I quit smoking, and my voice was a new way!

Gra states: In order to stay beautiful and healthy, do not need a doctor or EXPENSIVE cosmetology. You need to be a harmonious personality!

She is a real queen of Ukrainian pop! The winner of the title of «most beautiful» — according to the magazine Viva !, the multiple winner of the prize «Golden Firebird» as the best singer of the year, «Woman of the Year» — according to the magazine Hello, «Producer of the Year» — this is not all the titles of People’s Artist of Ukraine Natalia Mogilev. And it is called «singing grenade» Ukrainian show business. After performances of Natalia Mogilev — a typhoon of positive emotions, energy, witty jokes and nation-wide hit, «Love me like that», «Starfish,» «straighten message», «I loved», «Nahal», «Limonov’s Lantern», «Misyats» and many others. Her work like thousands of Ukrainians, but on the personal life of Mogilev almost nothing is known. The PR and the singer does not need self-promotion, but agreed to the interview, to share their vision and understanding of a healthy lifestyle.

■ Natalia, tell us how long you practice yoga, and why did you choose this practice?

I have been practicing yoga for 5 years and I do it primarily for their own health. There are people who die in 70 years, a decrepit old man, and there are those who live to 100 years, staying active and vigorous. I choose the second option! Recently I read the story of the American dancer Long-lived. She was 87 years old, and her dance partner -17. In my opinion, it is very inspiring. I — for longevity and do not welcome the statements such as «live fast — die young!» This, at least, stupid.

In yoga, I noticed just because in the East, where it is prevalent, many centenarians. Think about: modern medicine, with its antibiotic only a few hundred years, and some methods of treatment and completely invented yesterday. While Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga came to us through the millennia. These treatments were tested and perfected over the centuries — they work!

Of course, it is important to find a good teacher — not just professional, and such that is right for you. For example, my training is very smooth, slow — and the pace of breathing and movements. They balance my crazy life rhythm. Those who are less mobile work, you may want to pursue a more vigorous exercises. The main criterion in this respect — being. If exercise is fun, give pleasure, they are suitable for you. If sport turns into violence on the body, health, this does not increase.

■ How did you quit smoking? You helped this yoga?

Not only is yoga. Just once I realized that I could not be a singer, and continue smoking.

Therefore, get rid of this habit, you can say in the name of the profession, concerts and beautiful voices. Smokers often deceived by the idea that cigarette brings them joy and fear that without smoking, this joy of their lives disappear. In fact, any dependence humiliating. I matured a few years to make the final decision, and stopped smoking for 1 day. For more than a year, this is not refundable. Smoking, alcohol and other toxic substances have no place in my life. When you reflect on how you live, what you eat, how you developed and harmonious, then gradually come to the conclusion that smoking is not linked to your personality. As well as fast food, lack of sleep, contact with unpleasant people. Personally, I am of the regime, I go early and get up early, by night shooting refuse. Even with my load of the year we can count a maximum of 5-6 days, when I violated the no fault of their own.

■ you exercise every day?

Yes, at 8 am, I jog, 9 — yoga and meditation in the evening also. In India, when you come to the doctor, the first thing he asks, how much you sleep, how to eat, is there any physical exercise and spiritual practice? Only if these

4 points is normal, he appoints the medication. We want to live, anyhow, and then drink a miracle pill and instantly recover. But how can you be healthy if the body and mind exhausted from lack of sleep, malnutrition, or, on the contrary, overeating, and the nervous system — the limit of the constant stress?

In different countries of the world have their secrets of longevity, but these 4 points remain unchanged. And one more thing! All centenarians socially active, among them almost no hermits.

■ Can you elaborate what you mean by proper nutrition. It is a diet?

Power systems much universal miracle diet suitable for everyone, does not exist. Therefore, here I will not give you a finished recipe. Some vegetarian, some in favor of a separate food. The main rule — to avoid excesses. For this reason I do not go to supermarkets. After this amount of food that is given there, one does not need. A huge selection of products on the shelves of modern supermarkets creates an additional temptation to buy anything and everything. Over time, this abundance corrupts. A perverse relationship to food is transferred to other areas of life. I, on the contrary, I believe that in all the necessary restraint and balance. 100 years ago, a man who weighed 100 kg, was shown in the circus for money. And now this weight at 30% of the population of our country.

In general, it does not matter what you practice the power system, the main thing — to avoid overeating and foods with preservatives. Coca-Cola I did not drink for 15 years, not even remember its taste. Eat simple foods: vegetables, meat, fish, cereals.

Every week there are currently starvation.

Also, do not use such luxuries as a sauces and other foods with flavor enhancers.

■ you cook for yourself or eat in restaurants?

Basically I cook when I’m in the country or to friends on the weekends. For myself, I choose the same dishes, the preparation of which does not take more than 10 minutes. Very much I love gazpacho soup, rice noodles with shrimp, seafood. I took lessons from the best chefs in the world.

Let me tell you the secret of making delicious dishes: a sharp knife and a hot frying pan.

■ How you care for body, skin and hair?

In the care of a most important thing — to find the time. I give myself at least an hour a week. I make a natural scrub with herbs, nuts or melena shell of salt and sour cream. In the daily care I do without soap (it is very dry skin). Very good for the tone and mood of a douche, and yoga in many ways replaces the need to massage.

■ do not use the services of a massage therapist?

If you wish, I am, of course, would surround himself with therapists, but I think it’s overkill.

No one can feel my body as I can feel it. If the body is in need of a massage, I massaged the point of health — «Marma».

They can stimulate the stones, or simply to do acupuncture massage fingers. These points on the body are many, but the main five: two on the legs, two hands and one on the — on the top.

I believe that cosmetology — the invention of our bustling world. Everyone wants instant results, without much effort.

But if even a little bit to work hard, to be alone with him, to make contact with his body, neither doctors nor beauticians or expensive cosmetics will not be necessary.

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