I would like to share with you my experience of trout fishing in our mountain rivers. Since in most cases, I prefer lures another bait, it will be just about them. Imagine a light with little depth roll with two in the bottom of the pit. What kind of bait to choose, as efficiently as possible to fishing on this promising place? The discovery of last season for me was voblerok from the company Duo Toto length of 42 mm in the form of a minnow. This lure is actively playing even with mild twitching and is suitable for fishing on areas with moderate currents and shallow. It differs quite good flight characteristics, both for its size.

So I come to this very tumbleweed Put Toto, perform the above casting pits, so that the lure was on the edge, use a light twitching. Out of fish — a miss, even a miss. Finally blow — and beautiful trout on a hook! Gently I am getting fish, shoot the hook, be sure to hand while soaking in cold running water, so the fish do not get burned because of the temperature difference, and releases it to the native element. That’s right, let go, the next time again to see this beauty, because the beautiful fish in my life I have never met.

And what to do when in front of you a stormy rapid roll when all makes for bait, and it is impossible for fishing on the lower level? In this case, help out sinking model Smith D-Contact and DUO Spearhead Ryuki. I use mostly two sizes of baits — 45 and 50 mm

Externally, they are very similar, but the game they, unlike Toto, is different. These lures can be swift rapids fishing on the rapid passage of one of the indisputable advantages — they are easy to control. I have sought the greatest effect in mild twitching with priderzhkami. These models — my favorite of 2012, they were caught by the largest specimens.

Also recently in our market appeared quite interesting novelty from the company IMA, model Sukari 50 mm. There are two versions of this bait — sinking fast sinking the SS and S. This model is best used in the strong current, but more than once she rescued a moderate course and even in virtually stagnant water. Optimum wiring for this wobbler — at a depth of 0.7 to 1-1.2 meters. It is best to work with pauses twitching. Good enough baits showed himself to broach and even uniform wiring.

I once caught with a partner in a familiar place: at one bank with a strong current to a depth of 1.5 m, a different — a sandbank. In short, the «pipe» (the bottleneck with a strong current). Catch could only upstream. We tried all of us — a single blow, even though we know that fish should be. Once again, check my box of lures, the eye comes from the company voblerok Zip Baits Rigge Flat 50 mm long, drowning, by the way, never until this moment have not experienced. I put this model, do throw in the style of upstream, waiting to down, Twitchy him and pounded into the depths. Bounce, spinning in an arc, moments of struggle, and displayed on the surface of the brook trout, poured into pro-transparent water colors of the rainbow. Trout was rather big for both of our sites, -tuples 400. After this incident, the lure more than once helped me in these situations.

Even on our small rivers there are places with a depth of 1.5 to 2.5 m. In this situation, rescue wobbler Khamsin Tiny DR from the company Zip Baits — the smallest of the family of Khamsin. Its length is 40 mm. There are two varieties: SR (Shallow Runner) with a working depth of up to 1 m and DR (Deep Runner), which is able to dive to a depth of 1.5 to 2 meters when fishing upstream. This lure is unique in that the small size it can easily deliver a decent depth. It is also available in the version SP (Suspender). Khamsin Tiny has a stable game and keeps well for. As for the wiring, it works well on the hold-kah across the current, with a light and twitching usual uniform wiring, which is familiar to any beginner.

I would like to tell a curious case. Summer heat, the swimming season in full swing, even in the mountains. Half-day passes on the audited sites with depths of up to a meter, I have not seen a single bite. I stumbled on the pit to a depth of 2 m. The most interesting is that somewhere in the 50 meters upstream of the active people were bathing. Time was still quite a lot, and I have decided this is the place for fishing on the maximum. The pit was a strong current and the output stranded from 2 to 1 m, the near side stranded 30: m with calm water. Wobbler had to spend so that after casting upstream as soon as possible «drive» him in the pit. Here and come to the rescue Khamsin Tiny DR. For half an hour I earned one hit and two good forelki. Obviously, the rest is so actively swimming, all the fish that hid in the pit, where I managed to get it.

Good enough work in such conditions is another lure, something similar to a previous one. It is about 40 Cheerful SP MR from Pontoon 21. I always take it with you. It’s a great spy game with a stable for very reasonable money. Here, for example, the situation: you come to a new place with the muddy water, throwing an expensive bait and unfamiliar place is not very desirable, it can be terminated with the first throw, but check out the place is still desirable. Here also fit this model. Flight characteristics are normal, the game is stable, very well kept and for-nyriaaet up to 1.5 m. These are the qualities that should have a scout. In unfamiliar places can be snags, rags, trash bags and different, but, oddly enough, there is often a large trout.

I also want to tell you about one of my favorites, which I successfully used in early spring. For many, it is not but, Zina, and for someone — just forgot PSA-lane. I’m talking about 35 production Rigge Zip Baits.

Spring had just descended the last snow, zse around wakes up from winter sleep. It’s time for Rigge 35. In most cases, I use the E model is slowly sinking version, that is SS. In my experience, spring trout bite small size, and it can only be caught in small rivers, as large full-flowing and very dirty in this period. This bait is so universal that works well in stagnant water, and in the strong breakers and shoals. A variety of fishing techniques from twitching to uniform wiring. I do not know why, but the trout like it very much.

Trout crank it became quite by accident. It was early spring, during the «first outing», so to speak. I picked up a box set of turntables, cola-beams and wobblers, with a friend arrived at the place, in the Carpathian Mountains were just beginning to blossom snowdrops and shows grass. In the floodplains of the river was still holding the ice. We passed up the river for about two kilometers. Tried many different baits were two ways of small fish, but without contact. In my box I accidentally discovered Rigge 35, remaining there after the winter trips for perch channels with warm water. I decided to try it in a place where there was access to the spoons. It is a greedy bite, and after a while we admire the first trout in the new season. On the day I took this lure has a few good specimens

But the most interesting waited ahead. When we got into the upper reaches of the stream, there was so small that it could go to a small pebbles. It seems that it is impossible to catch anything. I got the idea to put a brand new Megabass X-30, however, had to be replaced on a tee single barbless hook, so as not to injure the fish. On this day, I caught him five small trout. After this incident, the bait more than once rescued me in the shallow water. Wobbler works very well with short jerks with priderzhkami different stable game. Flight characteristics, frankly, useless, but in places where the width of the stream up to three meters, they are not needed.

All lures described above — is a small part of the entire set, which can go trout fishing, to experience the pleasure of meeting with this beautiful sport fish. I did not catch the urge by these wobblers, every fisherman has his favorites. But if they are in your arsenal, you might be able to pick up the key to fish in similar conditions and situations.

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