I’m not afraid of the cold!

Do you want the child to have survived the winter without colds? Start early to prepare him for this difficult period for the immune system!

According to statistics, every 6th child in Ukraine is classified FIC — sickly children who often get cold 4-5 times a year. And in the cities of sick kids more, because fresh air is not breathing and did not hardened to the extent that it makes kids growing up in the countryside.

Come out for a walk. Stay outdoors enhances a child’s body, increases its resistance to respiratory infections. The «room» of children higher risk of colds, anemia, retarded physical development, disorders of sleep and appetite.

Tempered! The simplest tempering procedure — a contrast shower. Start with warm jets (36-38 ° C), 30-40 to make it a little cooler at 5-10, and then return to the original version. Repeat 2 (first week) to five times. Every 7 days lower the temperature of cool water at 2-3 ° C, gradually bringing the difference to a warm stream 13-15 ° C.

Your offspring of tired, sick or just not feeling well? Hardening cancel. But most importantly, do not go too far. Procedures should call the child’s positive emotions, or you will get the opposite effect. And do not try to force the child to bathe in the hole or walk barefoot in the snow. But wash your hands, wash and rinse your mouth with cool water is very useful. A serving of ice cream or a glass of juice out of the refrigerator, drunk in small sips, also gives a good quenching effect. If the throat is accustomed to the cold desserts and drinks, he is not afraid of viruses!

Useful blowing. The baby less often would pick up a cold, teach him to blow his nose, making something like an air bath mucosa.

Until the very heels. The feet should also be accustomed to the cold. Then the child will not occur runny nose every time he get his feet wet! By the way, pediatricians do not approve fascination parents heated floors — they prevent hardening. Do not be afraid to cool the feet — it is normal, the more that the temperature of palms have usually 10 ° C higher than the soles. So when we probe the baby legs, they seem to us cold.

«Live» vitamins. For the prevention of seasonal infections child needs vitamins — they are found in vegetables and fruits. Refuel vegetable salads with lemon juice. And cook lemons «live» jam, stimulates the immune system. Remove the seeds, citrus miss through a meat grinder and mix with sugar (1: 1). Such a jam in the refrigerator.

Let the yogurt! Poite baby yogurt, give him a glass of yogurt a day and orange: these products — an excellent means of prevention.

Drink juice to your health!

Improve children’s immune system to help vitamin drinks. Let their child half a cup 2-3 times a day between meals. Juices alternate throughout the day or week.

Use the power of honey!

It not only activates the body’s defenses, but also uplifting.

Nuts and dried fruits — good general tonic.

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