I have not seen a single child who would have never dropped in my entire life. The question is how he fell: from what height, about that hit, and what place. Where they do not fall — of carriages, with sofas, beds! This happens instantly, and even being close, you do not always have time to react!

Any serious drop baby is due to an oversight adults. Always surprised when explaining moms threat of falling, I notice that they do not listen to me. After following these «truths», you ensure the safety of the baby. Always act ahead: come 3.5 months, so a baby can roll over, came 7 months — can stand. Every day I do not get tired of repeating: «People! Be careful not to drop the baby !!! «

How do kids usually fall at home: with a highchair. Adults forget to fasten belts or adjust their fortress. Infants are quick, they are only a couple of minutes to get out of «the shackles»; a changing table. Bumpers — this is not an obstacle for the kid (and many tables have no ledges), in any case, do not leave unattended crumbs, even if you need to turn or move a meter; of the carriages. The kid has learned to sit, but have not yet learned how to descend from the carriage; with «adult» bed or a sofa: creeping-crawling and noticed that the bed «is over.» In the first 2-3 months of adults with a light heart grudnichka leave one on a bed or changing table when the phone rings or you need to go to another room: think of it, just something one second. However, it dealt a blow, a cry — and the mother finds her child on the floor.

It is difficult to foresee all the circumstances in which the kid can get injured. Remember, the fall in the age of 3 always occur because of the negligence of adults.

• Do not leave your child alone, even sleeping on the couch, chair and other high places.

If the child is sleeping on the balcony in a wheelchair, make sure that, waking up, he will not be able to sit down and reach the edge of the balcony or loggia.

Buy a bed with high sides and lower the time its bottom (about 6 months).

Make sure that the baby could never get to the open window and could not open it on their own at a later age.

Houses child wear slip shoes or socks with special antislip surface (pimples rubber soles).

Home sports facilities needed for development but are dangerous in terms of child injury. When a child is involved, be near him.

Do not carry your baby in your arms on the street in heavy ice and slush, and, to be honest (this applies more to the fathers), intoxicated. Gently sit down with him in the transport and exit the transport, especially of minibuses.

Always wear seat belts in strollers and high chairs. Adjust the straps so that the child could not break free on their own.

May be unsafe and walkers: the children while they may strongly repel strikes about anything, roll and fall down the stairs. From the use of such vehicles should be abandoned.

Jumpers dangerous unpredictable movements: for example, a child they could face the wall or corner.

Now a few recommendations what to do to the baby fell

• Teach yourself from day one always fix the baby hand (if you need to rotate, move — taken under the arm or, for example, I do, on the thigh planted) or put to bed (I know I do it laziness, and even spin / leg / arm hurts). If both is not available, place the baby on the floor. Do not be afraid that it is dirty. Remember, its dirt — not dirt!

The kid turned 6-6.5 months — immediately immerse the bottom of the crib to the floor.

If a kid is playing on the bed or on the couch, lay on the floor near the sofa cushions (the entire floor around the sofa rather than one or two), not be afraid of them dirty.

The more the child will be in the crib, playpen and the floor — the less likely to injury.

Whatever happens injury, look at the eyes of the apartment trauma. To get started go to the nursery and … lie down on the floor or stand on the knees. «This is why?» — You ask. The answer is simple: here, from the bottom, it is easier to see what is threatening and the child who is already walking, and one that is just beginning to crawl. In this way, for example, to easily detect rough edges on the furniture. They can be closed with special protective caps to sell in stores. Look, there are no spaces (corners, boxes, etc.), which can be stored or accidentally be still on hand small objects: small children love to swallow everything that comes his way. The third danger lurking in the «lower tier» room — electrical outlets and wires. Close the outlet plugs or sockets purchase includes only turning the lid. The outlet, which include household appliances, and electrical wiring it is necessary to block access. It is best to hide them behind heavy furniture.

Now, get up off the floor and look taller. You do not forget to close the corners of tables and cabinets? Excellent. Do not hang the edge of the tablecloth and napkins, pulling the baby who can blame the dishes, books, flower pot? From all this beauty will have to take time off.

And on the table, on the low shelves, on the windowsill? Do you have the habit of throwing anywhere pills, creams, nail polish? We’ll have to part with it. Now, this will depend not just order in the apartment, but health and sometimes the life of your baby. Pick up all the dangerous substances which may

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