That the Germans are good …

A couple of years ago, I read about experiments Hubmanna German farmers, who for many years studied the combined landings of various vegetable crops. He has developed 50 versions of «cohabitation», and was given the best opportunity to receive triple the yield per unit area.

I decided to try last year and I did. True, it was possible to test only one version, for which I have turned the planting material. Smashed a bed width of 1 m, fertilized it, as usual, in the autumn of rotted manure, — to provide, as they say, the purity of the experiment.

In the middle of the beds planted two rows of early potatoes, tubers positioning every 40 cm, and the spacing between the rows made 10 cm lower. Then, in parallel, stepping back 25 cm, empty lines cauliflower, alternating it with the salad, and the edge of the planted radishes.

The conclusions that can be drawn from this experience are: the achievement of a certain record yields can not speak, all vegetables rose by about the same size as conventional beds, where they grew up in, «alone.» However, this method makes it possible to receive several kinds of vegetables on a relatively small area.

Analyzing why I was not able to reach the German level of productivity, he said Hubmann recommended special tillage and fertilization. So, in early spring, he thickly scattered on the ground lime, and then covered the entire surface of the beds with a thick (15-20 cm) layer of compost. Two weeks before planting the soil ran the complete organic fertilizer or bone meal, which are buried rake. I think that with such a shock dose of fertilizer big harvest can be obtained in conventional cultivation — each culture separately. But there are doubts — and not gain any vegetables the same powerful dose of nitrate? After all, as a result of the fruit can not be eaten, and therefore, the experiment does not make sense.

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