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Do you want to enjoy a meal at the same time to improve health? Then cook delicious meals using the gifts of the garden.

Spicy soup with greens and sour berries

Chakopuli National Georgian dish — the meat of lamb, cooked in a red dry wine with lots of greenery and sour plum. Since the recipe is quite complex, I had a few simplified and made some adjustments, particularly excluded from the ingredients of wine.

So, we need meat, beef or pork, you can with the bones. Boil strong broth. We take out the meat and carve it into large pieces. Potatoes are also a major cut (medium potato — into 4-6 pieces). Thus, the meat and potatoes should be roughly the same size or slightly larger meat. Dipped in boiling broth with chopped onions.

When the potatoes are cooked, add myaso.I here begins the most important thing. In a medium saucepan add to a large bundle of chopped parsley and cilantro and polpuchka tarragon (tarragon), half (or whole, to taste) whole heads of garlic cloves, 1-2 handfuls of sour grapes or fruit (depending on the season it can be a honeysuckle, black currants, gooseberries, sour plum, cranberry, etc.) and 0.5-1 tsp. ground black pepper. Bring to a boil and remove the fire. If any of these herbs you do not like, it can not be added. But in any case, do not put in the soup dill and green onions — they violate the harmonious flavor dishes.

At first glance, such a combination product scares. But the soup turns out very beautiful, delicious, hearty and warming. In addition, the recipe lies very competent physiological component. Black pepper and herbs cause active secretion of gastric juice, and sour fruit juice increases its concentration, contributing to a more rapid digestion of animal protein meat and potato starch.

I such a soup can be cooked in the winter using frozen fresh herbs and berries.

Strawberries in their own juice

We need 1 kg of fresh berries and strawberry 1 cup natural strawberry juice. The berries are sorted out, my, obsushivayut. Juice bring to a boil, pour it and strawberries pasterizuem at 85 ° (a quart jar — no longer than 5 minutes). Rolls. No added sugar is not necessary. In this way, the workpiece stored the vitamins and the unique taste and aroma of summer berries.

This recipe is necessary especially the way people with diabetes. After all, there is no sugar in the blank, and she strawberries, according to doctors and nutritionists, is capable of regulating blood sugar levels. In addition, it reduces the level of cholesterol.

Natural Candy

So our children’s favorite candy is a mixture of sugar, vinegar, colors and flavors. Imagine the impact on the teeth and stomach … I propose to prepare a useful natural sweetness -churchhelu.

We need 500 grams of walnuts (can be others) of nuts, strong needle, thick cotton thread, 0.5 cups of flour, 1 liter of juice (usually grape or pomegranate, but you can use any other). Desirably, the natural juice was, their preparation.

Loop through the nuts, choose strong halves and strung them on a string length of 30 cm, which is tied at the end of the match without head. The upper end of a length of 5 cm is left free and make a loop.

Take a glass of juice, mix it thoroughly with flour to avoid lumps. The remaining juice is heated on low heat in a wide pan to a boil. Pour a thin stream of juice with flour, stirring constantly, and bring the mixture to a state of a very thick jelly.

In ostuzhennoy to 50 ° pudding turns omit thread with nuts and leave for 5 minutes. We perform three times before the formation of the so-nuts on tight even layer frozen «jelly». Then churchkhela hung out to dry, the paper having spread to a drop of juice is not flowing stained floor. Churchkhela dry them until the top layer hardens. Inside it should remain soft. Stored treats in boxes at room temperature. The layers of paper are passed.

In churchkhela contains a lot of glucose and fructose. Such a tandem of nuts and natural juice of great benefit throughout the body. Unlike plant candies.

Grape nectar

We need the grapes (preferably aromatic wine varieties), sugar (1 cup 3-liter jar), cool boiled water. The clean jars carefully decompose the grapes, and directly from the branches (for flavor), filling the jar about half. Fall asleep grape sugar. Fill all the boiling water up to the top and immediately roll up. Several times we turn to the bank to sugar evenly distributed. Wraps to complete cooling.

In winter flavored drink improves mood, the general tone and gives vivacity — check! In addition, it has a pronounced diuretic action and is therefore useful for any gastric and renal diseases.

Nalitok «Tarragon» at home

Working in the garden a great deal, and in July to August is usually the hottest months. At that time it will be very helpful to drink a glass of chilled «Tarragon». So, take a big bunch of tarragon (tarragon), pluck the leaves (80 g). Branches cut into pieces of 1 to 2 cm, pour a glass of boiled water, to cool. The leaves are finely cut, add a cup of sugar and the juice of half a lemon. Good rub this mixture to the state of lush green slurry. This operation can be done with a blender. In a 3-liter jar put sprigs with infusion, pulp and fill all the brim heated to 60 ° normal pure or mineral water. You can add sugar and a slice of lemon to taste. Cover with a cloth and leave overnight. In the morning we filter, put in the refrigerator. And in the midday heat, tired of the garden work and razomlev from heat, pour yourself a glass of this drink and we understand that, «Tarragon» home-made and of a plastic bottle — are two completely different drink!

Drink raises the tone of the body, essential oils to cope with infections and unique aroma gives positive emotions. If we take into account that tarragon -rastenie very productive (large shrub, grows quickly after cutting), the drink even has a full right to become a daily part of the summer table.

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