I bore!

My family think I’m boring. It turned out recently. That’s the way you live, you live with people who try them. All itself, we can say, to give away. And they tell you that … And the right to do is unusually easy character. So in fact there — they see only the mote in the eye of your neighbor. The log is in your own eye did not stop them from condemning the tiny flaws of others and although I know that the nature of my light and pleasant, some doubt still have a place to be

What if I do a little nudnovato? Try to check. No psychological research and philosophical treatise on the subject tediousness the Internet was not found. Methods to determine the coefficient of tediousness, too, does not exist. It’s not IQ. No one wants to know the truth about himself. Forums and rhetorical questions do not count — no specifics, some emotion. So all of the following terms — the first attempt to describe the bore vulgaris in their natural environment. And, accordingly, apply the information to his beloved. And what really kind of a healthy share of tediousness is present?

There are two opinions:


The bore has its own point of view on all issues. Convince debater impossible, for the mouth of Snuffles boring truth. And right we were talking about who has a monopoly on truth — evolutionists or creationists. After all, what’s the difference, how did the universe, if only there was no war. But nerds with maniacal persistence convince you that you are wrong in choosing clothes, career, life partner, friends, and other social values, in which each of us good targets. Spending power in the discussion did not make sense: nerds differ enviable patience and perseverance. Promises to fulfill all that you so strongly recommend. Just Not That Into.


Who has not turned out the lights in the bathroom? Not no "who cares?"And who again left the light burning for two hours and twenty-three minutes, I ask you? Do not you see that the charge from the mobile hangs in the socket? How can you ask to turn off electrical appliances? Why in the glove compartment and forty-four wrappers from candy? Who put them there? For the nerds very important to find someone to blame. No, not punish, namely to find the culprit and poke his nose into the traces of his crime. Consciously and repentant offender can be forgiven, because the nerds always show mercy for the fallen. The main mission of nerds in the world — to monitor the maintenance of world order (as it is currently). The bathroom light off time, the toilet lid is lowered, toothpaste cap is twisted, and everything was okay.


In principle, the bore can be computed on the first three replicas. If the answer "How are you?" your interlocutor starts to talk, how he was doing, so here it is in front of you is — an ordinary nerd. Bores — epic storytellers. The old man Homer smokes nervously in the hallway. Even retelling minute infomercial by boring is accompanied by so many subplots and secondary characters that any developer obzaviduetsya series. "You know how to make the right kebab? Last year, we went with the guys on Mangup, and so … Vitek Vitek — it’s all an interesting guy. His first wife was the model. Lenka in seventeen years left in Japan, and when they got married Vitka, her mother, Darya Mikhailovna, God forbid her health and her husband’s good, just got a job as a senior economist in the bank. And just happened to default. And the head of the department, he was still a bug, I’ll tell you about it, said Darya Mikhailovna …" At this point, you need to run under any pretext. Well helps phrase "I urgently need a drink".


"On the lawn do not walk". "Double lane not cross". "Do not climb — kill". "Do not touch". Check whether there is in you is infinite respect for all kinds of prohibitions and restrictions. If there is — you’re at risk. The bore always observe the ban, because it guarantees the stability of this dangerous, dangerous, dangerous world. The bore by nature a coward, and why so much head and share plates and prohibitive regulations. No, we do not call immediately get into the transformer booth or go to the oncoming lane. But from time to time to carry out preventive tediousness by a blatant bullying is strongly recommended. Your humble servant, for example, once put in disgrace from the Louvre for trying to sit on the throne of Louis XIV. Sounds, of course, terrible. And if every tourist is afford? 11 ° But how many memories!

Who drank from my cup?

Bores attached to things and scary not like it when someone breaks once and for all routine. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that. Accuracy — one of the main virtues of girls. But for nerds compliance regulations becomes an obsession. Everything should go according to plan, things — lie in their places, and family members -Clear perform specific roles for them. If something in this routine is disturbed, bore experiencing severe anxiety. In psychology there is a concept — the value of real-usual operation. For the super-value is boring. That’s why his slippers must always stand on the same spot. We will be compassionate — each of us has its overvalued. And some of them are not so harmless.


The more educated the person, the greater the chance of becoming a bore. University of California scientists have shown that among those who have two or more higher education nerds percentage is higher than in less educated environments. This is easily explained. Smart people with difficulty putting up with the imperfection of the world. Educated people exactly know what to do to change it for the better. And if someone does not want to change for the better, so we can get. Word "tediousness" and "coerce" have the same root. But with emotional intelligence have trouble nerds. The failure of empathy (understanding the feelings of another person), in fact, make such a bore. That is why nerds among men than among women. We have the capacity for empathy in the firmware.

Best humor

They say the great French actor Louis du Funes family life was incredibly boring person. Dearest person of Dr. Spock, the favorite of women and children, his son can not stand. Danny DeVito greatly disappointed his fans when it became clear that in real life a little funny fat man is not so funny. The bore with excellent sense of humor is not so rare as it might seem at first glance. As a rule, they all go to the professional comedians, because they know how to separate work and personal life. Note to those who are killed by residents "Comedy Club".

Everything will be there

Nerds are not born, they become. After twenty years of age Pasha nervous system ceases to grow and, therefore, decreases the activity of nerve processes. Over the years, the body accumulates a lot of any damage at the cellular level. As we age, we become more difficult to cheer, but it is easy to deduce from itself. About a third of Russian pairs tediousness calls one of the spouses the main cause of family quarrels. So do not forget from time to time to conduct an internal audit. If you suddenly discovered that around one stupid one and only you know exactly how to live in the hot prevention.

Type of nerds

No one is immune from close contacts with chronic bore. They may be the boss, colleague or, alas, mate. In that case, we give the most typical types of the nerds and effective methods of communication with them.


Malvina fled to foreign lands, Malvina was gone, my bride. I cry, I do not know where I go, is not it better to give up the life of a doll". Such people are able to drive them into depression even the merry company. "If someone tells the dramatic story, they will always be able to remember his own, which starts with the phrase "It was even worse"- Psychologist Meredith Fuller says. What if you have to live or work with such a character? Again, seek the advice of Miss Fuller: "Such people are comfortable in their state of perpetual sadness, so do not try to cheer them. Leave them be what they are, while remaining unconvinced".


"Are you always such stories occur". "You’re doing first, and only then think". Familiar? Oh, this man knows exactly how to live. And I am willing to teach you the basics of common sense. If due to some reasons you can not send him on a long journey with an erotic bias, agrees with his reproaches. It is important to do this without any emotion. In psychotherapy, this technique is called "to mirror". "You are irresponsible!" — "Yes, I am irresponsible". "You’re always all scatter!" — "I am eternally scatter all". In the end, this fountain will dry up.


Diana (29). — If he goes to the store — I have to go together in him. If I’m going to work, then he should take me there, and then pick up. And so in all …" This is a disturbing kind of nerds who are constantly in need of confirmation of its value quarrel with them is useless because of the quarrel "remora fish" rather than ignore. All attempts to distance himself too came to nothing lead. It is best to allocate some amount of time that you’re completely dedicated only to him.

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