Specify the door

Decorator Olga Maltseva offers transform the interior by means of antique and vintage door.

I remember how in the hangar with vintage furniture, I froze in front of a high carved oak doors. Once they decorated the entrance to the house and perfectly preserved to this day. I could not resist from buying, but did not know why. Later, they became the central element of the interior of the living room, giving it a grand appearance. I note that vintage items are not price higher than the cost of new ordinary and sometimes much lower. But beware: the vintage items made of wood to be processed from the bugs. Using vintage door for pryamogt; gu destination, you will immediately give the interior out. If you save only the door leaf (no box), you can make out of it sliding partitions. For that attach it to the rollers mounted on the top guide. Use it and close the niche in which you want to hide something, such as a TV. Ancient carved doors look so luxurious that will replace a picture or a large-scale mural. Especially well they will look in a modern interior, creating an effective contrast. Fans of the style Chebbi-chic appreciate the idea of ​​a screen door panels connected by hinges. From old doors make beautiful headboards. This option I recommend to use in guest rooms where comfort may be slightly inferior design. And if the door had accumulated quite a lot, they can even oblitsevat facade of the house! Will be in London, walk on Great George Street. You will see how beautiful it is!

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