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Brand TJ COLLECTION presented in Russia 20 years ago. To mark the anniversary of ELLE met with the brand closer

Appeared on the Russian market in 1993. The brand TJ Collection for the past two decades, manages to surprise us fashion accessories created with impeccable taste. ELLE advised to pay special attention to the color black heel pumps, boots deep malachite color, color high boots in the art color blocking, borrowed from the paintings of Malevich and Kandinsky. The decoration of bags and shoes used metal buckles, «lightning» and metallic leather. On the anniversary of TJ Collection designers have created a real blockbuster fashion — do not miss the premiere at the shop windows!

Swedish brand H&M continues to make big stars as persons of their advertising campaigns. Beyonce took the baton from the highest paid supermodel Gisele Bundchen, for the second time in two years is H&M.SCERVINO STREET

The basic values ​​of Italian brand — comfort, elegance and femininity. In addition, the brand known for scrupulous approach to the choice of fabrics and creation-refined details.


If you think a bag to go to a party, have a look at ESSO — brand offers a new bag Belaga with handy strap-chain. The bag can be found in three colors — red, light gray and black, as well as to buy her Case for iPhone and wallet.

ELLE buying news


New collection Elisabetta Franchi is dedicated to New York City 1950 — a magnificent dress and bling on the edge of the floor. Now it can be found in Moscow — the Italian brand store opened on the ground floor of the «Yerevan Plaza».


New collection Furla went under the slogan «The future is now», which is understandable at a glance on the bag Candy in futuristic colors.


Nine European cities boutiques launching a new campaign — A Touch of Chic. Besides stunning capture, outlet stores open POP-UP and decorate your space installations.


Black and white, male and female — in the collection of underwear brand Etam mingled main trends of the season. Promise, boring is not — on the new models has also floral print!


It-bag coming season — the original bag of exotic leather Bat from Ermanno Scervino. Notice how it is made clasp — a bat!


The leader of the footwear market in St. Petersburg, a network of boutiques Mania Grandiosa, celebrates a decade. Recall that in the company’s stores sell brands such as Casadei, Baldinini and Rene Caovilla.

ELLE promises

To dream, wish, create and embody Conceived

Be stylish


Exquisite taste of the owner is recognized in the details of her wardrobe. For example, the collection of bags from Carlisle TUMI, silhouettes are appropriate in the business center and in the evening at the restaurant.

One phrase Victoria’s Secret acts on men like a magnet. Experience the fascination of the brand new perfumed water Victoria, which can be described as fresh and invigorating, of course, glamorous. One vial of filigree work is worth something!


Exquisite fashion brand with a «royal roots,» continues the chronicle of September 26 in Paris after a long silence will host the first fashion show Fashion houses IRFE. Competitors tremble! The light goes out the collection, which is already in the locker room ugotovleno it-girls. Designer brands Olga Sorokina had chosen this date is not accidental -Events dedicated to the founder of the brand, Irina Romanova and Felix Yusupov and is timed to the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.

New models of shoes from ECONICA — unshakable classic: soothing colors, a minimum of decoration, high heels and wedge

Aroma «1996» from BYREDO — the triumph of stylish strong spirit of this world and the object of desire of models and editors gloss. «Plexus» green notes of juniper, sweet toffee and violets holder transfers to another dimension. Soul trivial perfume-deep shades of cognac, leather and patchouli


All eyes

Do you want to «paint» the gloomy everyday life? To attract the attention of one turn of the head? Note Accessories Miu Miu. For example, these points for free zhitelits big city

On the wings of the wind

Following Europe and the UAE monobrand known Danish jewelry DYRBERG / KERN now in Russia! Takes a turn to the cashier! Sparkling crystals in different shapes, clean lines, large items and careful inclusion of color — brand designers Gitte Henning and called this collection «return to our roots.» Hoti those daily balance on the verge of sexuality and glamor? Then rush into the brand new boutique.

COLLECTION Troll Case 20 liters of line RIMOWA TOPAS FROM -What should be avid Voyager!

Be brave


The future belongs to those who are concerned about the problem of ecology! Man- «art object» Andrey Bartenev and brand DIVA combined talents in the project «Dispose responsibly!» The campaign everyone could swap the old cover for a mobile phone from the new DIVA with 15% discount. Used materials became the basis for the installation of expressive artist.



Procedure deep moisturizing Hydra memory for the face, neck and neck from the laboratory [comfort zone] Demi basis of skin care. The active components of the line — known active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, trehalose, baobab extract, jojoba oil and rice. And the care process involves several key steps: from purification to massage. Leather trim, moisturized and gentle.


Mark Serapian rightfully occupies a leading position among the elite brands of leather goods. Concise and elegant model Gina will allow its owner to emphasize femininity and do not go unnoticed!

The Event color

BE CLASSY — is the first Russian non-stop online store women’s clothing and accessories premium level. Create a basic wardrobe of items of exceptional quality can, without leaving home. Several eye-catching examples of cashmere Richard Grand, the customers of which were Christian Dior and Chanel; aristocratic shirts Vertigo; Vintage jewelry Gripoix or lace collars Samoseli Pirveli.

Pamper yourself

Darling of fortune

Domestic manufacturer on the crest of a wave stylish! Fashion designers at the Russian urgent as ever. Exclusive to the online store Shop Time designer Natalia Walewska released autumn collection, created under the influence of artists Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubossarsky. Elements of the pictures here are the basis of independent print.

A new twist

Slimming System Art — Sculptor perfect female figures. The combination of bipolar radio frequency, vacuum massage and photodynamic therapy helps to create a beautiful figure and fight age-related changes in the body. The procedure can take place in the clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology «Art Clinic», known for its occupational therapists and beauticians. More information at

Always beautiful!

Women will not please everyone! Especially when it comes to their appearance. At any age, they are cause for concern. Perhaps, the problems on the surface?

The easiest way to trace the evolution of private beauty — a look into the women’s makeup at the turn of each new decade. In 20 years, women are most worried about acne, enlarged pores and polluted, over-active glands, brittle hair and nails. For thirty-home care she is added to the anti-first facial wrinkles, mesh under the eyes and the general deterioration of color face. Those who are over 40, are floating all cosmetic arsenal to cover permanent wrinkles, decreased skin elasticity, changes in the contours of the face, spider veins and pigmentation. One decorative means and regular care of the skin as global demand is still not resolved.

To achieve a perfect result of rejuvenation on the female body have to work within.

Make it a rule to start the morning with a multivitamin complex beauty of the collection VITRUM ® BEAUTY specifically tailored to the needs of women at different ages (18+, 30+ and 45+), responsible for the activation of cellular energy processes, internal regeneration and reinforcing effects of cosmetic procedures and care.

Unfulfilled desires regarding the beauty does not happen! An integrated approach and strictly scrutinized daily doses of vitamins and minerals — is like a game of association: the skin is smooth as velvet, shiny hair like silk, strong nails, like diamonds … Continue themselves?


For you, bright, bold and romantic, trendy created a complex Vitrum Beauty. The rich formula of vitamins, minerals and vegetable extract works on your appeal: the skin like velvet, like diamonds nails, hair like silk.


Designed for sophisticated and feminine beauty fans. Intensive anti-ode-complex vitamins, minerals and plant extracts activate cell energy, regenerates collagen fibers, keeping the youth.

Be changeable


Mark s’Oliver Arcane known collections of clothes soaked in the spirit of freedom. From these principles, the creators of the brand did not retreat, and this fall, attention to detail everything from outerwear to jewelery and accessories. From the store, you can go out in the finished image Be inspired by the new stylish solution in the selection of ideal images can be indefinitely

Live in comfort

Mark Replay announces radical changes in the image, and change the views of the cornerstone. The new models of clothing was influenced by modern trends of street fashion, but a combination of white and black brings the concept of urban style to perfection. Simply, elegant and surprisingly simple. The main thing — the distinctive features of the clothing brand is still profitable Replay isolated from the competition.

We go PAIR

British chain Debenhams has announced the beginning of cooperation with designer Todd Lynn. Under the project, a graduate of the London Edition St. The exact hit in the prevailing atmosphere — rock and grunge!

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