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«Respect the work of the cleaning lady!»

Today, the group calls in «Pete shoboys» You know this? — Day shift supervisor casts a questioning look of my new colleagues are confused shifting from foot to foot — planning session in the office housekeeping The Ritz- Carlton Moscow is in full swing.

-Popular? — Timidly interested in one of the maids.

To be sure everyone gets A4 sheets with portraits of pop stars and detailed orientations: the maids are not required to know the discography of famous guests, but the number of ashtrays, mineral water, cosmetic preferences and desired climate in the room they need to know everything.

Housekeeping department at the «Ritz-Carlton» is a bit like a room of high school. On the walls of a narrow corridor — home-made wall newspapers with numerous motivators, humorous collages for industrial threads for placement fotoshpargalkami drinks in the mini-bars and proper handling bedding. Planning meeting (where they called on the international model «line-ups»), similar to the pioneering line.

— Another of the most important races of today — Sir … — Catherine, director of business services, says the famous German name. What we remember about him?

My colleagues have traditionally looked at one another.

— Slippers have him put, girls? That’s right, soft! What kind of makeup? — Pause delayed. — Come on, bo-oo-ol …

— …Shui! — Several voices in unison complete phrase. One of the maids recalls also about black cabinet needed an important guest. Orientation is made.

— We are ladies and gentlemen, to the services of ladies and gentlemen — the choir recite all the official motto of team «The Ritz.» Nine in the morning, it’s time to work.

Like all newcomers maids, I start to work in a company supervisor — person who keeps track of the order and is responsible for the needs of visitors to a particular floor — in the state of «Ritz» of supervisors and twelve. Similar to the top manager of financial corporations, but is still very young Xenia had also been a maid, and now monitors the quality of cleaning and teaches newcomers. I am questioning her about just mentioned soft slippers, big black makeup and wardrobe. It turns out that — yes — some guests do not like the standard flat slippers or miniature packaging of cosmetic products and that self-respecting hotel not only turned a blind eye to the troubles of clients, but on the contrary, enjoys every such whim. It is not enough to monitor the cleanliness of the room -Important to anticipate the request of guests.

To possess telepathic abilities to do this, however, is not necessary — stopping in the room, on the bed and the desk is a guest profile, which has a special field — to express any preferences. Run them — a matter of honor for every supervisor. If the guest poskromnichal and decided to remain silent about their secret desires, in the process included the maid. Each of my new colleagues, and I, too, have the so-called piece of preferences — a special form, which after harvesting can be written, for example, on what side of the bed to the client likes to sleep — this attentive fairy say things on the nightstand, hint characteristic crumpled pillow. And the next shift, cleaning a room, do not make a mistake by putting slippers on the wrong side.

— We often stop one famous person, a big part of life which goes on tour — Xenia skillfully avoids mentioning the names of famous guests. — One day we decided to surprise him, found in the facebook pictures of his family, printed and framed installed in the room. Guest was moved.

— Frames for such purposes especially on hospitality warehouse stores? — I am also touched deeply.

— No, of course, if the team just Hausken-ping wants to please someone or something to help lodger, then, to explain his motives and the authorities received «good» we can spend up to two thousand dollars from the budget hotel. Yes, two thousand dollars per guest.

— What other surprises do?

— The most different, the main thing — to observe the guests. Once, for example, during a cleaning maid I noticed that the visitor seems to have caught a cold — on the nightstand stood drops of cold, lay paper handkerchiefs … Of course, we can not go to the pharmacy and buy drugs (according to Russian law, people without special education are not allowed to provide any medical service), but bring in a number of herbal tea, honey, warm blanket, knitted socks — always please.

Xenia park our truck with bed linens, and other household cleaning tools in front of the first issue of today’s list. Three pressed the doorbell, the triple knock on the door trim May I come in? — And we are on the immediate workplace.

— And here, by the way, and black wardrobe.

Guests staying in «our» room, as the gentleman with a German name, which was discussed at the planning meeting, — one of the regular customers of the hotel. Black cabinet — convenient for guests such thing. Basic wardrobe guest stored in a hotel, in a mobile black closet, and when the guest arrives with the next visit, the cabinet with clean, perfectly ironed things just delivered to the room. Such cabinets at the hotel is only ten, and they are constantly busy. In the same way, and it can be stored, for example, blankets with pillows — many visitors are individual, with a permanent residence permit in the warehouse property. I learned all this in parallel with the work with his own hands (in gloves required!) I fill the corners of the blanket under the mattress — only through this not too easy in life posednevnoy decor, the bed can be made perfectly smooth and accurate. In general, the entire procedure of cleaning strictly spelled out, «cleansing» rituals are performed not chaotic, and according to the rules and in a particular sequence: first of all chemistry is filled with plumbing, then be a change of bed linen, then — back to the bathroom and carefully otdraivanie tile, mirrored surfaces and has sanitized faience, and then as a private drying — dust and vacuum cleaner.

I want to be as helpful and somehow can not wait to hit Xenia economic and agility: a shirt, thrown carelessly on a chair, I am energetically toward the wardrobe. And made their first piercing — things should remain where they put the guest. Case maid — just fold them neatly. This rule, incidentally, applies to scatter on the table behind where fines or whatever bills: if there is no special note that the guest had left money for tea, the maid has no right to take them. Xenia says that tips are generally not very common in Russian hotels, even in such large, as «The Ritz.» Yes, it happens that the guests of the consideration transferred directly into the hands of the staff, but this is the exception rather than the rule. In addition, on the money received from the guest, even if the sum is purely symbolic, the maid is obliged to inform his supervisor. Anyway.

The quality of our work evaluates the efficiency and sociable Victor — is responsible for the cleanliness on our floor. Fail While only time — instead of the 40 states in the room minutes later we were cleaned almost two hours. On the way to the next room exchanging knowing glances with one of his colleagues — in the time that we spent on ordinary cleaning, it has resulted in a perfect view apartment after a romantic night: among other things, had to collect thousands of rose petals scattered throughout the room. A thousand!

— Oh my God, what a nightmare! — Exclaims Xenia, going into another room.

— Yes, I know a dirty skirt. But he does not want to shoot — we sat down on the tail Victor indifferent shrugs and follows Xenia.

Having prepared to be surprised, I go into the third room. But nothing paradoxical, alas, do not watch. Empty room, pulled down the bed, the traces of yesterday’s party. Later I explain that skirt — it’s part of the decor bed, color fabric curtain, which curtain the space between the mattress and legs. Newbie — it really shy aleyut few wine stains. But Victor says that you should not worry. He has proposed to change the decoration of the eccentric guest, but he refused the service. But to go against the wishes of the client — Hotel violating the law.

— And that absolutely any guest wishes are carried out without question? — I polish the mirror in the bathroom, out of it looking at me pretty blonde in a gray uniform with perfect sitting flirty apron. For some reason, just remember the old Strauss-Kahn.

— All except the sex, of course — Xenia catches my intonation. — If a guest starts to stick to the maids, the hotel always stands on the side of her. For indecency guest can be evicted in a jiffy. Whoever he was.

Reflecting on those words, and still pretty tired, the next half hour we work in silence, I laundered floor, ceiling and plumbing in the shower, his feet get wet through — have to stand directly in the shower, literally drowning in falling from the walls, soapy water. Svezhezapravlennaya contact the bed begins to downright enticing. This, according to Xenia, the most common and the most impossible dream all the maids. Feather pillows, delicate, fragrant, cool underwear … — after a few rooms tucked away the temptation to lie down becomes unbearable. Xenia distracts me talking about dinner — ending number, we go for the fruit and dumplings into the local dining with a charming name of «Bagel.» The results are not very impressive — in the first half of the day I Ksyushinoy to help manage to remove only two rooms. Instead of the six.

After lunch, arms and legs no longer obey completely, pull down the hall a heavy cart, confused in sheets and duvet covers, crawl over the slippery tile floor bathrooms and shower becomes almost unbearable. In addition to the case of ordinary experienced maid, but a killer for me the story — tucked lovingly smoothed pillows bed, carefully tuck the blanket neatly laid out decor perestilat accounts. Too late distribution list comes from the supervisor: Guest allergies, down comforters and pillows should be urgently replaced by synthetic hypoallergenic. Xenia sees my despair, and therefore proposes to remove the fourth — and last — room for today and for this to end.

Four rooms per day — a very good result for a newcomer. In the last room in addition to the guidance of purity and beauty have to gently place 11 bottles of mineral water and five ashtrays, no more, no less. A different number of these would be a bit surprised if the presence of each other things can upset arriving VIP-guest. Feeling seductive intimacy finals, with the work we handle about four o’clock. Uneven gait, I’m going to change into civilian and Xenia runs for: to distribute not covered by our two rooms between the other maids to check already cleaned the room — at 17:00 in the housing stock should prevail at the ideal order.

After passing shaped dress friendly cloakroom, dressed in a bright green sundress (compared to moderate, gray-black outfit scurrying up and down the staff, he looks somehow the devil) I’m waiting for Xenia closed briefings that I have politely asked not to attend. I am thinking about what can be discussed for heavy white door.

— Are you just on the tenth of maid ran? — Energetic staff of economic life, with which we in the afternoon exchanged a few words in an elevator, surprise stops in front.


— Uniforms corrupts — philosophically concludes my random source. And without knowing it, then it gets a cameo, but a vivid role in my reporting.

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