Private management in Russia — History of the Future

Why Russia will destroy all the competitors in the reindeer herding business

I’m trying to help you, so I want to get something in return. I want you to help me get Russian citizenship (and still — to marry a smart, kind and beautiful Russian girl). You may ask, why do I need it? You see, I am absolutely sure that when herders in some European countries, as well as New Zealand, learn what I teach you here, and as called for, they instantly deprive me the vice-presidency of the FEDFA and kicked out of the organization. However, Russia still succeed in the development of the private reindeer herding, because even if I believe only a few people in your country, it will pave the way in which in the end will go and rest. I am convinced that Russia’s forces to deal with all the competitors. That’s what I hate, and in some countries. In what? Here is an illustrative list.

New Zealand — a country that lives in reindeer herding. So here I hate me will be particularly strong. New Zealand is at the forefront of our business because that local herders smart, adventurous and unlike breeders EC countries are working together. Future Russian Association of breeders of ungulates (RAWUB) put an end to the monopoly of the New Zealanders in the international market. But maybe not: in the event that the Russian market will appreciate the taste and nutritional quality of venison may Dichin main part will be sold in Russia. However, if your country will bring the herd of red deer to 34 million individuals (about it — in the first part of the article), then it will remain competitors in the international market.

England. The country has only three hundred reindeer farms. In addition, the British too concerned about animal rights and oppose the hunt deer park (although, to my knowledge, at the present time, such hunting is allowed in the park, even Woburn).

Germany. Very high cost of land. So that Germany will not rival. For the money you would have paid in Russia for the land in 60 000 ha in Germany unless you buy 60 cm2 land.

Netherlands. Here the situation is even worse with the ground. Your money is enough only for an area of ​​60 mm2.

Austria. Austrians are totally against hunting in fenced areas. I once gave a talk in defense of private hunting estates in passing under the CIC Symposium in Sopron (Hungary). So, I still can not forget how yelling at me then the representative of Austria.

Czech Republic. And the country itself is small, and the number of deer farms does not exceed four hundred. By the way, at the upcoming meeting of the European deer and deer horns FEDFA Czech president Radim Kotrba tell the meeting about the situation in private reindeer many different countries in Europe and will announce the new challenges faced by European breeders of deer. Russian colleagues it should be interesting, too.

Poland. For the country is characterized by ambivalence about the aviary breeding of wild animals and hunting them in fences. Many people do not accept such methods. However, the opposite point of view also has a very strong position in society. In general, Polish reindeer great potential. I could not be published in Lowiec Polski any of his three articles devoted FEDFA (we are talking about the articles, which were published in December, February and April issues of the magazine «Hunting — a national hunting magazine»). However, the April article was published in another Polish journal — Brac Lowiecka, but the other two were rejected (as in Germany, by the way). Russian is much more receptive to new ideas.

Latvia, Lithuania. Too small an area to be able to talk about some kind of competition.

Spain. The economic backbone of the country is broken, however, some regions of Spain (in particular the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha) have in this sense, a lot of potential. They are able to invest in the creation of hunting farms with low cost and sell hunting packages hunts are conducted on very different areas of the landscape, but within a private-sures of ownership. In Spain welcome any investment in this sector, and at the end of the article, I’ll tell a funny story on that.

Italy. It is easier to meet a ghost than a person who is interested in cooperation with FEDFA.

Argentina. It is not Europe, but it requires attention, given the large economic potential.

What to do next Russian Association of breeders of ungulates (RAWUB) first

I created in Spain AECUS — analogue RAWUB, so I can easily write a whole article on this topic. However, I do not want to bore you too much, therefore confine myself to a few tips. Firstly, in the statutes of the Russian association of breeders of ungulates must be declared non-hybridized breeding and protection of native species of ungulates. I mentioned earlier that the first Russian register as a participant EMAD, «delighted» me the news that the deer are going to buy the farm Woburn. I think this is the worst of what can be done to the Russian reindeer farm owner.

Next. It is necessary to set a sufficiently high level of dues. So, our AECUS unites the owners of both large and very small personal possessions (owners of such holdings constitute the majority of the association) and they all pay the membership fee is 1000 euros per year. In determining the amount of membership fees start from the fact that you will have to sign contracts with good lawyers, to establish contacts with the media, etc. to defend the rights of the members of the association, helping them to establish private game farms, improve the image of the industry and to produce regular newsletters.

If you do not explain to the members of the association, to which their contributions are spent, that people can think about whether they need any such organization. And all this needs money. It would be great, if it is the president RAWUB was presented by Russia at the European Meeting on deer and deer horns as a candidate for the post of vice-president IDBA. Combining both of these post, much easier to lobby for the adoption of the relevant laws of the Russian reindeer.

Undoubtedly, lobbying the government needs your laws, and amendments to already existing legislation is essential for normal operation.

However, if you read the previous part of my article, you already know the experience of New Zealand, in particular, that research program, which was created in this country. Therefore, you should not only ask their government to support such research at the state level, but also to create its own program of applied research in the field of reindeer. The program, which the scientists have outlined the circle of issues and problems, which will help the development of Russian reindeer herding in general and the business of each individual member of the association in particular (and for God’s sake, at least within RAWUB scientists pay decent money).

Now let’s talk about the directions of research. I have not heard that in Russia conducted extensive research of taste and nutritional properties of reindeer meat, and that’s very important, because every year the amount produced in Russia will grow Dichin. Nutrition deer, wildlife diseases, etc. also included in the list of priority research. In addition, research is needed in the field of economy of reindeer. It is clear that such studies should be different from those «made on the knee» mathematical calculations at the level of the fifth year of secondary school, which I did in trying to assess the potential of Russia in this sector of production.

It is also necessary to actively use the existing achievements of Russian scientists. A simple example: I wrote that, according to published data, the methods of identification of different subspecies of wild animals, based on DNA analysis, do not give the desired effect. To my surprise, my Russian colleague, Ilya and Elena Volodya working in the Moscow Zoo, showed me that may gonnomu roar distinguish not only different subspecies of reindeer, but also their hybrids! Volodya did not see the opportunities for practical application of his method in Russia. However, if this method has opened an American or a Spaniard, he immediately would have created a company «Vocal-Genetics» and the site, which would sell appliances to help customers distinguish deer during the rut right on the farm of purebred bulls hybrids and subspecies.

This method can bring a lot of money to its creators, and any decent European or American university Volodya long ago would have been professors. It’s a shame that such scientists do not find recognition in Russia and that the importance of this research to be truly appreciated only by their foreign counterparts.

Finally, you need to increase the intensity of the international exchange of scientists, if you do not want to reinvent the wheel. If such exchanges are not supported at the governmental level, follow the example of New Zealand breeders and create within RAWUB fund to which breeders — members of the association will allocate 2% of their profits in hunting area. Spend the money on building a solid framework of international exchanges, in which will be carried out joint research projects. Be generous: do not waste your money on the scientists who do not know English, as well as those who do not bother to travel and participation in international seminars and symposiums. Look for easy-going.

Preparing for EMAD launched in the spring. I wrote this article for a week — from 22 to 29 April. Just on April 22 as a member of EMAD registered the first Russian businessman who also asked to be included in the list of speakers. The next day, he registered another businessman from Russia and the two main Russian game magazine editor, which I had previously sent a copy of the article published in the April issue of the magazine. In addition, I hit a steady stream of requests for registration from all over Europe. A few days later, information about the forthcoming meeting appeared in the Spanish press, and the number of requests has increased. I had a conversation with people from FEDFA in Poland, France, Latvia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other countries in which they explained that:

1. Russia will swell economic bubble in the sector reindeer.

2. The Russian owners of private game farms, reading this article will understand that EMAD they can familiarize themselves with the right technologies for their business.

3. In the near future the demand for new technologies and purebred animals from Russia will increase, so we do not need to compete with each other for the Russian market and EMAD closed to new entrants. On the contrary, we must act together.

The contents of our discussions was brought to the breeders of Belarus, Hungary, Portugal and other countries not included in FEDFA. At 0:45 on April 27 the chief editor of Poland’s leading hunting magazine «LowieC Polski» booked last free number (sixty) hotel «Florida,» which will take place EMAD. To create the command (as a future president IDBA) I spent an online survey in which the requirements to future candidates:

1. They must fully share the principles IDBA;

2. They shall promote cooperation with


3. They must have agreed that the Vice-President will IDBA Russian.

And by April 28 a team of four people was formed. This list is not enough just five names — the names of the future vice-president IDBA, nominated by the need to push the Russian participants EMAD. After it became clear that the meeting will be attended by the factory owners and businessmen from Russia, one of the members of my team, Elmar Ernst even asked me if he could use the platform EMAD to put up for sale his famous reindeer farm with first class animals (the cost of farm 172 million rubles). But Arpad Bokor asked to include in the article a photo of his best red deer farm Deer Trophy (

Radim Kotrba, FEDFA president suggested that his Federation has acted as one of the organizers of EMAD, and promised to speak on the same subject with the FACE (Federation of hunting and conservation associations, the European Union). For my part, I proposed to become one of the co-organizers EMAD editor in chief Benjamin Olshansky and executive director of the Union Vladimir Ostanin hunting users. All this was in April. But preparations for the meeting continues in full swing. I hope now, as you read these lines, you can imagine how much we have progressed since then.

As well said Benjamin Olshansky: «The conference in Rostov-on-Don — this is only the beginning of our cooperation!» I sure hope so. And I hope that, in view of my tips that I gave you from the heart, you’ll be able to create sures economy, which will not only be profitable, but will make a significant contribution to environmental protection, and make the surrounding landscape more beautiful. Meetings at the fair in Rostov-on-Don, familiarity with the people doing this magazine, and with my colleagues from the Moscow Zoo have changed my life. Although I already got a lot of communication with their Russian friends and sincerely grateful to them for that, but if you feel the same to me, thanks, be prepared for the fact that I’m ever going to ask you about the response service.

I’m actually thinking about how to get Russian citizenship; I say absolutely seriously and I hope that when the time comes, will you help me get it. I would be proud of Russian citizenship to the end of his life. It is in Russia, I met such wonderful people like Benjamin Olshansky, Ilya and Elena Volodya; with such a smart and very visionary person as Vladimir Ostanin. It was Russia that gave me a meeting with the most honest and hardworking scientists from all that I have met in my life. Here I am again reminded of the couple Volodins not cease to be surprised that such people actually exist. They deserve to be in front of them, wherever they appear, they spread a carpet.

I might add that the most intelligent woman with whom I am now familiar, too, live in Russia — I’m talking about Elizabeth Tselyhovoy, deputy editor of the magazine. It took only three months to bring your English to a very decent level. Elizabeth looks like a normal earthly woman, but I know that it is — a representative of the supramental (and sverhocharovatelnyh) creatures from another galaxy, accidentally hit our planet.

I admire the Russian people, and when I say that happily marry a Russian woman, I’m not kidding. Russian citizenship — is, of course, a dream, and it is unlikely to be realized. But if it does happen (why not dream?), I would like to receive Russian citizenship before television cameras at a large gathering of his countrymen, who would look at me, open-mouthed, and their eyes would read a dumb question: «But. .. what for?!». And I would say to them: «These hard-nosed Russian do not speak in English and to buy their farms deer in Woburn. But it is necessary to read the article, read a lot more of us. And they appreciate the idea of ​​their quality and originality, and not according to where these ideas are expressed — in Albacete or London.

In the United States or in England, I could not count on the attention with which react to my ideas in Russian (I know whereof I speak since received his doctorate at the University of Nottingham). The reason for this is that the EU and FEDFA we nibbled each other for each comma in the final documents. We do not have unanimity of views. That is why Russia, awakened, will become the leader in the field of private reindeer. » And I’m willing to help you with this totally unselfish. To all of you, without exception!

Good luck!

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