Letter from the Editor:

‘ many design enthusiasts (myself included), the less-is-: mantra can be a bit of a struggle. We simply love to collect beautiful things. Moor croft pottery or flea market finds line shelves until they threaten to cross into hoarding territory. Vintage handbags and little black dresses multiply in closets. But how do we choose which items to display and which pieces to put away (or, gasp, give away) Creating can be a daunting task.

The same concept applies to editing a magazine. Take this issue. Each spring, we honor a fresh batch of “New Trad” designers. And, each year, the problem is the same: How do we edit the stacks of beautiful submissions down to just 10 exceptional designers?

Don’t get me wrong. An abundance of talented up-and-coming designers is a nice problem to have. Rummaging through pile after pile of pretty interiors isn’t exactly a grind for editors with a soft spot for design. But 10 can seem like an awfully small number. Really, how do you decide between two equally stunning but different interpretations of traditional design?

We scoured those submissions and chose 10 designers who we think make the perfect “New Trad” mix—from restrained (Andrew Howard’s airy, pastel-hued project, page 214) to exuberant (a Taylor 4- cottage full of high-spirited pattern and raucous color, page 86). And don’t miss the electric blue lacquered walls of the study created by Summer Thornton on page 138.

For trendy insight, our editors reveal their takes on the latest looks. (The tie-dye passport covers on page 41 have me yearning to travel!) And we get some insider help exploring the hottest spots and coolest trends Day, owner of Back in the Day Bakery in Savannah, gives us a local’s guide to that city’s cheapest shops and eateries (page 68).

So even if you’re not quite ready to strictly curate your cherished collections at home, consider this issue a no-stress practice run. Leaf through the pages and do a little editing of your own—cherry-pick your favorite things from our best bets for this spring.

Enjoy the issue!

Jenny Bradley, Editor trad home@Meredith.com






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St. Jean Sofa 102”w x 41”d x 33”h in leather, Major Chair 29”w x 33”d x 32”h in Venice-emerald velvet, Samson Ottoman 54” square x 18”h in soft suede-stone, Kismet Drawer Side Table 23” square x 22”h (available late July), Addie Pull-Up Table 13” diameter x 22”h in bronze, Rubix Lamp 30”h in lily white, PowerShot Rug 8’x10’ in ink


10 new tradiotinal Bloomsbury in Brentwood

Frances Merrill

In a mock Tudor in Brentwood, California, old-world charm mixes with Bohemian cool and baby-safe style.

Classic Contemporary

Heather Garrett

Stripped of excess ornamentation, a ’50s ranch glows in a neutral palette with sleek midcentury furnishings.

Punched-Up Classic

Julie Goldman

Bold hues and a masculine twist or two make a home just right for a newly single dad with daughters.Kindred Spirits

Andrew Maier

Rich textures and dramatic window treatments enhance the timeless beauty of a 1900s farmhouse.

Local Talent

Kristin Rocky furnishings and intriguing juxtapositions make a Florida home both majestic and intimate.

Old World Style

Andrew Howard

Thanks to its gracious scale and architectural details, a new home feels genuinely old.


Upload photos of your own windows to test drive hundreds of styles with our new iPad app or at hunter Douglas.com.Hunter Douglas


Editors’ Picks

Whether it’s the fantasy of Barbarella or the philosophy of Forrest Gump, our movie-mad editors conjure the mood of favorite films. (Check out the diva chair Assistant Style Editor Clara chose for The Devil Wears Prada.)

28 Generation T(rad)

People (tribal artisans). Places (Round Top, Texas, or Khujand, Tajikistan). Things (global finds, unique fashion). Take a step back and look at the big picture—the myriad influences defining our generation’s substance and style.

To Dye For

Versatile, colorful, and vivacious, today’s tie-dye is as much haute .

42 Branching Out

It literally means false wood, but there’s nothing fake about faux boys in the hands of gifted designers and artisans.



48 10 Things…

A Slim Aaron’s print, a Louis Vuitton trunk, an 1800s French farm table: Ten of our favorite bloggers tell us the things they covet from their family home.

East Meets West

New York takes on Los Angeles in this video with interior designers Amanda (a bling lover who revels in rule-breaking) and Joe Lucas (an avid shopper who exemplifies the laid-back L.A. lifestyle).

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