Maggie Wonderland

A spacious loft is transformed into a feminine, woodsy fantasyland, complete with furry and feathery companions.

While Maggie hasn’t completely finished decorating her unit, she is happy with the results of her little renovation project

It takes a big leap of faith to invest in property for the first time, but K-Zone and Good Dog magazine editor Maggie Adan had a bit of luck when she finally bit the bullet and signed the deed of sale for her condo unit. «When I looked into this property at its pre-selling stage, 1 really liked the location, and the plans for the unit itself looked good,» she recalls. «Plus, the payment plan seemed doable.»

The property, a 63-sqm loft-type unit located within a bustling Central Business District, has all the basics Maggie needs—a kitchen, one toilet and bath, dining and living areas, and a spacious loft bedroom. As soon as she bought it, Maggie began the daunting task of renovating and decorating to make it the place she always wanted to have. «I wanted a place that’s my own and filled with things I love—somewhere I can relax after a long day at work.»

Poring over shelter magazines, home decor books, and design blogs, Maggie gathered pegs she could use to design her space on her own. But she didn’t discount the assistance of a professional. «I showed all my pegs to an interior-designer friend, and she helped me source for affordable stuff that would work with what I had in mind,» she says. «She also helped me find a contractor.» Maggie’s first design decision? «To paint the walls a pretty and serene blue.»

From the first floor, which contains her main living spaces, to the bedroom/loft, most of the walls are washed in pale, powder blue, giving the unit a spacious and airy feel. While the furnishings she used are mostly hefty in size, the light-colored upholstery balances out the bulk. A big, custom-made console with drawers in mismatched finishes and varying vintage knobs hide her DVDs and entertainment system. It also serves as a tabletop display for a Big Ben lamp, some books, and a tray of animal figures—just a mere portion of Maggie’s extensive collection found in different parts of her unit.

A blue-and-white ikat-printed armchair sits in one corner of the living room, with a solitary white owl on a chocolate-brown throw pillow as its sole occupant. (This armchair is sometimes moved to the loft.) Pops of red are scattered throughout—on a throw pillow here, a side table there, a couple of ceramic drawer knobs from abroad, and an Orla Kiely-inspired ottoman from Crossings Home. A three-seater sofa in a neutral hue—a bargain buy from Mandaue Foam Furniture Store—sections off the living area from the dining area, while a tall white bookcase straddles the two spaces. The low-maintenance furnishings are a practical choice, the main reason being that Maggie’s golden retriever Knightley often visits the unit.

While Maggie hasn’t completely finished decorating her unit, she is happy with the results of her little renovation project. «My family and friends often compliment my space,» she says. «But what I love the most is when they say that the place is so me. That’s what I was going for, so when they tell me that, I’m super kilig»

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