Sports recently has nothing to do with the usual glamorous pastime — Pilates, yoga and horseback riding. Let us find out, why fashionable women drawn to the most masculine sport — boxing.

Radical measures. There was talk about his teeth knocked out and the blood-stained tops of the Deha. The appearance muzhikovatyh habits, excessively broad shoulders and calves overinflated. Normal training in a fitness club or in the combats cause many misunderstandings. However, more and more stars talk about boxing as a panacea in attaining the perfect body. Model Doutzen Kroes, Adriana Lima and Iman regularly attend the lessons of the famous one-eyed boxer Michael Oladzhayda, or, as they call it «their» — Silk (The Silk). «In New York I do with Michael Oladzhaydom personally — said Doutzen Kroes. — These exercises help me make the legs more toned, «dry» hip and generally restore the physical form that I had before the birth of his son. » Her opinion is supported by a vibrant physical data, it can be taken as a guide to action.

RECEPTION technicality. From the audience can hear dimensional «computer» signals claps short whistle blows and skipping ropes, cutting the air. On the walls are posters with images of Muhammad Ali and Laice Armstrong, a famous cyclist. At last — a statement: «The pain may last a minute, hour, day or year. But sooner or later something will come to the location of the pain and make the pain go away. The main thing — to wait for this moment. Because, if you’ll never get it, and surrender before, your pain will be eternal. » It seems there really knock your teeth regularly. People who come to the gym to train in boxing, terse and hard, however, as are the instructors — as a rule, former champions, who replaced the peak fights stress on quiet weekdays mentoring. Lesson lasts about an hour and a-rounds at intervals of 2-3 minutes, which counts e «Sporttaymer» — that is what we heard when approached. The first sound signals the start of the round, the next — of completion, which means that you can relax and catch your breath. For not short two minutes once it becomes clear, as best coordinated: arms and legs barely find a common language — it meets everyone who crosses the threshold for the first time the boxing hall. A month later, you have quite bearable to move, is the correct stance, short throw out a hand to «jab» (and you know what that word means «to blow»), but still the very «dance», ease of turning, precision strikes to achieve incredibly difficult. «Yes, boxing is a dance, and intelligent» — smiling Mikhail Borzdov, champion of Moscow on boxing, martial arts trainer in the fitness club «World Class Olympic». Boxing — also a great anti-depressant, a way of getting rid of negative energy. In training you can bring photos of enemies, to hang the bulb and strikes. Experts insist — machinery and invest the power of this greatly increased.

THERE ARE OPTIONS. If the classic boxing you have difficulty deciding, try to box in the water — it is now a popular lesson in Royal Wellness Club. Coach, Rafael Aliyev International Master of Sports in kickboxing, says that «in the water training process takes a little bit easier — the water lowers the temperature of the body, and you are not experiencing congestion. But overcoming the resistance of the water, you will be able to pump well all muscle groups. «


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