SOCHI Enduro Championship 2013

July 18 in the village Lazarev was Championship of Sochi for enduro racing on motorcycles.

We arrived in Lazarevskoye 3 days before the competition, to help with the preparation of the race, because the organizers hold competitions of this kind for the first time, well, at the same time to acclimatize and relax, what to speak as much as possible. On Thursday morning, we went to the competition venue. What to say about first impressions? The good weather, warm sea, friendly atmosphere. All happy. But without the fly in the ointment is not done — before the arrival of Vyacheslav Fissenko on the road doing nothing. And he came exactly one day before us. Armed with axes, clubs, and many other characters, we went to help mark the route. Thank God I came to a few people who have helped in the organization of the competition. One day, a large group we were able to mark out the route, the length of which eventually amounted to almost 6 kilometers. It went very interesting route that includes 4 deep crossing the river, beautiful and pleasant land of the mountain, a small section of the woods with small flanges.

On Friday, our experienced judge and competitor Fissenko Vyacheslav held inspected the tracks, remove small defects and finished the day in anticipation of the holiday. Local guys complicated start, placing it logs. Many participants in horror looking at the beam in their lack of understanding of how to move; guys came up to me and advise how to do it. It was very flattered by this. On Saturday before the main event, the organizer decided to hold a small motocross for children up to 15 years in classes 50, 65, 85. All watched with interest as the chase kids. After the race, the kids announced a registration Enduro. Organizers handed out to everyone «flyers» on motokarnaval, which took place in the Lazarev.

For the race, conducted for the first time, came to quite a decent number of participants: the majority were from different regions of the South of Russia and the North Caucasus, but there were a few people in Moscow and its environs. Started According to the draw, I got the first number — a rather crucial moment. Traveled with intervals of a minute. Each participant had to drive 3 laps, the winner was determined by the shortest travel time. All participants were divided into three classes — pro and amateur master. We started in the same sequence.

So he start time. I am looking for some motorcycle start. Since warm-up time I was not started immediately and went. We drive to the log, start to lift up the front wheel, the bike but something cold and he just drowned. In general, I just flew through the steering wheel (it was just unreal embarrassing!), Jumped in and drove on. The race was very good for me, I was in the lead by the time both in the classroom and in the absolute, but on the last lap for me at the crossing of the river swam drowned already pie — simply washed away and he fell in the river at me. In general, the bike stalled. Oh, how much strength I had left there, setting the stage for it. In the end, finished, I think — well, just flying. On the road I walked only one seat. He drove, of course, much slower than me and my main rival, but he is much more lucky. In a closed park but my bike is only a local bike messenger and all. I think: «Where is the Gusev?» Master of Sports, Champion of Russia in motocross, a great athlete — but there’s something it is not. It turned out he was my brother in misfortune — also drowned in the river … In the end, when the score of time it turned out that the local party was the first, I — the second, and Gusev — third.

Awarding and prizes were to be simply canceled. Here and waited, but did not wait. The participants on the podium, as the organizers promised, endured pressure washers and valuable prizes from Motul. And …. About any monetary compensation that was promised and advertised in all, the speech did not go. In general, it ended with mixed emotions for us this race day. Like and satisfied, and like or not. Anyway, even though that’s a snag, the race and the atmosphere I personally was pleased.

I would like to thank my sponsors: JSC "Gazenergoset" for the financial support of Motul, with the support of oil and motohimiey, the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of North Ossetia-Alania, and the Federation of motorsport North Ossetia-Alania and Motorcycle Federation North Ossetia-Alania.

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