Human incompatibility

What unites the film such stories? Perhaps — well guessed the essence of the important features of our lives. After all subjects relating to virtually all the major «trend» of modern -deneg, sex and psychic abilities. Only they are presented with caustic adjusted to our reality.

WORLD KREPEZhA.Esche at the beginning of the last century, Maxim Gorky once said: «It is not always important, they say, but it is always important — as they say.» In this phrase, he foresaw the great one of the main technological methods of modern «salespeople» — no matter what you sell, as long as you are talking about «product» by those words, which of you waiting for a potential buyer. And anticipate customer expectations for an experienced manager is no problem. What we can say with the supporters of the «modern approach», which «do not like at all satisfied» and for which «Feng Shui — is the topic?» The film hero prodazhnik nothing new at all does not offer — it only uses the old cliches that takes young people in the right verbal sauce.

Young people, in turn, demonstrate remarkable specimens of understanding the world, which at one time was called succinct word «zhlobstvo» and now an accepted system of exciting belief: «If all is well organized, everything is right and pass», held at the logic » stimulus — reaction «. If a person is properly stimulated, taking or giving him something encouraging or punishing, it is possible to work out in his «right» behavior. As the saying goes — a solid «behaviorism.»

Such people are feeling even without a team of experience can not, much less express them appropriately. And if these same feelings arise, they are perceived as unwanted interference, «I cried to the cappuccino, while a cappuccino after cappuccino!» — Indignantly tells potential bride, repeatedly insisting that «no surprises» that are caught to surprise her «thin «emotionality. The saddest thing in all of this that intolerance of uncertainty is one of the main indicators of «totalitarian mind.»

Roundabout Circulation. Setting aside the generally accepted moral and legal assessment, the following may be novel to be called «The benefits of a bribe,» and the essence of its great fit in one sentence: «The situation was desperate, but, as always, has helped to corruption.»

Often bribes to expedite the process, directly on the famous formula «time — money». It begins with the story of a driver who passes inspection. Then the mechanic gets a passport, the head of the passport office parked his senseless daughter to college, the professor saved his mother, the doctor «otmazyvatsya» son from the army … and so on. One of the characters in the novel says the phrase: «I am so grateful that you are an honest man, agreed to intercede.» Steeper probably sounds just recently overheard in communication with the lawyers, «Well, a judge on the code of honor is obliged to return the money, if he did not take the right decision!» I think that if you do not moralize, you have to admit, it’s good that we have though a mechanism for resolving difficult issues. And for those who want to moralize, will have to start with yourself and achieve at least the results of the legal methods, only to the same extent and with the same speed. How do you find such a prospect?

Energy crisis. Before we got the idea that knowledge can be «superfluous». The library became a place for young people, not only rarely visited, but even mystical. Still — some enthusiastic aunt there talking in an incomprehensible language, which is rumored to be called «literary.»

And sometimes quoted verses by heart. What could be more mystical, especially when compared with the daily realities. No wonder the movie investigator «Tolmachev» poetic insight librarian available to police understanding of «normal» language.

And it’s not only in the fact that with the advent of the Internet has changed the channels and media, and that the access channel largely determines what kind of information you get. Internet anyway, what information to include, it does not tell you is not right, can only perch on the flow of information. As a result, knowledge ceased to be linked with each other and there is now a separate head in the form of a rather motley mass.

Often, successful managers and clerks do not have a common topic of conversation. And not because of the difference of tastes, and because of the extreme narrowing or complete lack of interest. Discussed in the best case — the last movie, the last game and the last one or two tabloid books.

And then — again about work, progress and trip.

So no wonder the heroine of the film burns with a volume of Pushkin hope of salvation.

Kindle a flame. And, of course, the brightest of the story — a story of passion, which has not had a chance to grow into something more.

But first — a little historical background. The fact that the current middle-aged — the last representatives of a generation of people who were brought to the «uniformity of cultural baggage» that «a shame that something is to know.» For twenty years such a thing does not exist-not ashamed, and often is not necessary, especially if the knowledge of no practical significance.

Do not forget about the «biological» side of the issue. Indeed, the young woman is able to extend the life (especially sexual) senior male. No wonder even the biblical elders to the last moments surrounded by young wives and concubines. But the problem is that in modern conditions physiology included in complete contradiction with psychology. Once the passion is over, we begin to consider that fell to us human, and not everyone experiences this union check on «human interoperability».

The main contradiction between the characters is not even that he was from generations of those who, in theory, do not fuck on the first date, and she -from generation of those for whom sex «is not a reason to meet.» By the way, it is amusing that the first brought up the second. A collision of two «generational» stereotypes are broken down into each other.

For Girls All men universal means of «classical» gentleman’s set «of his generation» — unrestrained chatter and songs with a guitar. It adapts to the man admires them and is willing to listen. It seems to be — what else should be a partner?

That’s only post-Soviet man-intelligent, too, «loves the ears.» And «just listen» is its not good enough. To just listen, you need to have something to talk about — then it will be a conversation.

And here — a complete mismatch, starting with the «criteria» at the close of the main characters. This story is not about «small and stupid» and «adult and intelligent,» but about the meeting of two philosophies of life. Or rather, about the existence of life philosophy and about its absence, which, in turn, is now a philosophy of life. After all, when a girl says, «You and I have so much in common!» — It is not disingenuous: for it is really a preference similar hue is evidence of unity. The most interesting thing for him is no less important. He’s too sensitive to what is called a red burgundy. Here are just a hierarchy of values, he is standing at the other place. As a result of mutual misunderstanding becomes the most important condition for the success of communication. In the words of Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, «emptiness terribly roomy.»

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