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Screenwriter — Alexander Maryam director — Vitaly Makarov operators — Yuri Malinovsky, Zhurbitskaya artist SERGEY — Sergey BOCHAROV composer — Alexander Zhurbin Lyrics — VLADIMIR Slask soundman — Nicholas Shary

Roles performed:

Dima Manohin — Gregory Popovich

Elena Ermakova — Olga Kabo

Valery — MICHAEL Svetin clown eccentric — Alexander Frisch

The film stars Yasulovich I., V. Nikolaenko V. Bukin, AN Rychagova V. spout Voytyuk A., N. Samsonov A. SKORYAKIN, A. Karapetyan N. Parfenov. 3. Cornflower, Kuznetsov, Yu Sarantsev, Vladimir Petrov. T. Nikolaishvili, Vitaly Skopenkov, DIMA OAKS, Serge rewq, Max Sidorov clowns: Sergey Elizarov, YAROSLAV PIGEL Valery Matorina acrobatic group «Carnival» under the direction of Victor Narkevychi

STUDIO Gorky, 1985

Wide and Widescreen (stereoscopic)

Color. 7 parts, co-f — 2340 m, w-e — 1862 m. The R / C number 1100985.

19.4 / 8.7.

«I want all the people smiled, was to have fun» — so says the hero of a new musical comedy stereoscopic film Dima Manohin. And being a man, whose words with deeds do not disagree, I do not think for himself a profession but a profession circus clown. But before his dream to be realized, Dima Manohin had to visit many funny and curious alterations.

…It is said that many of the children first came to the idea to the circus, «sick, they are. The symptoms of this «disease» are simple: the child will certainly decide to become an actor circus. Further during the «disease» was chosen depends on the genre: a novice juggler in astronomical amounts beats utensils, acrobat — does risky jumps from the cabinet on the bed, the young trainer torturing animals. And as the child’s parents, in love with clowning, get this whole set. Fortunately, like most childhood diseases, this also usually passes without complications, manifesting in adulthood tender love for the circus. Usually, but not always …

Those who have passion for children, getting stronger, become a conscious desire, dream, come to enter the circus school. He came back and Dima Manohin. But … at the last moment I decided to postpone admission to school until the following year because he had to do one very important reason. It so happened that Elena Ermakova, which Dima has long been in love (or rather, a third grade), was seriously ill. A few months she will have to take place in a sanatorium in the south. There, in warmer climes, and went to Dima, who decided to check in practice his belief that «laughter — the best medicine.»

To earn a living, he took on any work in a sanatorium, showing at first overwhelming success and an enviable ingenuity: the «invented, faster way of transporting dishes, then came up with the» effective «method of delivery of bricks at a construction site. However, sometimes the boy suffered a fiasco (broken dishes in the kitchen, failed «career» lifeguard at the beach and work on the construction site), but the future of the clown managed to laugh even the darkest of people, and patients recover in front of. He gives them like cheerfulness, fun and good mood. And in fact this is the objective of this clown. So perhaps, the dream of Dima has already been started, and maybe after a while we did see him at the circus …

By ALEXANDER scenarios Maryamov delivered films: «The die» (with Yu. A. Nilin with), «cops and robbers», «Bear in the north», «Fantasy on the theme of love» (with A. Manasarovoy). «Hands up!» (With V. Grammatikov).

For the director Vitaly MAKAROVA this film — the second film work. The first — «The Rape of the century.»

In the title role in the film starred Gregory Popovich circus. Despite his youth — he was only twenty-two years, he was the winner of the All-Union Competition circus, received the «Grand Prix» at the festival in Havana, and the Gold Medal of the International competition of young circus performers in Paris. This role — debut of the talented juggler in the film.

For the first time he appeared in films and who plays the clown, clown — a popular young circus artist Alexander Frisch (you probably know his brilliant number with bricks, is awarded a number of awards at international events).

For Kinopanorama and telecast recommend using h. 3,

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