New Acoustics Bowers & Wilkins CM 10 successfully combines the characteristics of a series of elements of the SM and the older 800 Series Diamond. Anyway, this family features speakers Bowers & Wilkins, who, like a signature sound, it is impossible not to know at a glance.

It seems that creating new flagship CMS developers Bovvers & Wilkins decided to bring together a series of SM and 800, otherwise how to explain the appearance of the new model of the external, top mounted tweeter? If you put a number of media), and former senior CN.9, in addition to the tweeter, you can also see the difference in the number of emitters. Due to the transfer of the tweeter at the top SM 10 make room on the front panel, allowing to install additional third woofers. The proportions of the body and the dimensions have changed slightly, mainly increased depth. Such a maneuver with the bass-section allowed to extend the frequency range of a few Hz down, and most importantly — increased sound pressure acoustics, so it can be installed in a room larger.

Finishing options, the model media) four. Veneer walnut or wenge pink supplemented timeless black and white piano lacquer. With the integration of the interior of the problems should arise. If someone (like me) do not like most fundamentally lower rack, you can try to do without it. It mainly serves to improve the stability (according to the strict safety requirements of the EU), more vibrorazvyazki and increase body weight, not participating directly in the creation of acoustic design. Technically it can not be installed. But do not forget that any modifications to the user makes at your own risk with all possible consequences.

Acoustic design of enclosures — phase inverter, of course, corporate Flowport. Woofers operate in a single volume and reproduce the acoustic frequency band from 28 to 350 Hz at -6 dB (according to the manufacturer). Woofer cones are not as simple as it may seem initially. They are two-layer, which allows the combination of stiffness and lightness Kevlar base with acoustic properties of the paper coating, which imparts sound of any acoustic liveliness, expressiveness and naturalness.

Material cone midrange radiators — Kevlar in its pure form, which is easily recognized by the distinctive yellow color. Large 150-mm diffuser installed on the company’s suspension FST, which is a foamed polymer.

As with conventional suspension, it provides the desired free stroke of the diffuser, but it forms a better seal around the perimeter of the diffuser and suppresses parasitic oscillations. MF emitter is assembled in cast aluminum basket with as open construction, without causing compression and reflections behind the diffuser. Speaker vibrorazvyazan fully with the housing thanks to a rather tricky fastening technology borrowed from the older 800 Series Diamond. It is installed in a milled mounting hole on the front panel is drawn from the outside and a long pin that passes through to the back wall. Place mounting studs and seat dynamics have special anti-vibration pads, so rigid mechanical design «Speaker + hairpin» is not in contact with the body itself. During transport, the acoustics are special transport screws allow to fix the radiator tightly, so that there is a potential opportunity to assess the sound acoustics vibrorazvyazkoy midrange transducer and without it. It should be noted, the difference is quite noticeable.

It is also almost completely vibrorazvyazan with the body and the new tweeter. After removing the transport safety catch he receives a considerable degree of freedom, relying only on the soft vibration damping material. Separate tweeter streamlined body gives him another significant advantage in terms of diffraction. Sound waves practically pereotrazhayutsya how it is when you install the RF transmitter on a flat front panel. This means that we hear only the sound waves that produces speaker cone, without mixing the secondary reflections from the surface of the body acoustics. Himself tweeter mounted in a model of the mass media), has strengthened double aluminum dome, the back side is working with the tapered tube-loaded Nautilus. The increased rigidity of the dome and the extinguishing of the radiation produced during the back, minimizes distortion and allows you to extend its frequency range to 50 kHz -6 dB.

All radiators are initially designed in such a way that their response did not require a significant correction via crossover.

As a result, do crossovers obtained extremely simple, as transparent as possible for the alarm. For example, for the tweeter uses a single capacitor whose value is chosen by ear.

All technological solutions, ranging from material and ending with a large diffuser body weight speakers are primarily aimed at minimizing distortion and providing the most pure, clear sound. And when listening to really create a feeling of absolute transparency, purity, and some natural ease in the supply of any of the musical material. This is especially felt in the upper middle and high frequencies — the area of ​​responsibility of the tweeter. With proper selection of the listening position when the listener’s ears are on-axis tweeter, the scene is built extremely accurate, and the transfer of the atmosphere, the air is excellent. Mid reproduced accurately, relief, timbres and shades of sounds clearly delineated. Lower middle dense and richer than the top, resulting in a range of voice and tone most basic tools most expressive and voluminous. Bass plays surprisingly smoothly and clearly. With solid power and tangible depth he does not dominate and free from any specific overtones.

High resolution and dynamic characteristics of solid acoustics SM 10 others require high quality audio components. In this case, you can get great pleasure from listening to the most expressive recordings of classics with dramatic pauses, hang in absolute silence, and sharp transitions Fort fortissimo. In general, the speakers quite versatile genres and copes well with any music. The main criterion for the choice of music could be perhaps that the recording quality as the ability to detect faults in the SM 10 is as high as the ability to reveal the advantages of material being played. Lovers of pure collected and clear sound speakers is required to audition.


The middle line response rather smooth on the line, but in the zone of the tweeter face all the signs of a narrow focus. The level of distortion has turned out not the lowest. The acoustics were new and possibly additional 100-200 hours warming would improve results. Graph impedance has significant spikes, including in the region of low frequencies. Even with high sensitivity measured without a powerful amplification do not succeed.

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