I saw the Datsun!

Just the thing — not allowed to take anything. All this reminded anecdote about the blonde, which is prompted for the account in the amount of words genuinely indignant: «How is it I figure you write letters?» We have before us the task even more difficult, «letters» have to write a design of cars. However, a couple of sketches that are suitable for publication, we still have provided. But before describing the design is to voice a few postulates, from which came the creators of the new brand. At least in order to compare the result with the original promise.

In March 2012, Nissan Motor Company announced the return of the brand Datsun, which will be the third global brand of the company, together with Nissan and Infiniti. Home sales in India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa scheduled for 2014. For buyers Datsun came up with some common word risers, in this context means the people who are on the rise, moving up. And of course, they are characterized by energy, confidence, and they want to be proud of his car. Obviously, quiet design options for the «bottom-up» approach does not categorically. The task assigned to the designers, was complicated by the fact that in different markets will be used by different platforms, which should lead to a common corporate identity. Try it, for example, Micra, from which it will make Datsun in India or with Note in Indonesia. However, from the fact that we have shown, we can conclude that the idea to translate managed. The basis of the whole composition is a hexagonal grille: the solution is not new, but the designers managed to make it memorable, well distinguishable from other «hexagonal». And from it in all directions, «scatter» about punching edges and light, creating a sense of swiftness. Moreover, judging from the pictures, company Hexagon fits easily into different proportions of cars, allows himself to draw and compress vertically without losing appeal. This is important because corporate identity should be common to all vehicles of the brand. Indian Datsun, made from Micra, was very nice once machines are so energetic design, just a question of tuning the car mass, and surely there are many who want something for them to hook or cut to make it more beautiful, yes, answer us, we understand that those who want to be a lot, so we plan to develop a styling package that allows you to attach the individual features of cars and sell them at reasonable prices. It is noteworthy that our closest neighbors will go to Datsun, degenerated from the model Lada Granta. Employees Nissan says the exterior redone completely. Bumpers, fenders, hood, lighting fixtures, door trim, trunk — all other things. In addition, the machine is technically will vary by Kalina and Granta. In particular, this is evidenced by the fact that for two and a half years of Japanese engineers in cooperation with Russian colleagues are refining the platform. And also the fact that the localization of production is one hundred percent. However, the Japanese company has already refused from some suppliers, for example, the Japanese did not like the brakes of Russian cars, and they found a replacement, as well as chassis Datsun brought the French: at least the springs and dampers are with different characteristics. And this is good news for our drivers, the quality of the suspension can vouch numerous Ukrainian owners of Logan. However, the prospects for a new brand to the Ukrainian market is still very vague. The main obstacle to the emergence of new products in our showrooms brand representatives called the introduction of special duties. So, marketing plans Datsun will largely depend on the state policy of Ukraine. So while Datsun is a sort of intrigue for our motorists. Let us hope that in the near future, this machine will find the opportunity to register with us.

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