Last summer, I went on a vacation to Pagudpud with my entire barkada and my boyfriend who was driving. On our way back, my BF asked a friend to take the passenger seat because he wasn’t familiar with the road. I stayed in the last row of the van with another friend and her cousin Mike. I knew Mike liked me, and I could feel it when we were at the resort. After six long hours of driving, my BF switched places with a friend so he could take a nap. While everybody was dead asleep, Mike started flirting with me. He gave me his phone after typing, “Ang sexy mo the whole vacation, game kа?” I silently mouthed “Ano?” pretending to be naive. He typed again: “Nanggigigil aко sa’yo.” I smiled and gave him the go signal—he touched my legs and caressed my weak part. I was wearing a mini skirt that time, so it was easy for him to play with me. He touched my clit and I began to get really wet, as I wanted more. I couldn’t help it so I returned the favor by touching him through his pants—I was shocked because it was already warm and hard. When he undid his pants and I saw how big it was even in the dim lights of the road, all I could think of was how bad I wanted to put it in my mouth. Only our driver friend kept looking at us through the rearview mirror, maybe he smelled something going on between us—but I didn’t care. I pretended to be busy with my phone while I was actually giving him a hand job, and he kept on fingering me in and out. He secretly asked for my number because we both needed much more. After we got back to Manila, we met up again, checked in, and continued everything we wanted. We’re still enjoying each other’s benefits up to now. So bad and unfaithful, but it feels so good.



My man and I went to an ocean park in Subic.

It was really nice. After a quick coffee drive through, we were on the SCTEx going back to Manila and my boyfriend suddenly felt very horny—he started to mb one hand on my legs, while keeping the other on the wheel. Feeling just as horny, I unzipped my pants and slipped his free hand under my panty. I adjusted my seat back and he inserted his fingers in and out. I felt the car slow down, and it got to the point where he had to park on the shoulder with the hazard lights on, so he could suck on my nipples and I could give him a blowjob. Suddenly, an SCTEx patrol vehicle appeared right as he was finishing. I don’t normally swallow, but had to since the patrolman was coming nearer to our car. I spit it into my coffee cup as my boyfriend frantically zipped his pants and pretended to be on the phone with someone. The patrol asked if something was wrong since we’ve had our hazard lights on for a long time. My man apologized saying he was just speaking to someone on the phone. After clearing things up, he asked me if what I swallowed tasted good. I told him yes not to offend him, and we went home safely, smiling. Thera20


My guy accompanied me to an out-of-town job fair. It was my first time in the city we went to, so my mother arranged for me to stay with her friend for at least four nights. My guy was to sleep in his friend’s apartment. The job fair was going to run for two days. After registration on our first day, my guy and I spent the next day at the job fair and the bar in the evening. By the second day, I felt tired and didn’t want to go because of the long lines. My guy whispered that he knew about a nearby inn with a “love chair.” I asked him what a love chair was, and he just said I’d find out soon enough. We arrived at the inn right away, and I was surprised when I entered the room and saw it. Both of us were tired, but after just 10 minutes I couldn’t resist my curiosity. We tried different positions, a very memorable one had me lying on my back with both legs hanging as if giving birth—with my guy sitting below and eating me out. We checked in around 10 a.m. and left at 8 p.m. We made love thrice, but I’ve lost track of how many times I came. When I got back, everyone was worried because they’d been trying to reach me since 7. I told them my phone was low batt and I just watched a movie to relax.


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