The architects Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown do not believe in the axiom «less is more». Their amazing house in Pennsylvania seemed to enjoy the beauty of the calls, rejecting stereotypes.

Spouses architects Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown are connected not only to the marriage bond, but also the general dislike of minimalism. The principle of Mies van der Rohe «less is more» always gave Robert a sarcastic grin. «Less is more boring», — he declared in defiance of the classics. Venturi grew up in a Quaker family — Representatives of the Protestant sect that preaches the ultimate asceticism in everyday life, and at the beginning of his career he worked in the office of prominent modernist Eero Saarinen and Louis Kahn. Maybe part of why he was filled with a lifetime aversion to the minimalist interior, according to him, cold and dull. Denise Scott Brown, his wife and business partner Venturi fully share his views. Role model wife believe the architecture of Las Vegas casinos — catchy, artsy, sometimes ridiculous. In the capital a lot of excitement building very strange-looking, a small copy of the Eiffel Tower and the Pyramids of Cheops — yet not the biggest curiosities. In collaboration with his colleague Stephen Ayzgurom they even wrote the book «Learning From Las Vegas: the forgotten symbolism of architectural form.» «A study of the architecture of gambling can give us nothing less than the study of Gothic cathedrals» — say the authors in its pages. Many years of struggle with the «boring» brought architecture Robert Venturi informal title of master of postmodern and the prestigious Pritzker Prize. (Architect asked the jury permission to share the title of laureate and his wife, who has always been his full co-sponsor, but high commission did not go to meet him.) The architecture of the venturi boring definitely not be called «wrong» form, the triumph of asymmetry, large ornaments in the style of pop art … Perhaps the most vivid example of this style — the interiors of his house couple in Philadelphia. The building itself was built in 1909 in the then fashionable Art Nouveau commissioned by the German industrialist-immigrant. Its architecture is intricately connected English and German influence — at that time in Germany was in the fashion style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, one of the founders of British modernism. After moving here in 1972, the couple left intact the layout of the house, but it completely changed the atmosphere. All free surfaces of the walls to the fireplace portals, playful painted flowers and stars, and the room filled with a variety of strange artifacts. To call this collection a collection of language does not turn — in the «Meeting» there are valuable works of modern art, and frank trash that for one reason or another attracted the attention of the owners. «We can not be called art collector — says Denise. — We buy things, as long as they are cheap, and when they become interested in real collectors, switch to something else. One time we bought the vases — the uglier and cheaper, the better. » Works by Andy Warhol and Ed Rushi coexist with neon signs, furniture, Art Nouveau — with chairs and tables, on the occasion bought on sale of property of bankrupt Traymore Hotel in Atlantic City. Subsequently, his house was blown up to make room for new construction. Ceramics, books, prints, souvenirs from travels — every square centimeter of the house is filled with «treasures», accumulated over forty years. The interior organically fit even the sign of the «McDonalds». On the wall of the dining room, near the ceiling, — the names of the great architects of the past and a pair of idols. Set names rather motley — from Beethoven to Borromini and Le Corbusier. But what else could be expected from people with such non-standard flavors? «I like the eclectic, — says Venturi. — In my opinion, all things are perfectly combined with each other. We experimented a lot, making out the house — for example, when the pattern was selected for the walls. But it is not in the drawings and not in the things themselves. The main thing is that the process of selection gives us pleasure. «

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