Heavy Burden

Ginger Baker about his anger at all …

His brilliant play on the double barrel of the installation group Cream Ginger Baker turned into a superstar rock on drums. His game in Cream also considered to be the benchmark for heavy metal. You will think that this 73-year-old musician, who still tours regularly with his group Jazz Confusion, many reasons to smile. Not really. His great claim to numerous countries on which he had the opportunity to tour and occasionally live. He hates heavy metal and its presumable role in its origin. When we interviewed him, it seemed that he still has a lot to complain about that. From the misconceptions created his image of the «savage» to legal disputes and cash bonuses for bankers — just a few things escaped the original «punishment» Ginger Baker.

A documentary on you called «Beware of Mr. Baker» has just been released in rent in the United States. What is to be constantly persecuted by the crew for a month?

It was very, very, very, very tiring. I do not like to give interviews even in the best of times, so give one, but a month-long, with cameras constantly following me, it was really very difficult.

Why did you agree to it?

I lived in a very difficult period in my life. I was offered good money for this project, so I had to go for it. Some moments of the film are good, some — not. And some of them — frankly annoying.

What is the biggest misconception about Ginger Baker?

There are a lot of them. For example, this issue with the «savage.» It is inflated from nothing. Whatever happens, suddenly always it turned out that I was to blame. I did not throw no TV, no one from the hotel window in your life!

Do you believe in God?

I studied theology is very concentrated. All religions — just business, Diluting cranes in the sky. I do not subscribe to it. It goes far beyond human comprehension.

You get involved in politics?

I came back to this country and found that the brains of most of the population washed. People obey without question. The economy in the hands of the state, central bankers are protected and receive bonuses. They get two million a year in salary, so why should they also power-ups? If the money went into the country, there would be no problem. They — that’s a problem.

You had the opportunity to live in different countries. Did you find similar problems elsewhere?

I spent 12 years in South Africa, 10 years earlier — in the United States, and before that I lived in Italy for about seven years. I did not like in the United States and South Africa. I like to live in Italy. Italians — cool people. I liked back in Nigeria, I lived there for six years.

Why you did not like in the United States and South Africa?

I went to South Africa, because I had to go somewhere in the States, because the local government does not accept me, even though I’m married to an American. I did a visa every two years, and at some point it became clear that I was most likely to be refused. I saw many places, and South Africa attracted me at the time. Having lived there, I can say that the place is terrible. Crime goes unpunished. Locals say, «justice delayed is justice — the refusal of justice.» I participated in the trial length of three and a half years, and it destroyed me, despite the fact that I won! It was against the workers of the bank. She stole from me and said that we had an affair. The absolute lie, but she believed.

Why did you come back to the UK?

Because of my adopted daughter, so she could get an education here. She goes to a very good school and learning well. As soon as she was educated, I would have gone somewhere more pleasant place.

You are happy to continue to play the drums in 73 years?

Not really. I love music, but I was tiring tours. I am not quite well, and it’s hard work. But I enjoy the music, so I’m doing it.

As the music industry affect your health?

Music — in any way. It’s a miracle that I can still play the drums, in spite of all my physical ailments. The problem became amplifiers: they damaged my ear forever.

What are you most proud of?

I experienced many ups and downs.

From there, how many people would not have chosen, I continued to go forward. People who grew up in the poor, usually cope with such difficulties. I am proud of getting to know people that I admired, that was accepted by them and earned their respect. Guys like Phil Seaman, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Max Roach — all these people have become my friends, and I was adopted by them as an equal. It’s worth all the money in the world.

Your game on drums in Cream is often called the birth of heavy metal.

If I knew it then, I would have had an abortion. It is a complete fallacy. Game Cream was always improvised. We never played the same two nights in a row.

What would you like to have written on your grave?

Somehow I do not care. I still do not know, because I’ll be dead.

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