Kill smartphone.

It is difficult to expect a dirty trick by best friend. It is doubly strange when from our smaller brothers, that is, the smartphone comes a deadly threat.

And it’s not in the radiation damage about which scientists are still arguing. Sometimes the phone can kill its owner … current.

It would seem, is it possible to get a bit of phone that can stop the heart? It turned out that you can. Chinese hostess Ma Ajlun received from your iPhone 5 a discharge that died on the spot. How could this happen? It turned out that the girl was on the phone connected to the charger. After investigation, it became clear that all of it was in non-original «Chinese» charging that in some point lodged in the phone literally current directly from the AC outlet.

A few days later another hapless By Dzhiantong Chinese flight attendants repeated the feat, also received a discharge from the iPhone 4, which is charged again by non-original battery charger. By, fortunately he survived, though, and spent ten days in a coma.

Recommended continue to closely relate to the purchase of non-original memory — it is not necessary to save every penny, getting absolutely unintelligible Chinese power adapter.

New media.

Ordinary consumers satisfied with hard drives, flash drives, and sometimes even dying CDs. But what about the companies forced to store data files, the volume of which is growing exponentially? Fortunately, for the needs of researchers are already offering several types of storage.

Researchers from Swinburne University of Technology have developed a method of recording on an optical disc by means of which can be recorded on DVD in 1000 terabytes of data. To do this, the writer put into the red laser violet laser, thereby narrowing its point of contact with the surface of the disc. Thus, the physical size of the cell-bits greatly reduced, making it possible to write to disk more such cells.

But the doctrine of the University of Southampton have created a fundamentally new medium — the disc from heavy-duty glass. It femtosecond laser burning a three-dimensional structure in the form of points and the same grooves as in a conventional CD. These are written in three layers. In such a plate can fit 360 terabytes of information. Through the use of glass shelf life data is almost endless. At this stage of the research setting works well, though terribly slow.

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