The Appeal of the second Congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR said that the need to raise the organization, to do away with laxity, indiscipline and mismanagement, a resolute struggle against the loss of the people’s wealth. It should be remembered that the present scale of the economy saving materials, fuel, electricity and other resources equivalent to their substantial growth.

Ways to save a lot. First of all, it is the improvement of technologies, the use of scientific and technological achievements, strengthening the organization, discipline and order in the workplace. It is also implementing self-financing, the ability to assess, consider and weigh. This technical policy and investment policy, the system routine reporting data, pricing, economic studies, and more. Often, to achieve economies do not require any significant costs. But the required integrity and firmness in dealing with mismanagement, waste of resources, initiative and search for untapped reserves, painstaking work to educate people caring, responsible attitude to material values.

The Armed Forces also taken measures to ensure the rational and economical use allocated to national defense material, financial, labor and other resources. Constantly increasing the contribution of the army and navy to major economic problems. Actively works on energy and resource conservation in industry, capital construction of the Ministry of Defense. Increasingly involved in the economic turnover of secondary raw materials, waste and scrap of ferrous, nonferrous and precious metals.

Weapons, military equipment, equipment training centers, parks, warehouses, barracks rooms and much more, without which there can be no armed forces — all this is the material basis of the army and navy. Respect for these values, the fight against mismanagement, loss and theft of material and money — the duty of every soldier. This is required by the Constitution of the USSR, the oath and military regulations. «The soldier is obliged, — stated in the Charter of Internal Service of the Armed Forces of the USSR, — an excellent knowledge of and protect entrusted to him weapons, and other military equipment, and military and to protect public property …» Carry-saving mode — so as to maintain troop economy all levels, with minimal cost to achieve the best results in improving the combat readiness of units and formations, to improve the conditions of service and the lives of soldiers.

Many military units and ships are actively involved in the struggle for economic use of the resource of military equipment, ammunition, spare parts, fuel, oils, special fluids and other consumables for saving fuel, electricity, extending the life of equipment, residential and office space, and so on. P.

Experience advanced convincing evidence — of success in saving all kinds of wealth are making mainly where provided high discipline, strong compliance with regulations, guidelines and instructions, the necessary conditions for the efficient organization of the educational process, increase the skills and combat skills of the personnel, for army and navy under the main reserve savings is primarily a rational and competent use of military assets. Where elaborately planned schedule each day, each academic hours — it excluded such phenomena as burnout of fuel due to forced outages car running, service life of overspending, negligent attitude to savings of consumables.

An important reserve of economy lies in the precise planning of equipment maintenance. Service life of consumption, planned for each day, week, month, must strictly comply with the standards laid down for testing each topic (exercises), depending on the period of study and the requirements of the student. The fight for saving as strongly linked to the struggle for the proper maintenance of equipment in constant readiness for combat use, for its operation without damage and polomon. Late, incomplete or substandard service or weapons technology leads to increased wear and failure of individual units, assemblies and parts to replace them prematurely or early retirement for repair. It is equally important to keep fuel and lubricants without loss. Keep in mind that the warehousing of fuel and lubricants requires high discipline and strict compliance with all rules and regulations. It is known that the main source of losses during storage is the evaporation of fuel. With increasing ambient temperature the temperature of the fuel in the tank rises and the evaporation of its enhanced. Especially easily vaporized gasoline. Studies have shown that the storage of fuel in terrestrial mobile tanks and containers evaporation losses are at 1 percent, and buried in the ground tanks — only 0.25 percent. It follows from this conclusion — to store fuel to be possible in underground reservoirs in the ground. Significantly reduce the loss of fuel can also during its transportation and refueling of military equipment.

Significant reserves of economy rooted in process improvement training. Intensification of training, thoroughness of their planning staffs, the effective use of modern training facilities: simulators, simulation devices, technical training — all contribute to better working out combat training tasks, while reducing the cost of combat training. Thus, the use of simulators in the motorized infantry and tank units reduces the consumption of service life of at least 30 percent. In the aviation wing of the cost of 1 hour for the simulator yao many times lower than the cost of a training flight of the same duration. Of course, I have not used simulators damage to the psychological preparation of soldiers.

More opportunities of economy and thrift in the production process have a military enterprise. Their advanced collectives — in constant search for savings of raw materials, electricity, heat, fuel, and water. Truly a mirror responsible, conscious attitude of people to their cause became personal accounts savings here.

A wide range of creative applications and military forces innovators. I must say that their work is inextricably linked to the economy and thrift military equipment. The parts and units of the hands of skilled craftsmen from discarded materials and equipment manufactured simulators, equipped classrooms, are devices that increase the efficiency of the use of the material and bring considerable cost savings. For example, one of the innovators of repair shops S. VAN, Khoroshko S., M. Elakom V. Rotovichem been proposed to restore buildings BMP-1 and BMP-2, which is derived from the introduction of an annual savings of 206 thousand. Rubles. Innovators of the communication of the Leningrad Military District developed equipment, will save 950 thousand. Rubles per year. And at the repair shop, where the chairman of the Commission on inventions Colonel Kravchenko, the use of labor saving innovations innovators of the company amounted to 45.5 thousand. Standard hours in the amount of 61.5 thousand. Rubles.

It should be bolder to attract innovators to the development of organizational and technical measures to ensure the conservation of arms and military equipment, the extension of reserve maintenance periods of operation of machinery, tools and equipment, fuel economy, fluids, lubricants and other materials.

The practice of restructuring, combat training of troops and naval forces show that wherever commanders, experts rear, technologists, economists routinely educate personnel thrifty, thrifty attitude to art, taught rationally spend every kilowatt-hour of electricity, each kilogram of metal, paint, liter of fuel, which is being deliberately economic work, where savings are considered important task of the state, there will surely come a success.

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