Four out of four

BEST YOUNG TECHNOLOGY, members of the school organization of VOIR gather in Moscow for the traditional Week SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING STUDENTS who spend the Komsomol Central Committee, USSR Ministry of Education, CA VOIR and NTO USSR.

This year, four young craftsmen showed each other their work, familiar with working adults on display in the Exhibition Center, visited the Research Institute. editors of popular magazines.

We will talk only about the top four of four works by young.

Chairman of the Board of foremen ninth-Salavat Begus spoke about the council voir secondary school number 7 of Leninabad. Practical training takes place in their enterprises in the city, within three years student 6rigady manufactured products for customers sixteen thousand. The School Board has a fund to which funds are deducted ten percent earned guys. With this money, the school set up equipped with a mechanical, plumbing and carpentry workshops and technical creativity can be practiced seriously. Students create and, most importantly, on average, once implementing rational proposals fifteen years. Topics are different — technology repair of electric motors, the protection of electrical circuits, equipment for agriculture, electrician, tools for metal works. Salavat not seem as devices designed as a rationalization proposals in the enterprises where they are introduced: a tool for simultaneous drilling and grooving wooden cups, grinding of complex configuration and double-ring bit. Works Leninabadis recognized as the most serious among those represented in the section «Young technicians — to industry.» Voronezh grader Alexander brought Kobzev model witty forklifts. The first of them is hinged on the side of a truck and driven to move from a wheel of a vehicle. The second — is attached to the rear side, the conveyor runs while driving the car. The jury awarded the Forklift Truck Sasha Kobzev second prize. First — Pskov Yuri Tereshko. He perfected the automatic conveyor broiler fattening. Adults have not yet implemented conveying poultry in a wide practice, and the young inventor has already proposed innovation. He added to the complex care of chickens still beep — the distinctive sound of chicks pecking calling for dinner.

The mobile unit for washing insulators of high-voltage power lines showed a pupil of the 10th grade them. Gaidar was Taldykorgan Kazakh SSR Vladimir Vydrin. He established a sealed tank on a trailer with a telescopic mast, which reinforced hose. The device is powered by automotive pneumatic system. The driver controls it, not getting out of the cab.

The new word is, the construction of model aircraft engines said Dushanbe tenth Renat Khabiev and Oleg Suvorov. They built beskompressornuyu jet turbine run on carburetor engine. The boys had not yet achieved stable operation of its turbojet baby, not commendable thoroughness with which they performed a model. We hope all of them will be good like the other 400 craftsmen.

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