Marinating 101

Why do marinated foods always stick to the barbecue?

Marinating meat and poultry is a good way to add flavour and variation to your barbecue cooking, but you need to follow some simple rules when marinating. A common misconception is that marinating meat isn’t worth the hassle because, among other things, it sticks to the grill. Marinated meat sticks to the barbecue for two main reasons

+ Your barbecue is too cold and once heated, the marinade grabs onto the surface and cakes it, + You have used too much marinade and it sticks and burns prior to the meat or protein having the chance to cook.

Here are some other misconceptions when it comes to cooking with marinades

True or false: Meat should be marinated overnight False: The cut of meat will dictate the marinating time, first-class cuts, like fillet, sirloin and rib eye, need only up to around four hours. The second-class cuts like rump, shoulder, legs or whole roasts can benefit from a little more time, say 12 to 24 hours.

True or false: You should heap all excess marinade onto the meat when it goes onto the barbecue to maximise the flavour False: All excess marinade should be removed from the meat prior to cooking. The process itself infuses the flavour and once you have allowed the meat to marinate, remove excess marinade, pat dry and cook.

True or false: You should never drizzle marinade from raw meats onto the cooked meal

True: You should never drizzle marinade used for raw meats onto cooked food. If you want to use it, it must always be brought to boil on a stove and boiled for a few minutes before using to kill any harmful bacteria. It can then be served alongside the cooked meat.

You. should, never drizzle marinade used for raw meats onto cooked food

True or false: You should baste or add more marinade to your meat while you are cooking

False: Definitely don’t tip the marinade onto the food while it is cooking, it will encourage fire, will cool the surface and cause the food to stew.

If marinades still stick to your grill, we always recommend a barbecue liner. This is a non-stick, washable liner that puts a protective surface between the meat and the grill by insulating the meat/marinade from direct heat, ensuring all the gorgeous marinade stays on your meat.

If you heed these simple instructions when marinating your food, you can say hello to delicious flavours and goodbye to food sticking to your grill. It’s our simple barbecue marinating 101!

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