Marta Nael

Keeping friends close Marta keeps her friends and inspirations, including a watchful Yoda, close to hand in her movable studio

Up until a few months ago, I had always lived in Barcelona, Spain. I now spend half the month in the city and the rest in Ontinyent, a small village where my publisher, Ediciones Babylon, is located. So I now I need to take my studio on the move with me.

My studio in Ontinyent is located in the living room of a very sunny and small apartment. I have several prints from my friends and work partners all over the place to get some extra inspiration, including Dani Alarcón and Jorge Monreal. It probably looks a bit empty to most people, but that’s because I have to move my work stuff around daily and travel a lot.

My studio is only a short walk from my publisher’s studio. This is really helpful because it has a huge selection of art books, and they’re amazing and crazy people! I spend lots of time between the two.

Despite working at home, I always wake up at the same time, so that I can establish my own routine. This helps me separate work from ‘real life’. This can be really hard though, as I love my work — for me, it’s a way of living and feeling. I usually spend the whole day working.

I tend to start the day with a cup of coffee, then on to checking my emails and social networks. This sometimes ends up I with being flooded with images by the artists I follow and several art pages, jumping from one place to another. I always end up adding to my reference material folder, which already has more than 2,000 images in it.

Once I’ve decided that I’m up to date and inspired, I’ll spend around 10 hours per day painting.

Because I travel so much, I work on a MacBook Pro laptop with a 15-inch screen. I usually always have a second screen to display the reference sources I’m using. Anyway, welcome to my studio.

Since being crowned one of our Rising Stars 2011 winners, Marta is making final preparations for her second art book, which is due out in November. Head over to for more.

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