The Giannonis show us what teamwork really is about, in this airy, artsy apartment that combines their passions and interests.

“The challenge was to prevent the space becoming boxy. The guest rooms have double doors which slide open for a spacious feel ” says Jenny Newton.

Danilo Giannoni paints in many colours, and green is definitely one of them. The jovial artist, photographer and jewellery designer ushers us into his apartment with a hearty welcome, liberally sprinkled with offerings of food and assurances that “my home is your home”, in a true display of Italian hospitality. The home in question is a 874-sq-ft flat 40 storeys up in Tai Kok Tsui. In addition to the stunning views and artwork on display, this lovely, sunlit home also features one final stroke of inspiration — a natural, eco-friendly concept.

“My wife is the most environmentally friendly person you’ll ever meet!” laughs Danilo. The couple worked with interior designer Jenny Newton on the home, after liking what she had done for their friends’ apartment. “We told her we wanted to minimise our carbon footprint where possible,” says the lady of the house. “We preferred to use natural and eco-friendly materials like wood, marble, silk and linen.”

Jenny did that and much more, using reclaimed wood for the bathroom cabinetry and sea grass material — similar to that used in tatami mats — to cover the wardrobe doors, which evokes a beachy, resort-like feel, a reflection of the couples favourite kind of holiday.

The flat showcases Danilo’s interests as well. “We were previously in a serviced apartment that didn’t allow us to put up his painting and photography,» his wife laments. “We wanted to ensure there was sufficient space in the new home to feature them.” Stunning selections of Danilos photography now line the sliding doors in the flat, and the laidback wood-and-sand colour palette is accented with bright splashes of colour from his artworks — swirling abstract pieces created using the Middle Eastern ebru technique.

Danilo says this mutual consideration of each other’s needs is one of the reasons why he and his wife are so good together. “As an artist, I’m very sensitive; I really try to make her happy and make her feel special. She’s rational and logical; she fills the part of me that’s missing. We’re like the right and left hand of the same person,” he explains happily. “Our friends say we’re the happiest couple they’ve ever met.”

The couple say that they’re overjoyed with how Jenny struck the perfect balance when creating their home. Not only is it an ideal blend of their interests, but it also fulfils both their aesthetic and practical needs. From the long marble table — created specifically for Danilo to make pizzas on — to the neat, uncluttered design that speaks to his wife’s calm, organised personality, the home is a clear expression of the couple and their full, happy marriage. Like Danilo’s paintings, it’s vibrant and lively — this is no still life. As Danilo puts it: “This home, this design — this is exactly us.”

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