Scherbinsky Elevator Plant sacred traditions stores

Continuity of generations — one of the fundamental properties of human society. Without it, civilization is impossible in principle. Social progress depends on how much each generation would be able to perceive, preserve, develop and pass on to their successors the accumulated material and spiritual values. Among these values ​​-Memory, respect for elders, knowledge of the history of their country.

Scherbinsk lift and hold sacred tradition, especially the celebration of the Victory Day.

4 May 2011 in the conference hall of the enterprise were honored veterans of the factory, past the Great Patriotic War, and young workers who have served in the Russian Army and returned to the native plant. The event was held for the first time such a plan. Despite the solemnity, the atmosphere was very cordial and very exciting.

General manager of MA Waxman has congratulated all with the glorious date.

— Our country continues to celebrate the day that marked the victory in a brutal war, — he said. — With this victory, we continue to live and work. I remember an old photograph, which depicted many, many of our veterans. Unfortunately, they have less. But life goes on. The youth took the banner of glory and continues to support the best traditions of the plant.

Order of the Director General SCHLZ veterans ML Vinokurov, GG Kireev, SV Serokurovu,

PD Anankinu, AF Perepelitsyn, IS Gorlov gratitude, material assistance and received commemorative badges, certificates and gifts. Now they are all retired, but do not forget the native plant and gratefully responded to the care and attention of management and the trade union committee of the enterprise.

— Today I showed factory. And what I saw -rasskazyvaet SV Serokurov — just miracles. I am delighted and very pleased that the leadership of the trade union and the whole close-knit team SCHLZ done all that in hard times of the Soviet Union, when they went into oblivion powerful enterprises, our factory survived. I am glad that he is alive and well. Thank you for having us, veterans are not forgotten. Max Aizikovich I know for a long time, saw his young and energetic, and now he is. I think he will continue to develop the plant. In 1954 there was a swamp, we came here in rubber boots, standing only two small housing: procurement and assembly. Only then we began to explore the elevators, and now signs. All veterans and all the conscientious people Emphasizes award — it means now managed by reliable people. Let the plant thrives!

Thanks and material assistance received from the plant and eleven guys who have served active duty in the Armed Forces and continues to work in the enterprise.

May 6, 2001 the delegation, which included veterans of the plant, and the participants of the Great Patriotic War, visited Moscow Region horns. Every year, in early May, on the eve of Victory Day, the factory workers come here to lay fresh flowers and wreaths at the monument to the heroes who fell in the battles for the Motherland on suburban lines.

May 8, 2011 a group of young people, workers SCHLZ arrived in Serpukhov. Celebrations dedicated to Victory Day, held at the Cathedral Hill, in the most beautiful place on the high banks of the River Nara, where the June 22, 2009 was inaugurated the Memorial of military glory, in the center — a monument to the Soldier-Liberator.

Youth delegation met with veterans of the Great Patriotic Serpukhovsko, in memory of the meeting were numerous photographs. After the completion of the event at the Cathedral Square, young people visited the construction Serpukhov Elevator Plant.

May 12 in one of the schools Sherbinskaya long-awaited event — the grand opening of the Museum of military and labor glory behalf of World War II veteran NF Kung, now deceased resident of the city Shcherbinka. In its creation, and has made a great contribution to the team Scherbinsky Elevator Plant.

Without the past there is no future. Aware of this immutable truth, the management and staff of the plant honored tradition and take an active part in all events related to the history of the company, city and country.

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