SONY four sides of the world

Exposure SONY Professional Solution Europe at ISE 2013 has been issued with a minimum of design refinements, with a maximum of open space and informative. The island location of the stand allowed to divide it into four adjacent areas: this AV solutions for retail, corporate sector, educational institutions and home use.

In the area of ​​equipment for retail, among others, were presented three classic series projector VPL-F for installation. One of them is designed for portrait installation, which in itself is remarkable. The other two (models VLP-FH31 and VLP-FH36) worked in the mode of linking the image with the included function of edge blending, prevents distortion (including light) images at the joints. It also demonstrated solutions for digital signage based on professional displays SONY FWDS46H2 and FWDS55H2 with built-in Web-Brau Zeromakh supporting HTML5.

The basis of exposure to the corporate sector played the newest projector series with the laser light source. Among its advantages — the brightness of 4,000 lumens (ANSI), the resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1200), the resource is 20 thousand. Hours before the first service, the ability to install in any position (allowed a rotation of 360 °), the rapid on / off function of program linking images etc.

Another novelty is a platform video conferencing codecs, based on two PCS-XG77 and PCS-XGioo. The basic concept of the solution — it is realistic: the stereo, video transmission with Full HD resolution formats yu8o / set and yu8o / 6or, respectively, speeds of up to

16 Mbit / s, protocol support High Profile mode and multipoint conference. Plus intuitive menu, call someone at the touch of a button, can connect the Tablet PC to transfer video and dual network interface — the codec can simultaneously work in the corporate and the external network. There are connectors for three monitors at once. Finally, there are built-in data: if earlier for this purpose the customer had to purchase an extra key, but now he is not required.

Among the solutions by Sony to the education sector has demonstrated a very interesting system for smaller classes. It combines interactive ultra-SHORT-kofokusny projector VPL-SW536, webcam, pointers and markers for the teacher and student, wireless microphones, as well as software, through which students and schoolchildren are no restrictions connected to the system through their laptops , tablet PCs and smart phones.

Projector VPL-SW536, the only one in its class, has the function of the optical zoom and image shift, allow you to accurately and quickly enter the picture at a given screen size. And to ease the task of assembling the device, the user can separately buy a very comfortable suspension with an extremely simple and intuitive adjustment system based on the three mechanical adjustments.

In the home theater projectors greatest interest were two devices — it reproduces the real 4K resolution projector VPL-VW1000ES, as well as its 3D analogue of the VPL-HW50ES format Full HD. Model VPL-VW1000ES has a unique feature — a matrix of XRD with a physical resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. The video signal of Full HD and lower obtained from any source, exposed upscaling. The image is processed using an algorithm processor Reality Creation, which allows to recognize the characteristic elements and correct any inaccuracies picture that as a result of gains clarity, expressiveness and unique authenticity. By the way, next to the projectors on display LCD panel FWD-84X9005 a diagonal of 84 inches with a resolution of 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) — the organization of an alternative embodiment of a home theater.

All submitted solutions in general and each individually like a magnet to attract the attention of visitors and made exposure SONY, undoubtedly one of the most visited. This success is quite natural, which is an occasion for pride and a great incentive to move forward!

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