LightBomber. Let There Be Light!

Is LightBomber as fun and unique as it claims to be.

You can do wonders with slow shutter speeds. Create long trails or even conjure up a ghostly portrait. Cameraphones usually do not allow you to control shutter speed manually and use long exposures… until now! An iOS-only app, LightBomber may change the way you use your iPhone camera.

Control Your Shutter

Since this app uses a slow shutter speed, you need a darkened room for best results.

In case of ambient light, the app lets you set the amount of light coming in, using a slider, which is quite easy to control.

Let In Light

To begin and end the exposure, you need to tap on the camera icon at the bottom of the screen. This could introduce a slight shake. To avoid this, there is a handy timer option in the settings. You can keep the shutter open from a range of 3 to 60 seconds, which, I wish, had been the default setting.

The flash can be fired many times during one exposure, similar to a stroboscopic effect. With this, I could create ghostly clones of one person in the same image. Another feature is a collection of ‘Lights’, located at the top right of the screen.

You can use them to create light paintings with your camera or another phone.

Noise Troubles

As with any low light situation, there is noise expected. LightBomber shoots at a disappointing resolution of 1080 x 1080 pixels. Another put-off is the absence of autosave. You have to hit the save button each time. Barring these small niggles,

I found LightBomber to be quite a fun way to discover light painting on my phone.


SPECIFICATIONS: iOS 5.1 or or higher. Optimised for iPhone 5, works great on iPhone 4s.

WHAT WE LIKE: A variety of features that make shooting long exposures an easy job.

WHAT WE DISLIKE: Resulting images low in resolution, not available on Android.

WHY BUY IT? It lets your iPhone do tricks that only dedicated cameras could do!


FEATURES: Timer option, ambient light control, offers additional ‘Lights’. 20/25

PERFORMANCE: Does a great job, but resolution should have been better. 26/30

EASE OF USE: Interface needs getting used to, no auto save option. 29/35

SPEED & RESPONSIVENESS: Works better when it is the only app switched on. 8/10

LightBomber requires you to be steady and the iPhone’s square build helps while placing it on flat surfaces.

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