Jubilee festival based on «Delta».

Now few people remember that it is the «Delta» was a pioneer of becoming civilized fishing tourism in the Lower Volga. And it is on the «Delta» was born is now a popular form of mass fishing activities — are for the first time was held a fishing festival. And besides, all this time, «Delta» was not just a place of relaxation and comfort anglers — it has become a springboard for the creation of a plurality of information materials published in our magazine. Throughout this time framework to develop and modernize. A few years ago there was a modern convenient dock for boats — perhaps the best in this region.

Instead rooms with facilities on the street now the fishermen meet modern furnished rooms equipped with comfortable bathrooms and satellite TV.

Updated boat park: primitive «Kazanka» have given way to cabin boats REFUL and Finnish TER-HI. Equipped with powerful engines, they now allow to make fishing outing for a few tens of kilometers in any direction, without regard to the wave height.

…Do not permeated the importance of the moment, the Lower Volga greeted the participants of the jubilee festival of unseasonably high water. All have seen over the past decade, permanent members of the festivals on the basis of «Delta». In their memory and morning frosts, when the frozen night motors and steering gears cast boiling water from the kettle, and the rim on the river when the boat had just cut down from the ice captivity. There were also a real storm, if the word is suitable for riot river disaster, but such that the boat was flooded … But do these nuances ever confused the true fans, among whom «festivalschikov» absolute majority ?! If the fish are biting — all at all!

But this time, the Volga and Akhtuba struck us the most painful injection — the almost complete besklevem met. The fact is that since the fall of the water level in the Volgograd reservoir kept several meters above normal. Then came the snowy winter, and it became clear that the water will begin to drop prematurely and faster pace. This can be understood — floods, floods and other emergencies in recent years, and we have so abundant …

In short, by the time we arrived at the location of the base «Delta» the level of water in the Akhtuba was already at 2 m above the long-term average, and she never stopped coming. During the six days of the festival its level rose further by 75 cm!

Some say that the fish does not like pressure surges, others — worse bite at the north wind, and others talk about the phases of the moon. So, I’ll tell you what is on the rise in water level in the river perch (and other fish) has ceased to be caught at all.

Separate piece perch, which was brought to the weigh-day most lucky participants in the «Bread Years» hardly deserve much attention to cameras and camcorders.

Powerful southerly winds (the sea), climb to the open spaces of the Volga and Akhtuba sickly wave and turn an already muddy Vodice real coffee with milk, only aggravates the situation. However, the management framework and the editorial staff did not lose optimism and decided to wait for the evening weighing.

As a result, we opened three nominations of six. Against the backdrop of universal besklevya certainly noteworthy success Vladimir Polovinkina, who obtained walleye weighing 5 kg 906 g! It is noteworthy that this extraordinary trophy was caught right in front of the base, the arrow Parashkinoy ducts and Akhtuba. Grizzled fanged predator left a distinctive mark on the memory of the bait.

Teammate Polovinkina by boat Vladimir Konyahin distinguished catching pike — and let it weighed just 884 grams, bezrybe and «pencil» — a trophy.

Well, in the «perch» he said Oleg Byaloshitsky participant without exception festivals based «Delta». In the evening the cafe and both base Oleg Vladimir got traditional prizes for the biggest fish in the respective categories, this time from the sponsor of this year’s festival — the St. Petersburg company Avec. They got large fishing Fishing Nets, though a hint of the participants — a pier, fish grow larger. But where to look?

The strategy for the day is traditionally produced after dinner on the ground in front of the cafe. Maestros vividly discuss past events and decide what to do and where to go tomorrow. Wormed his way into their ranks under the guise of inspection windows with wobblers, we learn that «the river is nothing to do» and should pay eyes to the many otshnurovannye from the river and oxbow lakes.

In the morning on the dock Nikolai Sidelev shows around his dog fishing Bonyu. «What is the difference from the usual fishing dog?» — You ask. The compact size — not to interfere in the boat, in the presence of saving vest with a handle for carrying and, of course, flexible disposition.

On eriks we are waiting for a piece-so small perch pike. It looks like a stormy spring prematurely filed wake-up call for all living things, to break the ice on the surrounding waters, and the subsequent cold snap led underwater predators to take a break. Judging by the depth sounder, the water in the river today, half a degree below zero (this is the same!).

Svinarsky backwater continues to bring a piece of perch and Yuri Derevyashkin, persistence, and brings out a copy at 414 V.Konyahin developing its success in the «pike» — his new record confidently passes for … kg. A decorated with trophies austere palette of pike fishing day for 4 kg 950 g caught by Andrei Alexandrov.

All unanimously agreed that neither the river nor the closed reservoirs have not earned yet at full strength. Some enthusiasts go 20-30 km downstream in hopes of catching walleye. Utyuzhat river all day without breaks, and so they come back with nothing vykatav during this time a couple of tanks of gasoline. But if the deterrent fish in the Volga and Akhtuba it becomes rapid rise of water level in the lake is rather low the temperature.

A tireless spring sun on a cloudless sky in the morning until late at night doing his job artless. The temperature in the river is increasing by about one degree per day, much faster in the lakes, and the chance that the old women, and Eric, finally, «sparkle», increasing by the hour.

That rushes on the waters of the bulk festivalschikov seeking approaches in various backwaters and lakes, the benefit of high water allows you to not worry too much for the safety of the propellers. Well, the drafting group of the sponsors of this festival, riding UAZ VAZ, goes for pike and perch on Erik Lopatin that is far from the «Delta» in the direction of the village Chapchachi. It’s time to introduce our new friend — Andrei Starkov. Master spinning fishing from Volgograd arrived at the «Delta» as a fishing expert, together with the head of the company AVEC Valery Koziem to introduce participants to the Korean rod JS COMPANY. Andrew — a sample of the new wave of fishing: bright stylish clothes, delicate fine tackle and … love of small forms.

But it catches! His sports specialization — bass fishing and coastal fishing (rockfishing). Here in this forced Bass style and uproot it schuchek- «pencils» yes okunkov- «sailor» from Eric Lopatin. Where I came across a pike, Andrew caught three on my perch posted five. Pleasure to see. I liked and rods by JS COMPANY, whom he fishes. Designed originally for bass fishing, they are just perfect for twitching with small voblerochkami and stikbeytami: sensitive, lightweight and extremely posylistye.

On the base of only returned to the weighing of the evening. And then a new record Okuneva by Valery Fedosov.

In fact, the two were caught perch. The one that is larger, 496 grams pulled, later becoming an absolute achievement of this award. Fisherman Konyahin established a tradition of closed nomination «pike» with a weight of 878 g — 6 g less than the first day, Regression, however …

But carp 1 kg 800 g Oleg Sarzhinova — this is a step forward, because open a new category! By the way, sazanchik this remained the only carp festival.

Perch caught again, but it was too inexpressive — only 2.3 kg (distinguished Gennady Solovyov), and the buzz bite could literally count on one hand.

«Do not be caught predator fish -Be Belle» — decided to Nicholas sat with comrades and chat in the morning anchored boat on the Volga at the root of the left coast near zakoryazhennogo leading beacons. Fish really have good bite, with a trough feeder rod and a nozzle in the form of a worm and corn did not remain idle. Came across bream and SOPA, but the bream in the Lower Volga in a way rarely caught, although often spinning podbagrivayut under the dorsal fin of good Leshchikov.

We again went for Eric — and for good reason. On the site Lopatin Erik codenamed «Hemp» development director of the magazine «Fisherman-Elite» and a great fan of Mark Dobrusin pike caviar caught pike 2.8 kg. Not only that, she brought Mark absolute victory in the respective category, so we have a few days ate sandwiches with this peasant Caviar!

Pleased that day Vitaly Anisimov caught trolling asp 2 kg 218 g His record has not been interrupted and received the status of an absolute.

The penultimate day of our stay on the basis of «Delta», we have devoted to catching mikrodzhig under the supervision of Andrew Starkov. «Plaiting materials» 00.1 mm «Cheburashka», weighing 3 grams, a hook on which you can safely catch roach here, and to top it all silicone bait the size of the larva of the insect — it was all new to me. E1o, as it turned out, in combination with quality fast rod and reel adequately tackle becomes fantastically sensitive! 3G «jig» (or not say) is not only normally immersed to a depth of 6-7 m, but also a great sense when posting.

I will not lie — the giant groupers, we have not caught, but even 200 grammovyi «sailor», caught in a tackle — is an incredible thrill! Fish often picks up a bait from the bottom while pausing. You feel fine, she barely touched your twister, lightly pressed by the tail, just grazed the gill cover …

Not being a professional, I am nevertheless always regarded himself to fans of fishing trophy, but here for the first time with amazement realized that that’s such a delicate fishing can also be extremely interesting. But there is one condition -snasti must be appropriate, read — sensitive!

Well, the most outstanding event of the day was catching fishing walleye D.Shadrenkovym 7 kg 260 g And it’s not only in the outstanding amount of fanged, but that was all due to the ongoing permanent besklevya.

And that day was caught only somenok festival, reaching 9 kg 250 g — scored Sergei Kovtun.

The water temperature in the Volga and Akhtuba has risen by this time to 6-7 °.

The final day of the festival we spent fishing on a jig in the vast Akhtuba. The wind at this point a little verse, Vodicka warmed. Sudak could begin to be caught at any moment. Andrew suggested that fish in snags using uncoupled snap a sliding gruzila- «bullet» weighing 30 g and «Texas» installation with a green blanket on the twister hook. The result of our efforts was several smaller perch. Well, better than nothing. Yes, and the other participants of the festival again, I confess, was somehow sparse, only a solitary trophy V.Polovinkina, showed on the scale 3 kg 280 g, symbolically closed the nomination fanged. In the evening in a cafe base Valery Goat, head of the company AVEC — sponsor of this year’s festival — generously rewarded absolute winners in their miracle rods by JS SOMRANY. In addition, participants of the festival received gifts from the magazine «Fisherman-Elite» and base «Delta». The loser does not remain one.

We hope that the shell twice in a funnel is not falling, and the next year with the water level there will be all right. Still, I’ll bring with him to the extreme case of a new laytovoe rod, a gift to me, Valery goodbye.

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