Marathon Oil KDV

With a four-block portfolio, Marathon Oil is well positioned for growth in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. A five-year plan is being implemented to progress from exploration to oil production in what is “one of the few great exploration areas left in the world,” in the words of general manager and director Dr. Adel Chaouch.

Marathon Oil does not evaluate its performance solely in oil production terms. It also has a clearly defined commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) that embodies a set of values that underpin all of the company’s operations and activities. Dr. Chaouch sees his team’s involvement in all of the communities where Marathon Oil operates as a privilege. Marathon Oil’s CSR activities are certainly in good hands as Dr. Chaouch is steeped in the intricacies with the know-how to execute an effective CSR program, having held the role of global CSR director at Marathon Oil until 2011.

Support for education is a key component of Marathon Oil’s CSR efforts in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and includes the Kurdistan Merit Scholarship Program with Texas A&M University (USA) launched in summer 2013. This program is being designed to help produce the next generation of Kurdish oil and gas professionals and will be a direct, not just symbolic, contribution to the Kurdistan region’s future. Marathon Oil carries out its CSR programs with the same diligence and professionalism as it does in its business operations activities.

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