Increase the production load of all apiaries

Beekeeping — an important sector of agricultural production Bashkortostan. On its territory there are more than 400 thousand bee families, including more than 219,000 in the collective and state farms.

Republic annually passes the state at a half-two thousand tons of good-quality honey, and this year, as of September 15, the consumer cooperatives in store 2179 tons of honey.

Bashkir honey is sent not only in Moscow, Leningrad and other large industrial cities of the Soviet Union, but also exported to Czechoslovakia, Cuba, Poland and other countries.

On apiaries and bee farms, most state and collective farms this year received good results. Collective farms, for example, the zone of Ufa Iglinskiy production management from each of the 12 thousand families received 40 kilos of honey gross and passed on procurement stations more than 190 tons. Former Gafuriysky District from 4.5 thousand families received 50 kilos of honey gross and collective and state farms Meleuzovsky control- 40 kilograms at a cost of about 40 quintals of honey rubles.

High production rates of bees, beekeepers have Chernyshev, Poteryakhin and the side of the farm «East». Each of them was between 73 and 85 kg in average honey bee colony. And for the whole family farm bee honey yield was about 72 kilograms. Beekeeper Osipov of the collective farm «Put Lenina» Sterpitamakskogo management from each of the 119 bee colonies received a 71 kilogram gross honey and the beekeeper Seliverstov of the collective farm «Precepts of Ilyich» Ufa control- 63 kilograms. With an apiary in 220 families, he passed to the warehouse about 74 quintals of marketable honey. List foremost could be continued.

It is known that the number of bee colonies in the state and collective farms and the sale of honey State Bashkortostan is one of the first places among the regions, territories and autonomous republics of the Russian Federation. But otherwise the situation we have with the productivity and the cost of honey.

Many have probably read in the magazine «Beekeeping» № 5 for 1963 article «persistently to solve the problem number one.»

Yes, per employee collective and state apiaries our country in 1962 accounted for 60 bee colonies, which certainly influenced the increase in the cost of honey.

For example, in the production management Beloretsk there are many small apiaries. Here’s why the price of honey several times higher procurement prices.

Critical magazine article helped us to see the sharper the shadow side of our beekeeping and make proper conclusions.

Increases in labor productivity in the collective and state apiaries we intend to achieve through the consolidation of small apiaries with a simultaneous increase in the rate of loading on the beekeeper to 150 or more families; the introduction of a link maintenance method of apiaries, the widespread introduction of multi-hives and rigging.

But we would never have achieved the desired result if Oy began to decide issues of increasing productivity without first adjusting the questions his pay A good payment — an incentive to good work. Here is a typical example.

The farm Michurin Tuimazy councils were singing 11 apiaries — 950 bee colonies. Serve them 34 people, including 11 beekeepers, 11 assistants,

11 guards and one team leader. On one employee it takes about 28 bee colonies, with marketable honey produced only by 83 kilograms. Seeing this abnormal situation, the rights of the singing of the kolkhoz made a decision to release 23 farm workers, and the remaining 11 people, four of which the beekeeper, six younger beekeepers and one watchman form four level. The first link of two people serves two apiaries with 158 families of bees; second, the same number of workers — also two apiary, but over 185 families; the third — three professionals and one guard — three apiaries with 327 families, and the fourth — three experts — three apiaries with 280 families. As a result of the distribution of the load on the bee colonies farm worker increased from 28 to 86 families, and the collection of commodity honey from 83 to 1091 kg. This is the result of only one year of operation.

We are trustees of that restructuring to maintain farm apiaries gave savings of about five thousand rubles, while increasing wages to beekeepers. In addition, the great benefit brought 23 able-bodied man, freed from the farm.

Team leader maintenance method uses PF Pozolotin — beekeeper Sverdlov kolkhoz Birsk production management. He and his assistant for the past three years, serving 300 families, placed in two apiaries.

We believe that increasing the profitability of apiaries, and hence the increase in labor productivity can and should be achieved through the elimination of small apiaries and larger organizations. Senior livestock Iglinskiy area comrade. Kaspranov size of each apiary brought this year to 140-150 families, but for that he had to make rulings on the significant reduction in the number of small apiaries.

The same work is carried out in Ufa Ohlebininskom farm production management. There beekeepers went to a sharp increase in the rate of load: comrade. Lapunov example, in 1962 served 124 family, and the season of the year — 172; tone. Fedorov, respectively, 150-202 and so on. D. From 170 to 300 bee colonies service is now 50 beekeepers from 2200 existing in the country.

One of the main reserves of increase of productivity of labor, we see the content of the bees in hives multihull. Realizing the importance of this issue, the Republican Bureau of beekeeping has been active promotion of the implementation of multi-hives. During 1961 -1963 years of hives in the country produced nearly 10 thousand. In the future, we plan to produce 9000 upev, and in 1965- 10 thousand.

Bashkir beekeepers multiple effect design does not satisfy the hive, which produces our industry. We have produced hives with a wall thickness of MH) millimeters podkryshnika no ceilings intact and can be used simultaneously donyami for layering. Last year, the family of thin-walled hives wintering in the wild. And despite the very hard frosts, wintering was very good.

A major role in improving productivity and reducing the cost of a pile of honey should play in the translation of intra-organizational settlements. While this payment system was introduced in the collective name of Marat and Lenin Tuimazy management on the farm name Chapaev and Buyskikh Yanaulskogo farm management. On apiaries of these farms has increased significantly the yield decreased its cost. The farm name Chapaev (beekeeper X. S. Sultanaev) after the implementation of the calculation of farm production gross honey has doubled, and the cost has decreased by 42 percent. Performance same labor per employee increased by 113 percent and cash income by 3.8 times. At the beginning of 1959, the farm had 85 bee colonies, the 19F3 1 September of the year they became 217. Serving the number of families, the beekeeper with the time assistant achieved the following results (see. Table.).

For the reduction of production costs to employees in addition to the basic beekeeping payment has been credited and issued: in 1961, 333 rubles, and in 1962 — 522 rubles.

In 1959, cash income from beekeeping was 2412 rubles, in 1960 — 4180, 1961 — 6301, 1962 -7870 rubles. Similar results were obtained for other farms in their apiaries implement cost accounting.

Beekeepers of Bashkiria asked me to assure all participants that they will take all measures to further increase the productivity of labor and in 1964 will achieve a significant reduction in the cost of honey.

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