Ink stains

Discover the art of divination, which is available to all and does not require significant costs.

Answers to all questions are to ourselves. But the problem is that we do not know the right questions to ask yourself as often incorrectly formulate them. How to be? How to turn the tide in their favor? It’s very simple — to start asking yourself the right questions and answer them. Referring to the oracle and making predictions for yourself or for other people, we must always respect the basic principles of the art of divination. The more simple method of divination we use, the more careful should be our interpretation, as in this case plays an important role not so much the ability to analyze how our susceptibility deductive intuition and subtlety of interpretation. This should be remembered, referring to the art of divination by the ink stains. Since the beginning of the XX century, this form of divination used as a psychological test: a sheet of paper is poured or sprayed ink, forming a diagrammatic forms and shapes, and then offer the test person to talk without thinking about what images and associations cause him these spots. As for us, we want to introduce you to the divination of ink stains and offer several interpretations so that you are able to independently carry out a session of divination.


I. Take a sheet of paper of medium thickness. It should be white with no images. Prepare a bottle with a black, or even better — with red ink. You also need a fountain pen.

2. Fold the paper in half along the long side, and then expand it. On the right or left end of the bend mark with a pencil or ink top and bottom of the paper. This tag is useful when you start interpreting.

3. Place the sheet in front of him so that the point indicating the top of the sheet is on the left. Seriously think about and ask yourself precisely formulated question, and then burn it to a friend, pre-cooked piece of paper.

4. Dip the pen into the vial and drizzle or drip ink onto the middle of the paper, which should lie so that the fold is horizontal. Repeat this step four times to apply four spots of ink in the middle of the sheet. We want to emphasize that we are talking about the middle, not the center of the sheet. This means that the ink can be sprayed on the top and bottom of the sheet, but not to the right or left of the center.

5. Make four spots, repeat these steps and apply the ink on the right side sheet — from above or below, according to your preference. Thus, you get four spots on the right side of the sheet.

6. To complete this step, you should, acting in a similar manner to put another four ink spots on the left side of the sheet. Try, if possible, do not make a very big spots and not to cause them close to each other; between spots should be enough space so that they do not touch each other.

7. After you apply 12 inkblots, fold the sheet along the crease made in advance, and firmly press the palm of his hand so that the sheet has become completely flat.

8. Now straighten sheet and dry the ink.


Put the sheet in front of him, focusing on the point that marks the top of the page. The process of interpretation will consist of three stages.

1. In the lower area presents situations that cause your anxiety, and all that hinders the development, it inhibits or delays.

2. The central zone is associated not only with the substance of the issue, but also talks about your mood and how you perceive the situation at the time of divination.

3. The upper zone is related to the probability of development of events suggests the actions to be taken, or possible future events.

During parsing, you must compare the received spots 12 8 geometric shapes, each of which has a specific value. Some spots may resemble two geometric shapes. In this case, for the information you need to take into account the characteristics peculiar to both figures.

POINT EIGHT geometric shapes

1. The triangle with the apex pointing upwards: this is a positive dynamic factor in the development of events. Man succeeds if will take vigorous action, will show the willpower and determination.

2. The triangle, the apex of which is directed downwards: it is also positive, but the emotional factor in the development of events. To succeed, you must show gentleness, benevolence, patience and goodwill.

3. Square. This figure shows the difficulties, obstacles and the need to demonstrate the logic and persistence, especially if it is located on top.

4. The rectangle refers to anything that makes a person look at the situation broadly and generically. It shows a lack of objectivity or lack of confidence in himself.

5. Rhombus. This symbol indicates that the stubborn refusal to accept the inevitable human changes that lead to permanent problems.

6. Circle. If the figure at the bottom of the sheet, it speaks of a forced choice, in the middle — a voluntary decision, and on top — that person will receive some proposal. Sometimes this figure indicates that the person is under the protection of higher powers.

7. Two separate round or oval shape. We are talking about the differences, conflicts and possible severance of relations. However, if the two forms are connected by a horizontal line, the reconciliation is still possible, especially if this figure is situated at the top of the sheet.

8. Broken, curves or obtuse angles. Such figures always indicate an unstable situation, the internal imbalances (especially if they are located in the middle of the sheet), complex relationships, lack of concentration and imprecision in the actions (especially if they are located in the upper part).

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