Soldier of Fortune: krovischa as it is.

Bonjour, dear, Bon Bon Soir and the chance to you! Let me say that attempts to make me play this game ended in complete failure; two keyboards are not subject to money laundering, one monitor shorted worker quit. Therefore have to write other people’s words and deeds (aircraft armed with box package, I sat still for an hour behind our brave Mr. Koltova and looked like it parses enemies into pieces).

A game in the spirit of our untimely deceased patriarch PeZhe, full krovischi. Rude, naked and triumphant flaunt the fact of its presence. By the Quake engine 2 added something called Ghoul, and it is reflected not only in the notorious "open spaces"But also in character animation. This thing on the plan is to increase the variety of textures and movements (for example, the full game will be already 270 textures persons), to allow fasten to characters things like hats, backpacks, hair and glasses (which you can then shoot), and most importantly, remember to add krovischi.

Each character has as much as much 26 "meat zones"So that you can easily and unobtrusively "make" body parts. witness the bloody spot exactly in the places hit, knock guns out of the hands and shoot down the glasses with the eye, and most importantly — observe damn realistic animation pain & death. Actually, the keyboard I just ruined the moment when you get someone right between the legs, and he kalechny, it reacted appropriately. Unless "dance" after being hit in the leg still able to bring a smile, that feeling of compassion after such a shot gives quite natural effect.

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