Purely concrete

Clean — the guarantee of health and beauty of the skin. It is an axiom, not argue. It remains only to find out what the purity of the face to direct. Every day on the shelves there are new jars, promising to clean the skin better than anyone else: a gel, foam, f micellar water, milk, lotion, cream soap — wash than we?

Washing and removing make-up — it is deemed beauticians, two different events. In the first case you refresh the face in the morning. If you have a normal skin type, then 3-4 days a week, you can wash with warm water without detergents. Of course, the ladies with problem oily skin need to wash with the help of various foams, gels every day. The girls also with dry skin need to wash in moisturizing and soothing agents with herbs.

In the case with the removal of make-up need a set of measures that are totally destroy the memory of the foundation, shadows and mascara, because these products contain traces of certain metals that can get deep into the pores of the skin with prolonged contact with it.


So the happy owner of a normal skin will not be considered. We silently envy them! Does that remind you, lucky to maintain the beauty obliged to wash with warm (not hot or cold) water once or twice a week to wash your face gel or foam for normal skin and enjoy life.

Oily skin

Now for the problem oily skin and black spots. Owners of this type of skin is particularly important to know that Scrub — a dangerous phenomenon: if you have a rash on the face, hard particles scrub can spread the infection all over his face, and in spite of the expected result, you get a massive eruption. Scrub is recommended to use once a week, and only in the absence of «existing» pimples. Scrub helps to even skin, exfoliates dying cells and make the skin more delicate, but deep into the pores, and it does not penetrate the black dots can not save. To resolve this problem required dense and extensive foam which is able to penetrate as deeply as possible. Get it can gel, cosmetic soap, which contains some percentage of moisturizing cream (from the usual soap, as we know, the skin shrinks and turns into a hairy loofah), or use a foam. The choice is up to you: the flavor and texture of the funds must deliver the maximum pleasure for you — this feeling depends on the result of the procedure, and overall health. Before you buy, read the composition: than natural, the better. If funds permit, you can splurge on all-natural soap without any chemistry. Lather it will be worse than the chemical, but if you use a soft washcloth, from it you can also get a lot of foam.

Dry skin

For owners of dry skin washing — real punishment, as it reinforces this very dry. But this does not mean that it is necessary to give him a hundred percent. Daily cleansing exercise in the morning can be to rub the face or micellar water moisturizing tonic without alcohol. The basic cleaning should be left for the evening. And for an evening make-up remover you need to stock up on milk or cosmetic cream that clean, nourishing. Home peels and scrubs for you — a taboo. For exfoliation process is best to go to the lounge and use the services of a professional who, after a professional peeling relieve irritation and redness feeding masks. As for the washing under the water, pay attention to its moisturizing gels and foams. Practice shows that it is necessary to test more than one product, until you find something of their own.

Flushed Away MAKEUP So come, we — so beautiful in the waterproof mascara, concealer resistant and ultra-resistant lipstick — came home, like new! And the only desire remaining after a hard day — tumbled into bed. Modern means of makeup have become so stable that it seems you can toss and turn all night in the make-up from side to side, get up in the morning — and how have to go to work.

But as we all know, it is necessary to wash off makeup. To win its stability, beauticians came up with a two-phase washing, first it is necessary to soften shadows and tonalnik, and then just wash off. The first stage includes a variety of foods such as milk, cream, cosmetics, etc. Milk is applied to the face and remains there for several minutes. Then removed sponzhikom or cotton swab. But then the skin layer is greasy, which, depending on the type of skin can be removed lotion or gel (soap foam) for washing. Relatively recently appeared on the shelves of a new product — micellar water, which is composed of complex fatty acids to help dissolve makeup. A distilled water as a part of the same means removes the remnants of «paint». Manufacturers say that this water is perfect ladies with dry sensitive skin, because It cleanses while moisturizing. But first, a lot depends on the brand: water a manufacturer can not wash foundation until the end (on a cotton swab remain dark marks). Water may be another well-cleaned, but dry. Since the new tool, it is still being finalized, and perfect suitable for you, not easy to find. But probably.

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