Housekeeping tip

And do not forget the vinegar!

When my refrigerator is always at the end wipe containers and shelves with a cloth dipped in vinegar (9%). This ensures that the products stay fresh longer, and in the refrigerator will not start mold.

Know how to tube

Many are accustomed to deal with clogged in the pipe by means of soda and vinegar. I prompt an alternative way. Take dishwashing detergent and liquid bleach containing chlorine. Mix in a ratio of 1: 1, pour the mixture into the drain and leave for 3-4 hours. Dishwashing detergent dissolve fat deposited on the walls of pipes and chlorine cleans and destroys odor.

Mustard instead of soap

My husband on the weekend «lives» in the garage. As a result, the smell of gasoline, motor oil, dirt and just eats up. And with soap and water do not save. But we found a way to get rid of it. We need to take a good mustard powder and rub their hands. Then wash with warm soapy water. Mustard remove grime and odors.

Getting rid of dents on the carpet

After moving furniture from one place to another on the carpets are dents. They can be removed in this way. Rub a good dent edge of a coin, then otparte, holding the iron at a distance of 5 cm from the surface of the carpet. And once again rub the coin. Even if you can not completely flatten the pile, dents still become almost invisible.

How to remove vodoemulsionku?

While clean the walls and ceiling of water-based paints — torment. But good people told us the solution: stick to the walls and ceiling of an old newspaper, which will be removed together with the layer of paint when the glue dries.

As a doctor, I can say that the best spots of blood from tissue prints hydrogen peroxide, besides, it is both disinfection. A of iodine — solution of ascorbic acid. Tested!

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