In the restricted area

I was not the only party to the action, I was involved in the development, planning, preparation of picketing. And I think that the reader may be interested not only the story of what happened and how, but also with the analysis of emerging legal conflicts. What rights are affected in this situation? First of all — the right to a healthy environment1, as well as ensuring their right to reliable information about its condition and to compensation for damage caused by an environmental offense. Another — the right to sobraniya2 right to obedinenie3. Here’s an example of action at KNPP and Kandalaksha I try to tell not only about the nature of the problems associated with nuclear power, but also to show how, in what ways can assert their rights.

Where and what?

In the Murmansk region, on the shores of beautiful Lake Imandra more than 30 years ago — in 1973 — started work Kola NPP. Around the lake, at a distance of 30 to 100 km, located industrial «city enterprise». It Kandalaksha, Apatity, Kirovsk, Olenegorsk, Monchegorsk. They live about 300 thousand people — more than a third of the regional population. Companies in these cities are major consumers of electricity nuclear power plant and residents — «consumer» risks and threats associated with nuclear power …

There is a public organization of the Murmansk region, which has long been involved in issues related to nuclear energy

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