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It so happened that the annual phlox Drummond somehow lost among popular perennial phlox. Although it is not inferior to the variety of colors paniculata, perennial and the other far superior.

Bad luck to him, perhaps, one: he appeared in Europe in the first third of the last century, almost 100 years later, Phlox paniculata, which had already been sold in a variety of grades.

Such an attitude towards Drummond Phlox is clearly unfair, because he, unlike other phlox, bloom from May until the autumn. In addition, the phlox enough cold tolerance and relatively drought-resistant, as in nature, it grows in the south of the United States on sandy soils, particularly in Texas, where the United Kingdom has sent samples of his seed Scottish botanist Thomas Drummond, in whose honor and named the plant.

Modern Drummond phlox can be a height of 15 to 50 cm flowers are collected in a dense inflorescence-plates and different shaped corolla lobes. Corolla can be with whole (rotate) or deeply incised (stellate) edged petals. Flowers from pure white through various shades of pink to dark red and purple tones through to blue. For the main color of the corolla are added different color eyes, stars, spots or edges. Many stains do not occur even in Phlox paniculata.

Annual phlox planted in flower beds (curbs, ridges, beds, mixborders, stony gardens) and in containers, vases, garden and balcony boxes. Already have an annual phlox hybrids for hanging baskets, but as long as they reproduce only by cuttings. Because of the high grades can do trim fragrant bouquet, which will stand in the water up to a week.

Phlox can be sown directly into the ground, but the plants bloom in July. This land is best used for high-grade bright flowering in late summer in mixborders. Seeds have phlox are quite large, 300-360 pieces. 1 In the shallow, well-sown seeds spilled groove slots (3-4 pcs.) at a distance of 15-25 cm, depending on plant height. Crops lightly sprinkle loose soil and close the nonwoven material. Shoots appear in 7-10 days, and then remove the cover. If the seeds sprouted in unison, then you need to thin out when the seedlings formed the first true leaf. You can prischipnut top of the weak seedlings or gently dig and plant elsewhere.

After the seedlings grow best low grades to be planted in May, their blooming on the balcony, patio containers. In this case seeding is carried out in mid-March. In addition, the low grades can sow in May, and then you will be blooming in pots or containers in July and August. And the high grades to accelerate flowering, can be grown through seedlings when sown in April and planted them netsvetuschie. In earlier crops due to lack of light in home plant receives extended and weak bloom.

Seeds are spread out evenly in the bowls or pots filled with moist loose substrate and covered with a layer of soil or vermiculite 1-2 mm. The crops are placed in parnichok or in a plastic bag and keep at a temperature of 21-240 with no light. Seedlings emerge in 5-7 days after sowing. As soon as the first signs become apparent germination capacity with crops is set to maximum bright place. You can not miss the time of the appearance of the cotyledons, so they are not stretched in the dark. Film or cover hotbed remove and reduce the temperature to 18-200. Crops moderately watered, since Phlox at this time is very sensitive to excess moisture in the soil and can be killed by blackleg. But you can not prevent and podvyadaniya, then seedlings will be weak. After regrowth of 2-4 true leaves, seedlings diving in pots with a diameter of 8-10 cm, or directly into the balcony box or container which before planting added slowly soluble fertilizers and baking powder (perlite). After rooting seedlings begin to feed potassium or calcium nitrate. First half concentration, then a full dose. 2-3 fertilization with potassium introduced with weekly watering complete complex fertilizers. For compact plants need temperature of 15-170, bright place and moderate watering. Such conditions may be in April-May in the glassed-in balcony or veranda. Phlox, when the seedlings will grow, can easily transfer short-term drop in temperature to plus 50. Low phlox varieties do not need pinching as well branches. High grade is better prischipnut when the plants will rise 7-10 cm to cause additional branching. Especially pinching needed if the plants stretched. A total of growing flowering plants and the finished containers from the time of planting will need about 2.5 months.

By the end of May, the seedlings are planted in a flower bed at the same distance as the crops. Phlox light-requiring, and bloom profusely in the loose and fertile soils. But low grade undesirable plant on a sunny full sun to avoid overheating the roots. In such circumstances, even with abundant watering plants cease to bloom, and may die.

Planted in open ground plants watered during the first two weeks on a regular basis. Then, watering is carried out only when the drying of the soil. And ground crops, and planted seedlings fed complex fertilizer every week during the summer before the full bloom. The watering and feeding containers are carried out constantly. In lower grades, to prolong bloom regularly remove withered blossoms.

The seed packets sold in garden centers, often are a mixture of different colored flowers, but aligned in height, ie low or high. However, we can meet or order and the present varieties. Most often they offer such series: Beauty, which includes many varieties of color and a variety of colors on the composition of the mixture. It is 25-35 cm tall plant with large flowers rotate blue, dark red, light lavender, pink, salmon, bright red, purple, yellow and white colors. In addition, this series includes varieties with a compact bush and special exhaust stains: Coral Reef — a plant height of 35 cm, in a mixture of plants of different pastel shades from cream to coral, colors; Rosie Don plant height of 35 cm, with bright cherry-pink flowers; Moody blues 25 cm high, with blue flowers with white shades. Amazingly beautiful cultivar with gustomahrovye Chanel pink flowers, gathered in dense inflorescences, which are located in low compact plant height of 15-20 cm. A very elegant mixture of colors from cream Brule height of 23-30 cm, with rounded flowers, colors that range from cream to caramel. Suitable for borders and frames. Grammy Pink End Uayt- compact plant height of 20-25 cm, long lasting flowering large flowers of bright pink color with white big stars in dense inflorescences. Peppermint Kendi- new phlox for containers, height 15-20 cm, with unusual flower color, which on a white background green and touches of bright pink border around the edge of the petals.

Tvinkl- compact plant, 25 cm high, with a star-shaped flowers in a mixture of colors. These plants are sensitive to drought, so it is best to plant them in a small shadow. 21 minutes Senchuri- series, which can be often found on sale in seedlings. This compact plant height and a width of 25 cm, with flowers of white, red, blue, salmon, light cream, pink color and eye (blue and pink with darker eye). This series is suitable for a greater variety of containers. Starry Ayz- plant height of 45 cm, with very large flowers rotate in a mixture of colors and a star in the center of the flower.


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