Do not rush to move into a nursing home, if again forgot the name of a new colleague, and stop already complain about the lack of inspiration. To head you will not let down, it is better to take care of proper nutrition.

You would be happy to do all his life a light snack, but your brain, be sure likes to eat a full and balanced. It weighs some 2% of body weight, but still manages to burn a quarter of the energy that the body uses during sedentary work. That’s why you wore down like a stonecutter until you write a report or estimate, how to explain the disappearance of her husband salary. And for the same reason made devastating raids on the refrigerator, although for a time of reflection like a finger does not hit. It’s your hard-working head office requires food. That’s thanks to him!


Your mother, as usual, was right when I bless you for the exam, slipping into a backpack chocolate: dark lord really helps us think better. However, only if it is a real high-quality chocolate with weighty content of cocoa beans. Black varieties contain large amounts of flavanol — substances positively affecting blood circulation of the brain and its cells with oxygen saturation. "The effect is that dark chocolate and cocoa have on blood circulation of the brain, can be useful in situations when a person is tired or enough sleep"- Said Professor Ian MacDonald of the University of Nottingham.

The idea to snack whenever you need to deal with a heap of affairs or to assimilate gigabytes of data, looks very tempting. But bear in mind — it is a short-term impact, that is, two or three hours the body will need a real charge. And my own ass after such experiments hardly seem to you pretty darn attractive. So, it’s time to discuss other ways to become smarter.

Breathe in the energy

The shortest way to the brain — a nose, and inhale the fragrance can influence the work of intellectual system faster than foods or exercise. Kindle 4 drops of essential oil in a suitable 8 Art. spoons of water Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and occasionally sprayed liquid face. Or use the oil burner.

Pete’s favorite treat your brain — fat. Yes, once again the injustice. But what to do: this body is 60% of fat and is not averse to be treated with their own kind. But, like all intelligent, the brain is still strongly supports the idea of ​​a healthy diet and clearly distinguishes it in quality. "It has been proven that a diet high in saturated and trans fats may adversely affect the processes of thinking. Conversely, mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce the risk of disorders of thinking"- Says in the book "The strategy of healthy food from adolescence to adulthood" AV Pogozheva, MD and professor of Institute of Nutrition. Remember her words, adding to cart supermarket: Choose avocados, olives and olive oil (decent sources of monounsaturated fatty acids) and not pass by foods containing polyunsaturated FA: legumes, nuts, walnut and flaxseed oils, and fish, mainly sea.

failure If memory fails you, you should remember apt definition of the school textbook of biology: "Proteins, the building blocks of the body". So, your brain uses the same building material, to raise the important thinking process for neurotransmitters. They determine your cognitive abilities and ability to remain calm when the head strewed special presentation, visit relatives and news about what your ex did not die in tears, as was seen with some beauty. We call it the sobriety of mind, and doctors are sufficiently level of glycine, an important amino acid found in protein just monsters like hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, soybeans, peas, lentils, cottage cheese, eggs, meat and fish. And do not forget that proteins of plant and animal origin should come into your body in approximately equal amounts.

Defend. And now imagine that the brain cells that you so carefully fed, still unhappy: they are continually exposed to attack free radicals — the main modern villains. Give fight pests you help antioxidant vitamins — C, E, and A. With the first all is very simple: it is found in many vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs, but the champions here — rose, red bell peppers, black currants, parsley, apples, Citrus. This powerful antioxidant like vitamin E, you will find in vegetable oils, nuts, cereals. Vitamin A is necessary to extract from animal products — is the liver, red caviar and eggs, but not swept aside and full of beta-carotene carrots, spinach and tomatoes — one of your own liver synthesizes nutrients. However, assimilated first in alphabetical order only vitamin in association with fat, but your brain, as you know now, too, do no harm.

Cocktail for brain activity

Into two portions:

400 ml of water, 200 g of cranberries, blueberries or other favorite berries 100 g almonds 1 tbsp. l. of cocoa powder 2 h. L. honey

First make almond milk. Soak nuts for four hours in clean water, then rinse and send it in a blender with a glass of water. The resulting mush strain through a fine sieve or cheesecloth "milk" true in the blender container, add the remaining water, berries, cocoa and honey and mix all until smooth. Fill a cocktail most beautiful glasses and raise a toast to the health of your gray matter.

How to store chocolate?

Marianne, Moscow

Mass production of chocolate, stuffed with dyes, flavor enhancers, soya, palm oil, nothing has been done either in the fridge or warm. But this is not the product of the merits of taste which one can talk seriously. This high-quality and especially the art of anal chocolate (made according to the recipes of handicraft production) does not contain preservatives, chemical additives and soybean lecithin, and therefore requires a delicate relationship. It can not be stored in the refrigerator and in a warm room -Perfect temperature of 16-18 ° C and humidity of 40-60%. With such favorable conditions, tasting chocolate can wait five or six months. Failure to comply with the storage conditions affect the taste of the sweets on the surface can appear white bloom is the result of separating the cocoa butter from the cocoa mass.

When tasting candy should be at room temperature — if they reveal their full flavor and melt in your mouth. Experts-shokola THIEY advised to proceed as follows: first, hold a piece of candy or a piece of tile in his mouth fully for 5-6 seconds and then to bite and eat. If you intend to evaluate the taste nuances of several kinds of chocolate in between you need to do a sip of water.

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