the end, too tired (which has long been obvious from the tone of his interview). Do from this tragedy … like something stupid, do not you? Not the case when something maloprezentabelnoe trying to sell at exorbitant prices in the guise of a masterpiece for all time.

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