In September, begins the active harvest. It is important not only to collect the harvest, but also to properly prepare it for storage. It is necessary to collect and pull out growing in the open field cucumber, tomato. At the same time remove part of zucchini, squash, digging potatoes.

Digging potatoes necessarily choose a fine sunny day. Do not pour it directly into the bags. Let the potatoes lie down in the sun a few hours: the so-tubers will be better kept.

And another tip: choose seed potatoes from healthy bushes once abundant in the digging and poured it separately. So you will provide yourself with seeds of high quality. After all, when you type it from the general pile, it is not clear, good or bad was the bush.

Any roots and leave the bulbs in the garden for a few hours. They have to lie in the sun to warm up. Under the influence of the sun’s rays are killed pathogens many diseases and pests. Ideally, the crop should be drier in the sun for several days.

But if there is a risk of rain or heavy dew, it is better not to risk it. Warm up in the sun to harvest clean warm place to dryness (especially onion), cover for storage until completely dry.

In September, to collect most of the tomatoes. Do not wait until they are fully ripe. If bushes can cover non-woven fabric, then some of the fruit still has time to grow.

Before laying on storage, the fruit should be sorted and dried. Boxes should be small, better wood. Each is necessary to put a few red tomatoes from them others will sing faster. The boxes hold in a warm well-ventilated area (20—25 ° C). From time to time you need to touch and tomatoes ripened removed.

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