Philosophical Foundations and methodological principles of the martial art of Wing Chun

Valery and Elena Martynovs

Among the worlds created by the human spirit, the world of Wing Chun is one of the most mysterious and fascinating.

Mysterious story about a girl, a new system of martial art, tell us about the origin of the school «light breeze» or «Blooming Spring». It is translated from Vietnamese, sounds the name of Wing Chun.

Part of the genealogy Chun cited in books and transmitted by word of mouth teachers mismatches abound, apparently opening the views of pupils individual branches of the genealogical tree of the school, the roots of which are hidden in the shade of centuries, and the crown is lost in the family clans of Chinese and Vietnamese artists.

Modern ideas about Wing Chun is associated with the names of recently deceased master Yip Mena from Hong Kong and Tae Kong from Vietnam, followed by a plethora of Masters developing Wing Chun in many countries.

Our familiarity with the Wing Chun was about fifteen years ago thanks to a meeting with a teacher from Vietnam Vin Juan Zhang, now gathered in the Hanoi School of Wing Chun masters — the followers of the famous Te Kong.

Unforgettable lessons teacher, his passion for personality innuendo of his words gave rise to a great desire to learn more about this amazing mysterious art.

According to the Old Testament history, mankind since the fall of Adam and Eve embarked on a path of self-improvement. An old proverb says: «The fallacy is rolling downhill on an inclined plane, while the truth has to make their way up the mountain.» The whole world of religious and philosophical practice was aimed at creating a human understanding of «the moment of truth.» A complex system of koan, which is reserved for such areas as Taoism and Zen Buddhism, slender body of Confucian rules formed the basis of meditation as a single method of immersion in the mystery of the East; as well as the more recent practice of prayer, which appeared after formed the concept of One God was allowed to person depending on his cult and religion come to an enlightened state of mind, to feel like God. This state of consciousness called Samadhi, the state of Buddhahood, holiness. It is free from mysleo Brasil, blowing in the world of illusions. It calls man to the deeper layers of consciousness, where he acquired satori.

Not by chance, leading the conversation about the martial art of Wing Chun, we pay special attention to the state of unruffled consciousness, because, being in it, he becomes invincible.

…Clouds and fog — only they create transformations, and above them the moon unchanged and sun shines. The winner is the one even before the fight, one who is not burdened by thoughts, And always in the contemplation of the beginning …

Bruce Lee

Talking about the «moment of truth» is as hard as it is impossible to double enter into the same water of a mountain river.

Not knowing the truth close

People seek it far away, what a pity,

They upodoblivayutsya addition,

Who are standing in the water, begging,

To give him a drink … In the dark we rush in pursuit of novelty and once stood, and was surprised to find that the world has always been around us. Having imbibed the wisdom, experience and knowledge of the East Wing Chun it is based on the philosophical principles that are thousands of years fine tuning in Buddhism and especially in the Taoist tradition. Understanding the «moment of truth» is its fundamental skill.

In an extreme situation, sometimes requiring the adoption of lightning solutions, there is no opportunity to remember past experiences instructions or meditate on the future. Commits an act determines how prepared people to adequate perception of what is happening around. The act in a single moment of time together the past, present and future, and in its external manifestation we can feel, in the words of Carlos Castaneda, «the manifestation of the spirit.»

Wing Chun martial arts — is first of all raise the spirit. Militant is one who is constantly fighting with itself. Get knowledge in the martial arts — hence clarify all that obscures the truth of life.

The Sages say: «As long as a person does not know the truth, he sees mountains as mountains and rivers as rivers; when he catches a glimpse of the truth at the expense of a good teacher instruction, mountains are no longer mountains and rivers of the river; but then, when it does reach the kingdom of peace, the mountains are again mountains and rivers of the river. «

All the vague concepts must disappear before the student will be able to call himself a master.

In the treatise of Lao Tzu «Tao Te Ching» states: «… In the world of a great variety of things, but they all come back to the top. Return to top called peace, and peace is called a return to nature. The return to nature is called constancy. Knowing constancy is called the achievement of clarity and constancy of ignorance leads to confusion and, as a result, to evil. Knowing constancy is perfected; one who has reached perfection, it is true … «

The more we are immersed in the natural life, the less we need any cultivation method. The world around us in all its fullness and unique variable becomes a school of education of the spirit.

Martial arts is called a complete mastery of the art, which develops due to the reflection of the soul within. Only when the act and are together in unison, the truth is acquired. The ultimate goal of a warrior — to use vitality to become a master of life.

More than two thousand years ago, the great Buddha said that all entities in the universe is formed by a combination of darkness and light, full and empty, of inhalation and exhalation, love and hate, in other words — the twin-stvom yin and yang.

As a technique of «small circle» Wing Chun is akin to the understanding of the principle of the interconversion of the two forces in the Chinese art of Tai Chi movement and the Japanese Aikido. The power of the master of Wing Chun should be soft, but then it becomes harder metal. Not by chance in Wing Chun focuses on the development of sensitivity. For this purpose exercises in which it was reflected the method of «stick arms and legs.»

The art of Wing Chun is an internal martial arts schools, so the development of sensitivity is directly related to understanding the flow of internal energy, the use of which is fundamental to the ability of each master.

The ancients said: «The bear itself is not where to stay. The following forms of things around you. Whether it is fluid, like water, calm as a mirror, responsive, like an echo, and imperturbable, as silence. Connecting with dissenting, finds the lost. Seek not to get ahead of others, but pursues them. «

The movement sequence develops flexibility of the body, soul and spirit, lets learn to feel the emptiness and fullness of motions partner.

Only dohnёt breeze —

From branch to branch willow

Butterfly pereporhnet. Like a river, the motion sequence continuously. Where it is interrupted, the person becomes vulnerable. The basis of the movement following the natural inherent understanding of compliance, which occur due to the interconversion of softness and hardness. Taking the form of motions partner, master of Wing Chun becomes elusive in its actions. He will never attack first, but having developed intuition and clairvoyance, anticipated the intention of a partner and returns to him his own momentum, using inertia of rotation. The strength of this impulse is similar to the power of logs planted at the base of the pyramid and move it from place to place due to its rotation. Mental axis passing along the spine through the human body, in the art of Wing Chun called the center line. From a metaphysical point of view, through it man united Earth and Sky. It is essential in the perception and processing of information, decision-making and implementation.

As awareness of the center line in the general human life and, particularly, in the art of warfare, the student develop a sense of physical and mental balance.

All of these principles are reflected in the sign of the school Wing Chun — Five-plum blossom, which symbolizes the man and the five basic elements: fire, earth, water, wood and metal, lying, according to Eastern teachings, based on the universe of mutual transformation phase. Eight stamens radiating from the center of the flower in four main and four intermediate areas of the world, show the line propagation of energy, the force application which is concentrated in each direction at the point. Each point is separated from the power line, because the energy is distributed in the space, like a rainbow. It transcends the body, but the source of its control is in its center. Therefore, man, mastering the art of Wing Chun, understands the secrets of its distribution area, learn to control your being.

In this article we would like to acquaint readers with the world, many of whose faces attract her alluring beauty. But our European consciousness usual in contrast to the eastern way of thinking by painting a picture of the total share for private, putting his analysis of the individual components. But who knows how to write the flight of a bird? Maybe this time, the truth remains outside these lines.

Willow bent and sleeps.

And it seems to me, Nightingale on a branch —

This is her soul.

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