Living in Synapses.

An understand contemporary form, in an evolving residential neighborhood of Bengaluru, is the new home for the Peeti family. Architecture Paradigm designs articulate synapses within its 7000 square foot maintaining a conservative and veiled detachment towards the streetscape.

The 60 foot by 90 foot plot is accessed from the east and the internal zoning also reflects complete vast compliance, says architect Sandeep Jain, one of the three partners at Architecture Paradigm. The clients — Reetu and Shailender — approached the firm to design a new home for them and their two teenage daughters, Praachi and Anmol. The clients readily accepted the very first proposal put forth, and the home as it stands today, closely resembles the original conceptualization, muses Sandeep.

The requirements listed by the clients added up to quite a bit, including Shailender Peeti’s insistence on generously proportioned rooms. The brief stated the obvious: in addition to a home theatre and gym room, Reetu was keen on an indoor water body! An element she defined as a focal point, one they could encounter day to day this translated into a 35-ft lap pool that revels in its prime location!

A focal point it is — that’s for certain! The pool occupies a major portion of the ground level, and its striking blue surfaces are in direct sight of all the day-use spaces and circulation paths. A myriad watery reflections shimmer in performance, set against a stage of white ceilings, glass handrails and whitewashed walls, bringing in a vibrant youthful energy! Like a multifaceted blue jewel, the pool preens and grabs the limelight in this drama of life.

When a visitor climbs up the simple granite staircase outside, they will never know what lies behind closed doors. Sandeep remarks on the entrance lobby that is kept scaled down intentionally, a prelude to the sudden expansion of volume and space, which then comes as a complete surprise! I did feel the contrasting experience as I walked onto the mid-level living room, poised at the heart of an atrium. It seems to hover in space, between the water below and the distant walls around. The roof stretches high above, over 20 foot up, punctured by skylights, bright and warm. The floor too stretches over the water, modestly cantilevered out. The eye starts to look for reassuring anchors from here, the architects told me — and they are found easily! The staggered floors to three sides give a sense of scale and some comfort simultaneously. The rear plane is a grey textured granite wall. Through the blurred boundaries in glass, the living room enjoys a close proximity to the pool and deck below.

Quite simply, the ground and first floors are linked by an internal stair-case and punctuated by the living room extended out from the mid- landing. Subsequently, from the first floor to the second floor, there is another staircase, tucked away, behind the lift well and powder room. A temple tree adorns the planter bed placed bang in the middle of this stairwell, with marble cladding in continuity from the floor. The architects have also brought in natural light from the roof to articulate this area rather beautifully!

‘Unifying the spaces brings an intimacy within and that is what makes a building a home! The shoulder-to-shoulder level changes afford no seclusion and the residents stay connected at all times.

Clever manipulations allocate privacy to the bedrooms, while there is a feel of openness elsewhere. A clear sense of movement and transition is also built in by keeping the two internal staircase locations slightly apart. ‘We wanted to ensure the users stay engaged with each spatial experience,’ explains Sandeep.

The first floor is quite the hub of activity say the residents of this new home. Naturally, the family actively uses the kitchen and dining areas, furnished in just glossy black and white finishes. Even the second living space here, has its special moments — it stays private from the street thanks to the wooden screen wrapped around the verandah. Through the French doors, the family can enjoy the view of the green tree canopy just outside, as they relax watching TV, while a eight ft wide sliding section of the wooden grill allows a controlled porosity.. .and ushers in a cool evening breeze!

The ground floor houses car parking out front, a home office and a multi-purpose party room, apart from a poolside deck, gym nook and a changing bathroom. The pool slopes from shallow to deep sections as it wraps around the filtration and pump room. Along its length, it runs about 35 foot starting at the east corner and flush against the north wall, as per vast guidelines. Granite planks that clad the back wall are set in different thicknesses to provide a 3-D character. A glass-covered pergola caps it so that daylight can highlight the stone, enhancing its tactile quality! Reetu tells me how architect convinced her that using slate-on-edge would be a dust magnet and instead proposed a detail using granite slabs to their great satisfaction! Similarly, the clients tell me how they were kept aware of all the minutest decisions shaping their home so there were no surprises at any stage.

Other natural materials like wood are also used to scale areas and make them more identifiable. Seasoned wood floors in the outdoor garden continue onto the poolside deck, as well as into the entertainment room. The sliding glass doors open up two faces entirely — emphasizing the absence of columns in between! The owners tell me how they can easily host 50 or more guests once the party room is opened up! In fact, merely four columns placed in the peripheral walls support the entire building. At several moments, upstairs, the home reveals itself all at once, since there are no internal columns and vertical boundaries are transparent in toughened glass panels.

The clients had indicated their preference for a white interior with black accents, so most of the home has PU coated white woodwork and black furniture, but they rejected the idea of a black pool, opting for blue instead. Other natural materials are also used in their original state, as the clients desired simplicity and ease of maintenance. Imported white Sattvario marble flooring is used extensively on behest of the client and the architects unified the home by extending it into the bathrooms too, in the form of counters and wall cladding. Clear glass enclosures define other functions within the bathroom, and showers are lit by natural light from the ceiling. Glossy white wardrobes are tucked inside the bath zones since the spacious proportions allow it. This ensures that the bedrooms look uncluttered and minimal. Architecture Paradigm also put in tremendous effort towards the final details such as appropriate furniture, accessories and light fixtures for the home, as is visible in the Peeti residence interiors.

Two substantial skylights secured by metal pergolas, are located above the centre of the home — they ventilate and flush the atrium with patterns of moving light, while reflections merrily bounce off the pool water 30 foot below. Alongside, the 700 square foot master suite stretches the width of the home on the west face, while two bedrooms for the daughters occupy the east face. A family seating arrangement links the two wings, once again lunging over the hollow core and looking down through glass handrails. The mother was keen to have her daughter Praachi’s bedroom at the same level as hers. Anmol’s bedroom has wood panels that melt away to celebrate its vantage position — a view capturing top to bottom of the interiors and all the way out to the back garden below! Praachi is happy that she can enjoy their spacious home in time, as she prepares to leave for higher education in the U K.

In unpredictable urban scenarios, we see the home as a stable yet vibrant entity that allows its users to have a controlled dialogue with the external environment, says Architect Sandeep Jain. This is why the Peeti residence establishes a spacious, interactive ambience indoors and doesn’t rely on external factors.

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